"Ameloteks"( gel): instructions for use

The drug "Ameloteks" belongs to the group of NSAIDs( non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).It is a selective inhibitor. The main active substance of the drug "Amelotex" is meloxicam. The gel based on it has an excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Tablets and injections based on meloxicam additionally have an antipyretic effect.

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In the article we will consider "Amelotex"( gel): the description of the preparation, the methods of its use, contra-indications and special precautions, and also find out whether there are similar means.

Forms of Amelotex

There are four forms of Amelotex:

  1. Tablets. They are intended for ingestion and may have 15 or 7.5 mg meloxicam.
  2. Solution for injection. Intended for intramuscular administration. One ampoule contains 15 mg meloxicam.
  3. Candles( suppositories).They are intended for rectal administration. In one suppository contains 7.5 mg meloxicam.
  4. Gel. It is intended for external use. Let us dwell on a more detailed examination of this form of the drug.

Amelotex gel composition and its appearance

"Amelotex"( gel) is a translucent gel-like mass of yellow color and has a specific pleasant odor. The drug is produced in tubes with a volume of 30 or 50 grams.

As already mentioned above, the main active substance of "Amelotex" is meloxicam. In addition, the gel contains trometamol, methylpyrrolidone, ethanol, lavender and orange blossom oil, carbomer, purified water.

"Amelotex"( gel): indications for use and the principle of action of

In most cases, the drug is prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and joints, which are accompanied by painful sensations. These include osteochondrosis, sciatica, bruises of the spine, rheumatoid arthritis and so on.

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The principle of the drug will differ depending on the goal.

1. Anti-inflammatory effect.

Active substances of the gel "Amelotex" penetrate to the affected tissues, after which many chemical reactions are triggered in them. Eventually, a blockade of inflammatory mediators occurs: leukotrienes and prostaglandins.

2. Anesthetic effect.

It is achieved due to the ability of the drug "Ameloteks" -gel to raise the pain threshold by partially blocking the center of pain in the brain.

3. Antipyretic effect.

It is achieved by blocking the mediators of inflammation and lowering the sensitivity of the part of the brain responsible for thermoregulation.

"Amelotex"( gel): instruction for use

It is important to remember that it is extremely undesirable to use the drug without prescribing a doctor.

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How to apply "Ameloteks"( gel)?The instruction to the preparation says that it must be applied lightly to the skin and gently rubbed into it. You need to do this twice a day. The average course of treatment is within one month.

It is important to avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Also, its use in combination with other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs of local action is not recommended.

If "Amelotex"( gel) is to be used in combination with tablets or meloxicam-pricking injections, it is important to ensure that the maximum daily dose of the active substance does not exceed 15 mg.

Contraindications and special precautions

There are some contraindications to the use of "Amelotex".

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This refers to cases when the patient has such diseases as:

  • kidney failure;
  • hepatic failure;
  • a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer;
  • heart failure;
  • Aspirin Asthma.

In addition, the use of the drug is prohibited for pregnant women and women during lactation, as well as for children less than 15 years old. This is due to the fact that the effect of the drug on the growing body has not been fully studied.

Amelotex gel can not be used if you have allergies to one or more components of the drug and skin integrity disorders in the form of cuts, scratches and other injuries.

Side effects of

Like any other pharmacological drug, "Amelotex"( gel) can cause some side effects. They can appear as:

  • of local allergic reactions on the skin;
  • hyperemia at the site of application;
  • appearance of papular-vesicular rashes;
  • skin peeling;
  • photosensitization of the skin.

At occurrence of even one of the above-stated phenomena it is necessary to cancel use of a gel and to address to the doctor for purpose or appointment of symptomatic therapy.

Analogues of the preparation

Is it possible to replace "Amelotex"( gel) with something? Analogues, of course, exist. The most famous among them: "Matarin plus", "Chondroxide forte."

All of them contain basically the same active substance. A logical question arises: why then do we need analogs? First, they usually differ in cheaper value. Secondly, the main drug may not be available in the pharmacy, and then have to look for a replacement. In this case, the choice of the analogue is recommended, since it has a similar type of action due to the same active substance.

