Where to buy liquid for electronic cigarettes: a review, recommendations and feedback

Since 2013, a law has been issued that prohibits smoking in all public places. Now it can be done only in specially designated premises, so that tobacco smoke does not disturb those who do not smoke. Electronic cigarette is an excellent alternative to a cigarette and does not interfere with smoke surrounding.

Electronic cigarette: this is

electronic cigarettes and liquid for refueling

Electronic cigarette is one of the latest introductions of modern technology. Those who have tried electronic smoking, claim that this is the best way to quit smoking. Others say that this is the safest kind of bad habit. Opponents of this innovation say that such cigarettes have not been tested yet, and it is dangerous to use them.

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Now there is a great variety of online stores where it is easy to buy liquid for electronic cigarettes and the cigarette itself. But before doing this, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with all the available information.

A huge advantage of the electronic cigarette before the usual is the lack of combustion process in it. As a result, tar and carcinogens do not enter the human body, and after all, they cause great damage to health. From this we can conclude that if a person is subject to this habit, it is better to choose the least of two evils.

What are refueling electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes and liquid for refilling can be purchased not only on the Internet, but also in specialized stores. Liquids for refueling are different. They are distinguished by the content of nicotine and taste properties. The content of nicotine in them is determined almost the same as in ordinary cigarettes, only here is the dose of nicotine per milliliter of liquid.

where to buy liquid for electronic cigarettes

In shops where you can buy liquid for an electronic cigarette, the seller will recommend to beginners this or that kind of refueling.

Addictive additives for electronic cigarettes

Even the biggest adherents of electronic smoking can be surprised by the abundance of aromas. All flavors can be divided into two groups: tobacco and "edible".

where to buy ingredients for liquid electronic cigarettes

The tobacco group, strangely enough, is in the greatest demand, connoisseurs say that they have a softer and more intense taste than ordinary cigarettes.

The "edible" group is the largest and is divided into several subgroups. Here you can give freedom to your sense of smell and experiment. The most common are fruit flavors: apple, strawberry, cherry, orange. For exotic lovers: peach, mango. There are many other flavors, such as chocolate, coffee, cola, etc.

Those who like to experiment are offered ingredients for mixing tastes. So, for example, you can get a lemon with mint or whiskey with cola. The choice is great, the main thing here is to show imagination. But the question arises where to buy. The liquid for electronic cigarettes from different manufacturers contains different ingredients. Someone produces with natural flavors, and somewhere in the composition there are synthetic additives. To do this, you need to review the information in advance.

Manufacturers of

Places where buying liquid for electronic cigarettes is not a problem, a great many. The same great variety and manufacturers all over the world. It is important to make the right choice.

The Italian company FlavourArt SrL has its factories not far from Milan. Their main difference from other companies is that they use the so-called "electronic nose" in their production. This is a machine that analyzes odors and recreates unusual flavors. The variety of taste analogues in this manufacturer is quite extensive - it is tobacco, fruit, coffee and many other tastes. But the main pride of the manufacturer is Maxx-Blend, which contains more than 50 ingredients. The site where you can buy ingredients for liquid electronic cigarettes from the manufacturer FlavourArt, can be easily found on the Internet. Judging by the reviews, this brand is in great demand among consumers of electronic cigarettes.

where to buy liquid for refueling electronic cigarettes

Another one of the most popular producers of liquid is the French company Savourea. It is located in the suburbs of Paris and is very popular. This is another place where you can buy liquid for electronic cigarettes with your eyes closed. Among the variety of flavors of tobacco there is little, but. .. This company produces one of the most sought after tobacco liquids - dark tobacco."Edible" group is very diverse, the "apple" group enjoys great demand - it is a mint apple, apple with caramel and other tastes. In addition to traditional flavors, there are also exotic ones - peach, mango, lychee.

Among Russian manufacturers it is possible to single out the company "Vardex".She cooperates with the Chinese company Joyetech, and the product is also produced in China. Despite a small number of tastes, the collection is notable for its unusual. Here you can find such palatable scales as "Lemon sherbet" or "Berry mix".The liquid "Sandstorm" is very unusual. Reviews of those who have tried this taste, only positive. But the best novelty of this company is "Lime honey".Plus the company "Vardex" is that it does not copy its product, but creates something new. A small disadvantage is that the liquid is slightly viscous and is not suitable for thin cigarettes.

And there are companies where the number of types of fluid is reduced to a few, but what. For example, the American company Phillip Rocke produces only two types of liquid for cigarettes, but they are known all over the world. They are produced in limited lots, but there is always a system of discounts for their sale. One of them is called Looper E-Liquid and represents a very unusual flavor range of fruits, cereals and milk. The second liquid is called Carnage E-Liquid. It combines the bright aromas of ripe strawberries and grapes.


For smokers with a long history of electronic cigarettes has become a real salvation. After all, this is not only a painless way to abandon the addiction, but also a pleasant one. But how to choose a cigarette and where to buy liquid for refueling electronic cigarettes? Especially for beginners, there are several important tips.

where you can buy liquid for electronic cigarette

You need to start by choosing a cigarette. For those who smoke a little, a thin cigarette is fine, as the liquid for it is used with a minimum content of nicotine. Smokers of strong cigarettes can be offered a "cigar".It can scare its size, but it's only at first. With the help of such a cigar, a person "smokes", that is, receives a complete imitation of cigarette smoking. And for fans of unusual smoking tubes are produced. Outwardly, they do not differ from their ancestors, and the device they have, like all electronic cigarettes.