"Lizoprim Lor": reviews, instructions for use

Lizoprim Lor is not a medicinal product. It is a biologically active food supplement, which is an additional source of vitamin B6 and inulin, which also contains lysozyme. More details about this tool, as well as how to properly take it, and about the responses to "Lizoprim Lor" will be discussed below. lisoprim lor reviews

Dosage form of the preparation

The presented drug is available in the form of tablets, which have a mass of 200 milligrams. With regard to food and energy value, in 100 grams of funds contain the following substances:

  • Dietary fiber in the amount of 80 grams.
  • 7 grams of carbohydrates.
  • 1 gram of fat.
  • The total caloric value is 197 calories, which corresponds to 825 kilojoules.

Composition of biological additive

The composition of this biologically active additive is represented by the following components:

  • 160 milligrams of inulin.
  • 20 milligrams of lysozyme hydrochloride.
  • Magnesium stearate( anti-caking agent).
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride, that is, vitamin "B6" in the amount of 0.5 milligrams.

Reviews about "Lizoprim Lor" will be discussed in the article. lizoprim lor indication for use

Pharmacological effects of bioadditives

As already noted, lysozyme is present in the formulation. This substance is the main component of this drug. Lysozyme is considered an antibacterial enzyme, which is contained in virtually all tissues and body fluids, as a means that is intended for protective functions aimed at combating infectious agents. Therefore, "Lizoprim Lor" from the throat is often prescribed.

This element is found in leukocytes and mucous membranes, and, in addition, it can be found in breast milk, skin and tear fluid, but especially its large concentration in saliva. Lysozyme has the ability to destroy the structural base of microorganism cells, so that this component neutralizes the cause of pain and inflammation in the throat. Thus, under its influence, disease-causing fungi and all kinds of bacteria die. Indications for the use of Lizoprim Lor are detailed in the instructions.

Lysozyme in the form of hydrochloride is particularly effective in otolaryngological practice, and, moreover, in dentistry in combination with other elements in the treatment of a variety of diseases. Especially successfully this substance eliminates such ailments as laryngitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, as well as aphthous stomatitis and chronic septic conditions. His influence is also susceptible to purulent processes, frostbites, burns, conjunctivitis, corneal erosion and other infectious diseases.

Mucous membranes of our body, for example, the gastrointestinal tract, eye conjunctiva, respiratory ways along with reproductive organs are often exposed to the harmful effects of dangerous microorganisms due to the fact that they occupy a large area. Bacteria in turn have an extremely rigid protective coating of carbohydrates, which have short peptide chains. It is lysozyme that can rupture these compounds, which breaks down the structural integrity of the cell walls. Thus, the substance lysozyme acts as an antimicrobial tool, which, as it were, forces the bacterial walls to burst under their own internal pressure. No less effective it destroys yeast cells. The instruction for Lizoprim Lor is very detailed. lisoprime lor instruction

Lysozyme in a high enough concentration is contained in phagocytes and its activity increases with microbial infections, which explains its ability to destroy bacterial cell membranes. Thus, lysozyme, which is a part of the biologically active additive, has an immunomodulating, diluting and anti-inflammatory property. Among other things, this component is very active against gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms, preventing the colonization of dangerous microorganisms in the digestive system.

It is interesting to note that the human body itself produces lysozyme on a regular basis, but factors such as chronic infections and low gastric acidity, along with antibiotic intake, nutritional deficiencies, smoking, overfatigue, hypothermia and poor environmental conditions, significantly deplete its reserves,the ability to produce new enzymes to protect themselves. Another reason for the lack of lysozyme is age, because, the older a person becomes, the less enzymes are generated by his body, it is for these reasons that there is a need for additional recharge of this substance. One of the expedient ways to make up for the deficiency of lysozyme is the course of taking Lizoprim Lor tablets.

As a source of vitamin B6

Vitamin "B6" is also included in the preparation. This vitamin is able to have a protective effect on the mucous membrane of the mouth, participating in virtually all metabolic processes of the human body. B6 is very effective against almost all types of intestinal diseases that occur as a result of impaired absorption. Thanks to this influence, a healthy immune system is maintained. Reviews about Lizoprim Lor are mostly positive.

It should be noted that this vitamin is extremely important for the healthy functioning of the body and its replenishment by taking the drug especially helps the following categories of patients: lisoprim lor instructions for use

  • Women who take birth control pills or tablets and other medications containing estrogen.
  • Pregnant women, in whose body a large amount of estrogen is formed. At the end of pregnancy, often it takes several times more of this vitamin than the existing norm. However, with regard to pregnant women it is necessary to undergo mandatory consultation with a doctor, since "Lizoprim Lor" is undesirable for women in the situation due to the presence of other ingredients that may adversely affect the condition of the expectant mother.
  • In the last fourteen days of the premenstrual cycle, when the body produces the most amount of estrogen.
  • All patients taking medicines containing steroids, for example, cortisone.
  • To those who, despite all diligence, can not lose weight. In such cases, one of the reasons may be vitamin B6 deficiency.
  • Teenagers suffering from acne, which is caused by increased activity of fat glands, which is often difficult to treat.

This is confirmed to the "Lizoprim Lor" instruction manual and feedback.


