BAD "Tsinariks": instructions for use, price and reviews

Disturbances in the digestive tract and liver are what many people face. And in some cases, doctors recommend to their patients the reception of a rather effective biologically active supplement, "Tsinarix."Instructions for use, reviews and prices, properties and side effects - all of this you will learn in the article.

Description of the medicine: composition and form of release

cinarix instructions for use

There are two forms of the drug "Cynariks" - tablets and solution for oral administration. The main active ingredient is a plant substance, namely artichoke extract. By the way, in one tablet, covered with a special coating, there are about 55 mg of this substance. As auxiliary components in dietary supplements there are cellulose, glycerin, calcium citrate, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, collidone, calcium carbonate, yellow sycovite, titanium dioxide, sucrose and talc.

Description of pharmacological properties of

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Undoubtedly, this active biological additive has a number of useful properties. In particular, this agent, if properly applied, maintains the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and gallbladder. Since the drug activates the production of bile, it is a good prevention of its stagnation and the further development of the inflammatory process. In addition, the drug enhances intestinal motility and also activates the secretion of pancreatic enzymes.

It is noted that due to the presence of flavonoids and some other components, the drug significantly reduces the level of dangerous cholesterol in the blood. Caffeolic acid acts as hepatoprotectors, positively affecting not only the liver, but also the entire body.

As a rule, an increase in the amount of bile is observed just an hour after taking the drug. The effect lasts about three hours.

What are the indications for therapy?

a course of treatment

In what cases can the medicine "Tsinarix" help? The instructions for use contain information that there are many situations in which it is advisable to take tablets, namely:

  • biliary dyskinesia;
  • chronic forms of hepatitis;
  • chronic cholecystitis of different origin;
  • the so-called functional dyspepsia;
  • chronic intoxication of the body with hepatotoxic substances;
  • when it comes to oral solution, it is often recommended to take with cholestasis;
  • in some cases, the drug is prescribed in the period after cholecystectomy;
  • sometimes helps the solution with various digestive disorders, especially if you have to eat heavy, fatty foods.

Preparation "Tsinariks": instructions for use

cynarix tablets

Despite the fact that the medicine in modern medicine is considered harmless, do not arbitrarily appoint it. To begin with, consult a doctor - he will tell you in what doses and how to take dietary supplements "Tsinarix."The instructions for use contain the main recommendations, but can be changed if necessary.

Children between the ages of six and twelve can take one tablet twice a day. Adult patients, as well as adolescents over 12 years of age, take 1-2 tablets three times a day. If we are talking about the use of oral solution, it is recommended to drink to adults and adolescents 1-2 teaspoons, but only once a day. It is highly desirable to take the medicine during meals or immediately after eating.

The course of treatment in most cases lasts about 14 days, although the duration of it can be corrected by a doctor. Here everything depends on many factors, including the severity of the disorders and the condition of the patient.

Are there any restrictions? Side effects and contraindications

The issue of safety is extremely important for any person. The medicine is justifiably considered safe. Nevertheless, there are restrictions here. To begin with it is necessary to say that dietary supplements can not be used if you have an allergic sensitivity to any component.

Contraindications also include acute hepatitis and occlusion of the biliary tract. In addition, the drug is not prescribed for hepatic insufficiency, empyema of the gallbladder and severe disturbances in the work of baking. Due to the content of sucrose, dietary supplements are not prescribed for patients suffering from diabetes mellitus. Separately, we should talk about an oral solution, which contains alcohol - that's why it should not be taken to children under the age of 12, as well as patients with epilepsy.

According to studies and reviews, the biologically active additive is tolerated well by patients - side effects are rarely recorded. In some cases, there was a development of an allergic reaction, as well as the appearance of diarrhea and discomfort in the abdomen. Nevertheless, such reactions, as a rule, developed against a backdrop of prolonged therapy.

As for pregnancy or lactation, it is proved that the pill does not affect the development of the child's body. But the solution at this time is not worth taking, since it is 34% of ethyl alcohol.

Medication "Tsinariks": price and reviews

cynariks price

Cost is a moment that is extremely important for any patient. It should be noted right away that the price depends on the manufacturer's firm and in this case fluctuates within very appreciable limits. Packaging of 24 tablets costs from 170 to 350 rubles. If we are talking about a large package of 60 tablets, the figures range from 400 to 650 rubles.

What do specialists think about the biologically active supplement "Tsinarix"?Reviews for the most part are positive, as the agent perfectly copes with the main task, it normalizes the digestive processes, improves the outflow of bile. Patients note that the effect of therapy appears quickly, and the course of treatment does not last long. By the way, one large package, as a rule, is enough, and its price is quite acceptable.