"Polizim" preparation: reviews, application features and instructions

For the proper functioning of the liver, as well as correction of the formation of bile, elimination of circulatory disturbances and normal restoration of tissue structure and proper functioning of the body, the hepatoprotective agent "Polizim" is used as a whole.

Indications for the use of

According to reviews, "Polizim" or, as it is still called "Polygen", is usually taken as a means of correcting cerebrovascular disorders. This medicine can be used for a long time as a good soothing agent. It is considered safe and excellent for patients who have suffered craniocerebral trauma, as well as for those who have recently suffered a stroke. Vegeto-vascular dystonia, like the neurocirculatory, is treated with the drug "Polizim."In addition, doctors often prescribe this medicine in the following cases: polizim feedback

  • Epileptic syndrome, tics, neuralgia, trembling and neuritis.
  • Neurotic disorders and neuroses, for example, speech disorders, stammering, urinary incontinence at night, and insomnia, or memory and attention impairment, depressive conditions due to life circumstances.
  • In children's cerebral palsy, that is cerebral palsy.
  • To adjust the development of psychomotor.
  • Initial stages of cataract, retinal dystrophy and glaucoma. This is confirmed to the tool "Polizhen" instruction and feedback.

"Polyenzyme", or "Polizim", is taken by people in everyday life as an effective sedative.

The effect of the drug "Polizim"

The effects that this medication turns out to be equated with nootropic ones. In addition, he is considered to be antidepressant, anti-stress and anticonvulsants. The drug improves the blood supply, as well as the normalization of metabolism in the cells of the brain. In addition, it helps restore blood flow in areas of the brain that are ischemic. Also, this drug is able to normalize the intraocular pressure, prevent the changes in the retina of the eye, which depend on age. This is confirmed by the vitamins "Polizhen" reviews. polished instructions reviews

Among other things, the action of the drug "Polizim" is aimed at reducing the likelihood of development and the appearance of cataracts and glaucoma. The medicine is able to improve the psychoemotional state of patients during their time in stressful situations, as well as during neuroses and in sleep disorders. The drug is considered a good sedative.

Method of application of the drug "Polizim" and its dosage

According to reviews, "Polizim" take in the mornings and evenings half a teaspoon ten minutes before meals, or it is also possible to use it half an hour before meals. Tablets require resorption, after which they are washed down with half a glass of water.

When the acidity of the contained gastric juice exceeds the standard rate, you should take the medication, having sustained a break after eating.

Patients who underwent reconstructive drug therapy after experiencing hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes noted the following: polish instructions for use reviews
  • When used as a treatment for polyenzymes, recovery of lost motor function is much quicker, and blood rheology and neurologic status are improved, in addition,decreased hyperlipidemia. This is confirmed to the "Polizhen" tool instructions for use and feedback.
  • Positive effects associated with the use of the drug, occur in cases of head injury. Also positive dynamics is noted in Parkinson's disease. In such a situation, the use of tablets helped to significantly reduce the amount of antiparkinsonian drugs, which allowed further accepting this polyenzyme as a monotherapy.
  • In the treatment of peripheral diseases of the nervous system, such as lumbulgia, lumboschialgia, neuralgia, osteochondrosis and compression syndromes, the appointment of "Polysema" leads to positive results. Are taken orally, as well as in the form of electrophoresis and compresses.

Principle of action of the drug on the human body

According to reviews, "Polizim" is intended to improve the functions of the liver, resulting in the removal of harmful substances and elements from the body. Contained natural components contribute to the regulation of cholesterol and lipid metabolism. By its nature, the drug has an antihypoxic and antioxidant formula. Due to the administration of the agent, the stability of hepatocyte membranes is improved. Elements of the drug are involved in the breakdown of fat, there is a complete regeneration of liver cells. In addition, the normalization of the excretion of bile from the body. There is also a decrease in the glycemic index of blood, as well as sensitivity to allergens. Another significant advantage is that thanks to the reception of Polysima, there is a noticeable improvement in the state of immunity and its more effective control of viruses, as well as all kinds of bacterial infections. In addition, the production of interferon is endogenous. polizim instructions for use price reviews


According to the doctors, the "Poligen" as the main components are medicinal herbs that grow on the Crimean peninsula, as well as many natural enzymes are included in the composition. In the framework of the preservative, the honey is added to the preparation, it is purified beforehand from various allergens. The elements composing this medicine include:

  • sandy immortelle;
  • ordinary oregano;
  • spotted milk thistle;
  • black currant;
  • medicated balm;
  • clover;
  • nettle. pollinated vitamins reviews

Such remarkable hepatoprotective preparation, based on natural enzymes, is recognized as an excellent assistant for proper liver function. In general, it significantly improves the well-being of patients and is used to restore organs after using antiviral therapy and antibiotics.

"Polizim": reviews

Reviews about the drug are positive. Vitamins are pretty good. They have a hepatoprotective effect, the composition is completely natural.

The cost of the drug

Price is not cheap. For one packing it is necessary to give from 450 to 600 rubles.

We have reviewed the instructions for use with the preparation "Polizim".Price and reviews are also provided.