Sweating at night in women: causes, treatment

Sometimes note sweating at night in women. The reasons for this phenomenon can be numerous. Abundant sweating during physical exertion or on a hot day is a normal reaction of the body, but sweat during sleep tells us that there are some violations. Infection, metabolic disorders, menopause - no matter what it is, but it is necessary to eliminate this effect.

What is caused by

It is very unpleasant to feel sweating at night. The reasons for women can be the following:

  • menstruation;
  • pregnancy;
  • menopause.

Changes in the hormonal background can affect not only the emotional level, but also the physical condition of the woman. The above mentioned conditions are associated with a change in the hormonal background, which causes sweating at night. In women, the causes may be different, but it is most likely that this is a fluctuation in the level of hormones. In this case, you just have to wait. As soon as the body leaves this state, the sweating will pass by itself.

sweating at night in women Now let's look at each item in more detail. What the body experiences under these conditions, how to reduce discomfort and other issues.


Symptom of this condition may be increased sweating at night. Causes in women - a change in the work of sweat glands. In another way, this symptom is called hyperhidrosis. During menstruation, it can manifest itself on the whole body, and in individual areas.

severe sweating at night in women This is the most common symptom of pre- and post-menstrual syndrome. What is the reason for this? Of course, with a violation of the hormonal background. During menstruation, there is a strong increase in the level of the hormone estrogen. It leads to disruption of the work of many organs, provoking different diseases, hyperhidrosis in this case is not an exception. In addition to increased sweating, other unpleasant symptoms can also be observed, for example, weakness, severe fatigue, mood changes and so on.

Usually, in this case, you just need to wait. As soon as the level of the hormone in the blood drops, all unpleasant symptoms will immediately go away, including a strong sweating at night in women, whose causes lie in the violation of thermoregulation.

These disorders are due to false signals received by the hypothalamus about an increase in the temperature level. Then the mechanisms for dropping excess heat are connected. Remember, when running, there are rapid heartbeats, shortness of breath, sweating, and similar symptoms. The same thing is happening now.


Increased sweating at night in women, whose causes are associated with pregnancy, worries many expectant mothers. This is especially acute in the first trimester and in the last months of bearing a baby. A very rare case is hyperhidrosis throughout pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding. How can I minimize these feelings for a future mother?

increased sweating at night causes in women Unfortunately, in this case, increased sweating is a normal reaction of the body. No treatment is prescribed, all that can be done is to observe certain rules of hygiene.

Hygiene during pregnancy

Increased sweating at night, the causes of which are related to changes in the hormonal background, can not be eliminated completely, but it can be minimized. Remember that you can not engage in self-medication, especially when it comes to a pregnant woman, all your actions should be coordinated with your doctor. At home without risk to health, you can take the following:

  • wear clothes only from natural materials that allow air and moisture to pass through;
  • to dress on the weather, do not wrap yourself up on a hot day;
  • always ventilate the room in which you are;
  • normalize the day mode;
  • do not use coffee, spicy, spices;
  • more walk;
  • exclude from your life strong physical activity;
  • take more shower, not a bath, so the pores can be cleaned as much as possible.


A woman in her whole life experiences a change in the hormonal background several times. Naturally, it is accompanied by certain symptoms, and sometimes they are simply unbearable! So with menopause. At the age of forty to fifty years, a woman experiences changes in the hormonal background associated with the extinction of the function of the ovaries and the uterus, this period is called the climax. Each one varies in different ways, duration - from two to ten years. If a woman has extra weight, she has an unstable psyche, neglects physical exertion or has any diseases, then this state takes much longer and more difficult.

sweating at night causes in women In addition to severe sweating, there is fever, increased pressure and other unpleasant symptoms. Unfortunately, they can not be eliminated with medicines. You can use some folk remedies, observe hygiene, in order to reduce discomfort.

Folk remedies

For all these unpleasant symptoms, including with increased sweating, folk medicine can help. First of all, this is phytotherapy. Oregano, St. John's wort, sage and hawthorn - all these herbs can reduce your increased sweating. Do not forget that these products can not be used during pregnancy without consulting a doctor.

sweating at night in women causes treatment Herbs can be used either individually or in collections. Here is the collection, recommended by doctors: blackberry, hawthorn, motherwort. All you need to brew in equal proportions and drink for ten days. Even with acute symptoms after this decoction, the woman will feel light, regain her peace of mind and get rid of sweating.

Also very good means is tincture of ashberry. A glass of vodka will be needed for a glass of mountain ash. Insist you need a month in the refrigerator. Use a teaspoon before bedtime. This will greatly reduce the arrival of tides.


The following are the conditions of a woman in whom symptoms of increased sweating can not be completely eliminated, but hyperhidrosis may occur in the following diseases requiring medical intervention and medical treatment:

  • infection;
  • thyroid disorder;
  • tumor;
  • inflammation of the lymph nodes;
  • poisoning and others.

Only an experienced technician can identify the cause by performing an examination and some tests. Only your doctor can prescribe the right treatment. Then there will be increased sweating at night in women. The reasons for treatment must be eliminated. But do not self-medicate. After all, you need to diagnose the problem correctly. The cause can be and the usual hyperhidrosis, which is eliminated with the help of the correct deodorant. Consult a specialist, do not be shy about your problem, only so you can understand the cause of your worries.