Let's consider in more detail, than it is possible to replace "Ameloteks"( gel).

"Matalin plus"

The drug is available as a cream and is intended for external use. It has two active substances: meloxicam and tincture of fruits of chilli pepper. The auxiliary substances are chloroform, coriander oil and lavender, liquid paraffin, purified water, etc.

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"Matarin plus" is used for the treatment of inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, for rheumatic soft tissue damage, as well as soreness of the joints, muscles andtendons.

The use of the drug is contraindicated in the presence of an individual intolerance of the main active substance or other constituents of the cream, as well as in violation of the integrity of the skin, to children under 12 years of age, pregnant women and women during lactation.

With special care, "Matarin plus" should be used for violations of the functionality of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract. Before using the drug in combination with other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, you should first consult your doctor. The same applies to cases when it is necessary to use this cream for more than 10 consecutive days.

You can apply the drug 1-3 times a day. To do this, a thin strip of cream should be gently rubbed into the skin. To achieve greater effect, you can apply a dry bandage.

There may be side effects that will manifest themselves in the form of rashes, peeling, itching, hyperemia. If you find at least one of them, you must cancel the use of the drug.

"Chondroxide forte"

The following preparation, which is an analogue of the gel "Amelotex", is the cream "Chondroxide forte".He has several types of action: slows the development of osteochondrosis and osteoarthrosis, has anti-inflammatory properties and is an excellent analgesic, reduces the swelling of the joints and increases the volume of their movement.

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Meloxicam in the preparation is combined with dimexide, propylene glycol, cetostearyl alcohol, liquid paraffin, vaseline, purified water and other auxiliaries.

Cream "Chondroxide forte" is used as part of complex therapy in the treatment of osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis and other diseases of the spine, which are accompanied by pain.

Contraindications for use are violations of the integrity of the skin, individual intolerance to the constituents of the drug, as well as age to 12 years, pregnancy and lactation. With special care and only after consulting a doctor, "Chondroxide forte" can be used in the elderly, as well as patients with impaired functionality of the kidneys, liver, GI organs, as well as with severe blood pathologies.

Treatment with cream lasts an average of two weeks. It must be rubbed into the painful zones 2-3 times a day. The amount of cream depends on the size of the affected area. After applying the drug, wash your hands with soap and water.

After applying the product, side effects may occur as a local allergic reaction( redness, rash, itching).

Other forms of the drug "Amelotex"

As a substitute for the gel "Ameloteks" on the prescription of the doctor, you can use other forms of the drug: tablets, rectal suppositories, solutions for injections. In this case, they will have an even greater advantage due to the fact that the active substance, which is contained in them, gets into the blood much faster.

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However, the use of tablets or the use of injections has a much greater number of possible side effects compared to the gel. These can be:

  • headaches;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • problems with digestive tract( constipation, diarrhea, bloating);
  • blood pressure colleting;
  • increased heart rate;
  • occurrence of drowsiness;
  • exacerbation of ulcerative diseases or the occurrence of gastrointestinal bleeding.

Contraindications to use remain the same as those of Amelotex gel. But two more points should be added to them. Use to treat the drug in the form of injections is prohibited in combination with drugs that dilute blood. The use of rectal suppositories is contraindicated in the presence of inflammation in the rectum or in violation of its integrity.

Reviews about the gel "Amelotex" and its analogs

What do those who have already used to treat "Ameloteks"( gel) say? Feedback in most cases is positive. Patients note the high effectiveness of the drug in the fight against dorsal pain and joint diseases. The minus of the drug consists in its rather high cost, because of what many are looking for and buying other similar means.

On the cream "Matarin plus", too, you can only hear good things. It is an excellent tool for fighting rheumatism, pain in the locomotor system, stiffness and edema of the joints.

About the preparation "Chondroxide forte" reviews are two-eyed. At a time when one he helped quickly get rid of the problem, others note the deterioration of the situation. The latter talk about the appearance of edemas in the place of application of the cream and its inefficiency, even after a long period of use.

Where can I buy Ameloteks( gel)?Kaliningrad, Moscow and other cities of Russia offer to buy the drug in local pharmacies. You can buy gel online.

Stay healthy!