Another useful component included in the formulation is inulin. This element is an organic substance from the category of complex carbohydrates, as well as polysaccharides, which are obtained as a result of processing of tubers and roots of a number of plants. Inulin is classified as a dietary fiber. The peculiarity of inulin is that it is not digested in the upper digestive tract, but enters the intestine practically unchanged. Due to this, it becomes food for the bifidobacteria contained in the intestines, which actively multiply under its influence. Indications for "Lizoprim Lor" should be strictly observed.

Due to its properties, inulin is considered a probiotic. It provides protection of the body against dysbiosis, and, in addition, from various pathogenic bacteria. Within the framework of systematic use as a biologically active additive, inulin is able to have a beneficial effect on the whole organism, purifying it, and also strengthening the immune system. Inulin also helps to digest useful minerals, which helps normalize digestion and proper metabolism. Indications for use "Lizoprim Lor" should be studied in advance.

Thus, when using an agent that contains inulin, the following positive effect can be obtained:

  • Inference from the body of radionuclides and heavy metals. lizoprim lor testimony
  • Stimulation of bone tissue growth and, as a result, prevention of all kinds of skeletal diseases. A similar effect is achieved by the positive influence of inulin on the absorption of calcium by the human body. According to studies, prolonged intake of inulin, can lead to an increase in bone density to twenty-five percent.
  • Strengthening the immune system. In particular, the lymphoid tissue, which consists of the cells of the intestinal mucosa, very positively responds to the ingestion of inulin into the human body. Thanks to this improvement in the state of lymphoid tissues leads to an increase in the resistance of the bronchial tree, and, in addition, the ureters and mucous membranes of the entire digestive system.
  • There is a positive effect on liver health. Inulin in combination with drug therapy undoubtedly enhances its effect especially in the treatment of hepatitis B and C.
  • Inulin acts as an anticoagulant, preventing the formation of blood clots. Due to this effect, the level of harmful cholesterol, as well as triglycerides and phospholipids, participating in the occurrence of plaques, is reduced.

Indications for the use of the drug

The developers of the biologically active supplement "Lizoprim Lor" in the instructions indicate that it is perfectly suited as a supplement to nutrition in particular when there is a need to fill the deficiency of substances such as inulin, vitamin B6, and also lysozyme.

Contraindications to the use of

Like other biologically active additives, "Lizoprim Lor" is considered a safe remedy and has a standard set of contraindications, which include the following factors:

  • The presence of an individual intolerance of the constituent components along with allergic reactions.
  • Pregnancy period.
  • Breastfeeding.

But no matter how safe this drug was, in any case, it is required to consult a physician beforehand before using it.

Instructions for use "Lizoprim Lor"

Adult patients are advised to take two tablets five times a day after eating. Tablets must be slowly dissolve up to complete dissolution. Medication can not be chewed or washed down, since any liquid can neutralize the therapeutic effect. The total duration of admission is from eight to ten days. If necessary, taking the drug can be repeated. lisoprim lor instructions for use review

People often ask: "Lizoprim Lor" or "Lizobakt" - which is better? Let's see below.

Features of biologically active additive

As already noted, this drug is not a drug. This bioadditive is equated to substances that are similar to vitamins and coenzymes.

Store this medication in a dry place, which is protected from light, and not accessible to children. Storage temperature should not exceed twenty five degrees.

The manufacturer of the presented bioadditives is the pharmaceutical company Kvadrat-S.This is the only manufacturer on the Russian market that creates biologically active additives based on natural fruit powders. In addition, powders from dry fruits are used as raw materials.

The distinctive feature of the products of the company "Square-S" is the high quality along with the use of natural raw materials, and, in addition, the availability of prices and originality. Production of products is carried out at facilities that are licensed for pharmaceutical activities, which is an additional guarantor of quality.

In online pharmacies, the price for a biologically active supplement "Lizoprim Lor" ranges from one hundred and eighty to two hundred and ten rubles.

Reviews about "Lizoprim Lor"

It should be noted that the network can not find a lot of reviews about this bioadditive, apparently due to the fact that for today this tool is not very popular. But those who underwent a course of treatment with this drug, reported that it was effective and in a short time helped to cope with sore throat.

Among the positive aspects is also the naturalness of components along with the safety of use of the drug for the body. About any side effects and the appearance of allergic reactions as a result of taking this medication is not reported. Therefore, "Lizoprim Lor" for children is also suitable.

Some people are not satisfied with the price of this bioadditive, people believe that such a natural product, which consists of available components, could be distributed at a more affordable price. However, compared to the more popular drugs for sore throats like "Lizobakt" or "Imudon", the Lizoprim Lor supplement is quite competitive.

Consider the popular analogues of Lizoprim Lor. lysoprime lor analogues

Analogues of the preparation

Similar preparations are:

  • "Dapril".
  • "Diroton".
  • "Lizinopril grindeks".
  • "Lizitar-LF".

In conclusion,

Thus, a biologically active supplement is an accessible remedy for sore throat, which is able to cope with infectious otolaryngological diseases. In addition, "Lizoprim Lor" is suitable as an additive to nutrition in order to fill the deficiency of inulin, vitamin B6, and also lysozyme. Advantage of the presented drug is its safety, and, besides, it is good for the organism, because thanks to its composition this agent is capable to raise the human immunity.