Headache( psychosomatics): causes of migraine

Migraine is familiar with 75 percent of the world's population. However, the global medical problem most often arises from the impact of external factors. Specialists until the end and failed to identify the mechanisms of development of an unpleasant disease. Do you often suffer from a headache? The psychosomatics of the disease studies the influence of psychological factors on physical sensations. Let us dwell on this issue in more detail.
Headache of psychosomatics

The result of mental torment

Did you know that shamans in African tribes often do not use anesthesia in standard medical procedures? Instead of anesthesia, people cope with pain through self-hypnosis. Unfortunately, residents in developed countries are coming to the exact opposite. We are used to thinking about the bad, tormented and tormented, despite the fact that we are perfectly aware of the possibility of materializing thoughts. Do you belong to the number of suspicious natures? Then do not be surprised that you are constantly beset by a headache. The psychosomatics of the ailment reflects the impact of external stimuli on a person's emotions.

Remoteness from the origins of

Ancient people piously believed in the ability to materialize thoughts, tried to protect themselves and their loved ones from unnecessary feelings. The accumulated knowledge was passed on from generation to generation. However, now the connection with the legacy of the past is somewhat lost. A person more and more trusts in new technologies, deliberately opening the doors to information negativity. People, despite all their technical literacy, forget about the moral aspect of the problem and the power of autosuggestion. Because of negative emotions, there is a headache. Psychosomatics takes into account the influence of even minor causes. Next, let's talk about this in more detail. Psychosomatics headache

Result of external stimuli

So, psychotic headaches are associated with external factors, but they have the same symptoms as the somatic( internal) ones. Thus, the body cries for help, not wanting to put up with the conditions of constant stress. If you live under pressure and often enter into conflict situations, be prepared to live with a permanent adverse manifestation in the form of a migraine. But if you do not change the stressful and dynamic working conditions of a modern person, then you can cope with the flow of negative impact pouring out onto us from the mass media. Just stop monitoring world news and watch political programs on television.

The process of triggering migraine( psychosomatics)

Headache is formed as a response of the body to external, sometimes even minor stimuli. At the time of shock or a stressful situation, blood pressure increases instantly. The walls of the blood vessels contract, which can not but be reflected on the brain. Against the background of external stimuli, intracranial pressure increases and metabolism in the body is disrupted. When all these factors are combined, there are migraine pains, literally occupying part of the head. Psychosomatics headache causes

The reaction of people experiencing shock, anger or fright is manifested by obvious physical symptoms: hot flashes, redness or pallor. All these manifestations indicate the reaction of the vessels to the release of adrenaline. In this case, it is not necessary to bring yourself to nervous exhaustion, one negative thought suffices. So, we have already seen that psychosomatic plays an important role in the onset of a physical ailment. Headache is only a reaction of the body to the impact of external psychological factors.

What, besides stress, can cause a migraine?

In addition to regular stresses and gloomy thoughts about the future, there are many other negative factors in our life. These include the once experienced mental or physical trauma, the wound from which is still not healed. It is only a person to refresh past events in memory, and the headache is like here.

The lack of love, mutual understanding in the family and the inability to achieve the set goals can be oppressed day in and day out. Internal torment and self-flagellation are also capable of causing migraines. A person simply tears apart the accumulated clot of negative emotions, among them resentment, humiliation, awareness of their own impotence. Psychosomatics headaches Louise Hay

Another of the initiators of migraine is depression. And if you do not fight this disease, it goes into a chronic stage, which means that the headache also becomes frequent. The psychosomatics of the phenomenon indicates the problems of modern man. And if earlier this relationship was not considered, believing that depressive disorders are classed as fictitious diseases, then stubborn indicators of the growth of both ailments cause a change in the point of view. Now the number of diagnosed cases of depression is growing. Similarly, the number of people suffering from chronic migraines is growing rapidly.

On its example

In the field of observation about how mental causes cause physical ailments, there are well-known pioneers. American Louise Hay, still in his childhood, suffered beatings and humiliation. In her youth, due to constant stresses, she lost her child, and later was barren. Louise's husband turned out to be an unreliable person and betrayed her. She was not at all surprised when the doctors diagnosed her with a terrible diagnosis: cancer of the uterus. That's how psychosomatics affects the development of physical illnesses. Headaches( Louise Hay) experienced this from her own experience) can only be the tip of the iceberg. The woman did not give up, attended seminars, studied metaphysics, meditated and met with healers. So the tool for curing the disease was found and the best-selling book "Heal Yourself" was written. Headache in a child psychosomatic

How does the headache occur?

Psychosomatics, symptoms and the onset of a headache are most often associated with physical or emotional overwork. In other words, the more a person works, the higher the chances of earning an unpleasant short-term illness. Psychologists note that most of all headaches caused by professional activity are subject to ambitious people who do not know how to survive mishaps.

Migraine is a special kind of headache caused by constriction of vessels and intracranial pressure. As we have already said, in most cases the psychosomatic is responsible for this. Headache and migraine symptoms can to some extent be considered salvage. Thus, the body strikes and refuses further emotional overstrain. Of two evils, the body chooses less: a deterrent in the form of discomfort and pain. Headache psychosomatic symptoms

Who is most affected by migraines?

Physicians formed a portrait of a modern man suffering from regular migraines. Most often he works in the intellectual field and has a good education. He is ambitious, stubborn, emotional, has a pathologically heightened sense of responsibility. The muscles of the face of our hero are always tense.

How to eliminate symptoms?

The main topic of our discussion today is psychosomatics, headache, the causes of its occurrence. If three quarters of the population from time to time are susceptible to migraines, and most of the prerequisites for the disease are psychological, it is reasonable to ask: how to deal with it? First of all, you need to understand that the problem sits somewhere deep. From it you can not get rid of by clicking or beckoning a magic wand.

Favorable conditions of existence - that's what will save from painful headaches. Then it is necessary to bring into harmony the inner worldview and consciousness. Forget about existing problems if you redirect the accumulated negative energy into a positive channel. So be patient and do some serious work. It's worth it, because life without headaches is beautiful doubly! Psychosomatic headache and migraine symptoms

Children's Migraines

Children are also prone to severe stress. The reasons may be overly exaggerated expectations of adults, fear of getting a bad mark in school, oppression by peers, divorce of parents, moving to another city, violence in the family and much more. As you can see, the list is extensive. This is why a headache in a child can be considered a frequent occurrence. Psychosomatics reveals the relationship between the emotional state and the occurrence of various ailments. Do you want to grow a healthy baby? Do not ignore complaints about headaches, talk with him, help and reconsider your own attitude towards him.