Freezing sports: in what cases is it necessary and how to use it correctly?

Everyone knows that playing sports is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Training or dynamic games keep us in tone, allow us to feel more alive and energetic. But such activity increases the risk of getting various injuries, bringing a lot of discomfort and sometimes causing you to interrupt training or competition in the most critical place. If you are familiar with this situation, then it's time to learn about the medical novelty, which is sports frost.

freezing sports

Cold as treatment

Everyone at least once suffered an injury more or less severe. More often bruises and sprains are exposed to children and athletes, but not insured against injuries and a person far from sports.

Since childhood, we all know the way of first aid with bruises and injuries - to apply something cold to the injured place. For these purposes, the contents of the freezer wrapped in a clean cloth are usually used at home. Such an impromptu compress relieves acute pain and brings relief. And due to what is this happening?

The fact is that with injury injured soft tissue and there is a rupture of small capillaries and blood vessels. This is expressed in the appearance of a hematoma, edema and severe pain syndrome as a consequence of an inflammatory reaction. If you immediately cool the damaged tissue, the blood stops intensively pouring into the injured tissues: the vessels narrow, and the sensitivity of the nerve endings decreases. Cooling the injured area significantly helps to reduce pain, and also will minimize the development of edema and hematoma.

freezing sports in the pharmacy

But it's not always possible to have a refrigerator on hand: injuries happen most often all of a sudden and in the most unexpected place. In this case, a novelty can come to the rescue in medicine - sports frost. A spray in a small can can replace a full cold compress.

Why is freezing convenient?

This novelty is gaining increasing popularity in sports medicine, where injuries are not an accident, but inevitability. If earlier only doctors used to freeze for emergency care, today the frosty sports in the pharmacy is available for anyone.

This miracle of medicine is a spray can, which contains liquefied gas. Each brand uses a variety of cold components. The most popular frosts in sprays contain in their composition:

  • ethyl chloride;
  • butane;
  • pentane;
  • menthol.

The sports frost is placed in small spray cans, which are convenient to take with you to competitions or training sessions, as well as simply have in your home medicine chest.

sports freezing

In case of injury, spray the spray gun according to the instructions on the preparation: some frosts must be sprayed through the fabric. Variations can also be made for the application( usually 10 to 20 centimeters).

Substances that contain sports frost, instantly cool and anesthetize damaged tissue, and also help reduce the manifestation of edema and bruising.

When is freezing required?

This form of anesthesia of sports injuries is indispensable in competitions: if a stretch or a bruise is received, and the athlete needs to continue participating in the game or relay race, an aerosol with a frost will come to the rescue. The remedy helps to quickly and effectively eliminate the pain syndrome and finish the sports match without sacrificing the result.

It is also convenient to take a can with sports frost on a hiking trip, on nature or for outdoor activities. If there is a sudden injury, first aid is always at hand and in a convenient form.

It is very practical when freezing sports is in the home medicine chest. Cooling substances of the drug do not just cope with everyday injuries: bruises, sprains, dislocations. They are also very effective for insect bites and for alleviating pain in the joints or muscles in chronic diseases. Therefore, this tool, which is intended initially for athletes, is universal enough and can be used by everyone.

freezing sports spray

We use caution in using

Despite the availability in pharmacies and ease of use, freezing sports is a rather serious medical product. And as with any medicine, several precautions should be followed when using it:

  • should not be used for children and adolescents;Do not spray
  • onto damaged skin;
  • carefully read the instructions to the drug before use and follow it;
  • should not be used systematically - the drug is intended for emergency single use.

Following these simple rules, the use of sports freezing can facilitate sports training and lead to better achievements and results.