Quota for an operation in Moscow: how to receive? Quotas for treatment in Moscow

There are situations when money for an operation is urgently needed, this can depend on the life of a person. And often there is not enough money. And it so happens that the necessary assistance is provided only in the capital. It is for such cases that a quota is needed for the operation in Moscow. How to get it, we will describe below.

Concept of quota

It is a monetary transfer that covers the costs of the operation, if the patient needs it. A list of diseases, approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia, has been formed, and it is possible to pay for the operation with a quota. Taking into account the fact that the number of allocated quotas increases every year, it can be quite difficult to get it. First of all, we are talking about paper red tape, which can not be avoided. This also applies to campaigns in various instances.

What treatment is possible to get on the quota

quota for an operation in Moscow how to get

What can I do by quota:

- manipulations performed on the heart;

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- transplantation of various organs;

- neurosurgical operations;

- arthroplasty of joints;

- therapy of diseases transmitted by inheritance;

- leukemia therapy;

- treatment of complex pathology of the endocrine system;

- highly complicated surgical operations.

For example, the quota for eye surgery in Moscow can be issued to a patient who does not have the financial ability to pay for herself.

To date, this list has been expanded to include 22 profiles and 137 types of high-tech medical care. In addition, every year the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation approves the list of medical centers in Moscow, where it is possible to obtain the necessary assistance in the quota. It also contains the number of indicators for each institution, such as the quota for an operation in Moscow.

How to obtain and what documents are required to obtain the quota

To obtain a quota, you will need to be patient and time-consuming to collect the necessary papers. Department of Health of Moscow

Below are the documents required for the quota for the operation:

- documents proving the identity;

- medical policy;

- results of the survey, which have been passed recently;

- medical history.

How to get a quota in 2015

If previously high-tech medical care was provided only on a quota, then from 2015 it is provided under the MHI policy. In practice, this means that free operations will be provided only where the citizen lives. Only in rare cases, the possibility of free treatment can be obtained in Moscow, for example, the quota for heart surgery.

Get the quota

Specialists of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development affirm that the possibility of a free operation appeared among the citizens of the Russian Federation due to the project "Health".It should be remembered that paid medicine does not accept patients on quotas. paid medicine

To receive a referral to a free operation, you can go in two ways:

1. Quota registration "from below".

It is necessary: ​​

- To come to the health department of the region of residence, carrying a passport, a social insurance policy, a pension policy, an extract from the medical card of the clinic where the study was conducted. Also you need a copy of the main documents.

- Get your curator, who can be appointed from the department employees.

Request for allocation of quota is considered and further, if the patient is positively informed, they inform the coupon number and the name of the clinic where he will be treated.

2. Registration of the quota "from above".

The patient himself, based on his criteria, determines the medical institution, where he would like to receive assistance on a quota. Do not forget that paid medicine does not participate in this program and will not be able to perform a quota operation. In this institution it is necessary to consult with the necessary specialists, get an extract from the personal card and go through a committee that is going specifically to decide whether to approve a quota or not. In the case of a positive response, the received document will state that this particular institution can operate on a quota. Also will be the signature of the head physician and the seal. Further with the received documents you go to the Moscow City Department of Health and provide them with all the documentation that is indicated in clause 1.

Quota for heart surgery

In general, the second option is much faster and can take an average of 1 to 3 weeks. In addition, he will give an opportunity to choose a medical institution.

Passage of the commission

In order to receive free assistance, the patient will have to undergo several medical commissions:

- Contact the clinic for a residence permit, where the doctor will conduct all necessary studies. After the resolution issued by the first commission, he will write out the direction. It is then necessary to go to the Health Department of your region with this direction signed by the chief doctor of the clinic and an extract from the medical card with the conclusions that the patient needs a quota for the operation in Moscow.

- How to get it: the Ministry should visit another commission, it will determine whether the patient has evidence for the provision of VMP.In the case of a positive response, the patient is issued a document that will provide him with free assistance. It will contain detailed information about the disease, all the results and results of the surveys. processing of the quota for the operation

- The third commission will need to go where the direction was written. The commission, convened in this medical institution, determines the correctness of referral to this clinic and the presence of any contraindications for the operation. The result is a quota for the operation in Moscow.

How to get it faster? Patients during the weary waiting are asked this question. As a whole, the final decision is stretched for a long time, although the decision for the right to free medical assistance can be rendered in one day.

Possible problems

Unfortunately, quotas for treatment at the expense of the state end. If you need it, you can contact the Department of Health of Moscow and ask for information on the availability of quotas in all medical institutions.

If the quota still does not remain, you can queue up to receive them. If the situation is acute, and the operation should be carried out in the shortest possible time, for example, you are extremely important to the eye operation, you can spend it for money, but then return these funds through the Ministry of Health, having produced all the necessary documents. eye surgery quota

In addition to the fact that quotas can end, it is not uncommon for a clinic to have no seats. For example, the patient needs a joint replacement, the expectation is still acceptable, but if it is a question of removing the tumor and the time simply does not exist - standing in the queue is unacceptable. Unfortunately, the system of rendering assistance is formed so that the waiting time for the operation under the quota is not prescribed anywhere. In this case, you can try to contact another clinic or make a noise by writing in the media.

Often in clinics where patients are sent by quota, there are additional payments. For example, a patient who needs a bone marrow transplant must himself pay for a donor search in foreign registers. Money for this does not belong to any budget. In other words, the quota operation is at the expense of the state, all additional steps are paid by the patient. documents for a quota for an operation

Unfortunately, this can not be fought. First of all, due to the fact that the patient does not have the strength to fight extra, except with a disease. It is also terrible to spoil relations with doctors who will operate. Here you can only advise writing letters, complaints to various authorities with requests to deal with additional payments. Perhaps a colossal stream of correspondence will help officials look at the problem differently and change it.


The number of allocated quotas for the implementation of the WMP is determined at the beginning of the year, and often all are "selected" long before it ends. Thus, sometimes, in order to get the necessary help promptly, it is better to seek help from paid clinics. And only then try to return the funds, standing in line for the formulation of the quota for the operation.