Acne on the body is itching: possible causes and treatment

What are the causes of acne on the body? This issue worries not only the teenagers, but also the representatives of humanity of a more mature age. And if your pubertal period has long ago followed, and acne on the body itches, you need to find out the nature of this unpleasant phenomenon. In itself, acne can not be called a disease. But this is how our body signals that there is an imbalance in the work of its organs and systems. Very often it can help in the diagnosis of serious diseases. Let's try to understand the most common violations in the body, in which acne on the body itches. acne on the body itches

Cold. What's happening?

For colds, a very common phenomenon is single acne on the body. They scratch, deliver psychological discomfort, spoil the mood. In this case, they are not an independent disease and appear due to a decrease in immunity, due to the high temperature, in general, when our body is weakened.

Treatment of such pimples do not require, it will be enough point application of drying agents - salicylic alcohol, calendula tincture or chamomile. watery pimple

Allergic reaction. Effects on the skin

Red spots on the body itch. Very often such symptoms accompany allergies caused by external stimuli. Flowering plants, clothing from low-quality fabrics, cosmetics, food, dust, animal hair, medicines - all this can cause the pimples on the body to itch. First of all, during treatment, it is necessary to exclude the effect of the irritating factor, which provoked a skin reaction. Also recommended the use of antihistamines - drugs that reduce the production of biologically active substances that lead to the development of allergic rashes. On the modern pharmacological market of such medicines is presented a great variety. Therefore, to make a choice in favor of a particular medicine should only the doctor-allergist.

Scabies. Symptom. Treatment of

The appearance of rashes on the skin can have a parasitic nature. If there are pimples on the hands, the interdigital folds are scratched, the flexing surfaces of the forearms and shoulders, the hips, the popliteal cavities, small stripes that are elevated above the level of the skin are visible, straightening or zigzagging, the itching is intensified, especially at night and with an increase in the ambient temperature, you can suspect infection with scabies. scabies symptom treatment

The disease is caused by the introduction into the upper layers of the skin of the itch mite Sarcoptes scabiei. In the course of their vital activity, females make passages in the epidermis, lay eggs, from which later the numerous progeny appear. Under the skin, they leave and the products of their vital activity, it is the allergic reaction to the excrement of ticks and causes itching. Scabies are very contagious, not for nothing in the recent past it was called "sickness of dirty hands".

At the very beginning of the disease, a watery pimple appears on the skin, accompanied by itching. This is the place of introduction of the scabies into the body. But the lesion is so insignificant that up to four weeks can pass before the first clinical manifestations of the disease. At this time, the skin appears on the skin, made by the parasite, the amount of pimples increases, and the itching intensifies. Everyone( when scabies is diagnosed) symptom treatment means immediate - without killing ticks in just three months, about six generations of ticks can be born in the amount of 100 million individuals. It sounds menacing! red acne on the body itches

Diagnosis and treatment of scabies in the modern development of medicine is not difficult. It is necessary to begin with a trip to the dermatologist or infektsionistu. Visual detection of itch moves is a reliable confirmation of the diagnosis, but in some cases, laboratory tests may be required. For their conduct, the doctor will scrape off the affected area.

For treatment, benzyl benzoate, sulfur preparations, Wilkinson's ointment, flicid, lysol, creolin are used. Without drug therapy, getting rid of scabies is not possible, its course can be observed for many years, at times exacerbating. pimples on the hands itches

Endocrine Disorders

Changes in the hormonal background are a very common cause of inflammation of the skin, and rashes can be very variable. Watery pimples, acne, comedones can appear during pregnancy, in the premenstrual period, after the end of the course of taking birth control pills. Most often, hormonal activity causes excessive production of sebaceous glands of fat. Provoke skin inflammation can change the hormonal balance at a variety of levels - from the cortex to the adrenal glands. And deal with this should only an experienced specialist-endocrinologist.

Disturbances in the diet. Correcting the diet

Food poisoning, eating a large amount of sweet or flour, alcohol abuse can lead to the appearance of acne on the skin. The use of improper food will inevitably lead to the fact that the intestines will gradually be clogged with slags, and this creates favorable conditions for the development of pathological organisms. A harmful microflora inhibits the purifying activity of the digestive tract, and it is vitally important for the body to get rid of toxins. And he begins to use the skin for this. Slags, standing out through the skin along with sweat and subcutaneous fat, accumulate around them pathological microorganisms. It is such an environment that is ideal for clogging pores and the appearance of acne.

All the recommendations for healthy nutrition when used in practice will certainly benefit your skin and help you get rid of rashes that spoil its appearance.

Hygiene Disorders

Failure to follow the basic rules of skin care can also cause skin inflammation. Regular shower, matched with the features of the skin soap and other means, the use of clean cosmetic accessories - reliable assistants in the fight for clean and healthy skin. single acne on the body itches

It is worth remembering that any manipulation of already appeared acne should be avoided, because the injured skin is the entrance gate for infection, especially if the acne on the body itches. When combing, pathogenic microbes can enter the body and spread along it. As the bacteria multiply, the amount of acne will begin to grow.

Treat or not treat?

To the appearance of acne should not be treated carelessly, more often than not just a cosmetic defect. It is possible that in this way the body gives a distress signal. And treatment in the first, the earliest stages of the disease will be most effective!