Gel "Baby Doctor": reviews about the application

Painful teething in babies makes a lot of discomfort not only to crumbs, but to the whole environment. To facilitate this condition, there are many different drugs now. The use of gel-based products is very popular. You will learn about one of these today.

baby doctor reviews

According to the manufacturer

Gel "Baby Teacher First Teeth" reviews are good and neutral. Before you learn about them, you should review the product. The facility is being developed and manufactured by an Israeli company. The manufacturer promises that the composition of the drug will be natural and safe. The medicine contains the root of the althaea and plantain, echinacea and chamomile, calendula and water.

About the "Baby Doctor" product, the manufacturer's remarks tell us that the medicine in the shortest time reduces inflammation and eliminates the soreness of the gums in children. The Israeli firm recommends using the medicine for the painful appearance of teeth in children of different ages. It is said that the gel does not cause allergies, so it can be applied as many times a day as necessary.

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baby doctor first teeth reviews

How does the tool actually work?

What do the doctors say about the drug "Baby Doctor"?Doctors mention this medicine in a positive tone. Doctors believe that the natural composition and lack of anesthetic components make it possible to use the medication from an early age. It is allowed to apply the gel on the baby's gums since three months of life. Often, parents ask themselves about what kind of gel "Baby Doctor" reviews form the pediatricians. Here's what doctors say about him:

  • drug is capable of killing pathogenic microorganisms and enhancing the protective function of the child's body thanks to echinacea;
  • gel not only disinfects, but also soothes inflamed mucous membrane, thereby reducing soreness;
  • accelerates the healing of wounds and injuries in the treated area, and all thanks to the plantain;
  • Calendula, which is a part of the medicine, not only disinfects the mucous membrane, but also calms the nervous system of the crumb;
  • means after the application creates the effect of a protective film, due to this, the action of the constituents of the preparation is prolonged.

gel baby head doctor first teeth reviews

"Baby Doctor"( gel for gums): consumer feedback

A potential buyer is always interested in the opinion of those people who have already tried the claimed remedy. About the product "Baby Doctor" reviews are different. Some people call it an expensive treat. The cost of the drug is about 350 rubles, and the volume is only 15 ml. If you use the gel constantly, it will quickly end, and the parents of the baby will have to flee to the pharmacy for a new package.

Undoubted advantage of the means can be called its availability. Virtually every pharmaceutical institution can buy goods. To do this, do not have to go to the doctor and ask for a prescription. But to consult a pediatrician before the first application is still worth it.

There are a lot of positive reviews about the effectiveness of the drug. Parents of babies say that immediately after applying the gel the baby became noticeably calmer. Thanks to this medicine, a child can eat normally. The invisible film protects the irritated mucous membrane, anesthetizes it. If you use the medication before bed - say moms and dads - the baby sleeps calmer, he rarely cries in a dream because of pain in the gums. Of course, the medicine does not remain effective throughout the night. But the gel can be applied as needed, which makes it possible to treat the oral cavity at once, as the baby begins to worry.

Parents say that on average, the use of the gel should be 3-5 days. During this period the tooth breaks and ceases to deliver such a strong discomfort to the crumb. There are mummies telling about the alternative use of the drug "Baby Doctor".They applied the gel when the baby bit or broke his lip. The pain became less, and the composition of the drug protected the wound from getting into it pathogenic microorganisms.

baby doctor gel for gums reviews

In conclusion

Today's article introduced the gel "Baby Teacher First Teeth".Comments from doctors, consumers, and information from the manufacturer are provided for your reference. If the crumb is suffering from a painful teething, then you should contact the pediatrician for help. Perhaps, the doctor will recommend you a safe and hypoallergenic gel "Baby Doctor".