Cough in children: treatment with folk remedies

Once you understand that the child is sick, you need to immediately call the doctor at home. But do not passively wait for the arrival of a specialist. It is necessary to take measures and relieve cough in children. Treatment with folk remedies gives the best results. What is not surprising, because thanks to a soft and persistent effect, centuries of proven methods are still popular today. The sooner you begin to fight the disease, the sooner the recovery will come.

How to treat a cough to a baby?

This is just the case when self-medication is no place. All you can do is give a drink to a baby or try warming up. Massage can aggravate the situation, up to the most negative consequences. Treatment is best spent in a hospital under the constant supervision of a doctor and medical staff.

Dry cough in children

Treatment with folk remedies of barking cough reduces to moisturizing and increasing the volume of the cough substance and thereby facilitating the excretion of sputum from the baby's body. In this case, inhalation over the steam of newly cooked potatoes is good.

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If the child is difficult to persuade to take a steam, or he is too small for this, make the milk syrup. Bring to a boil a glass of milk and dip it into a tablespoon of butter and natural honey, a quarter of a teaspoon of soda and beaten yolk. Let him drink from one to two tablespoons of sweet mixture at one time.

Elderly cough in children cough in children treatment of folk remedies

Treatment with folk remedies for a cough can be carried out with onion syrup. In a liter of boiling water, put a couple of untreated bulbs of bulbs and 6-7 tablespoons of sugar, and if you do not mind, then instead of it - a glass of honey. Stir until the sweet ingredient dissolves completely, reduce the heat to the minimum value and boil for an hour. Throw the onions, strain the syrup. Give the baby in a warm form for a whole tablespoon 3 or 4 times a day.

Deep cough in children

Treatment with folk remedies for a strong cough can be very tasty and pleasant for a child, which is important, because a good mood speeds up the process of recovery twice! Prepare the baby a banana jelly.

Pound the banana with a fork or through a grater into a puree gruel. Pour in a spoonful of sugar or add as much honey, stir again. Pour a glass of boiling water, stir everything to a uniform texture and let it brew for half an hour under a closed lid. You can drink all the portion in one go. Do not forget to warm the kissel, if it has already cooled down.

massage for a child with a cough

Massage for a child with a cough

Very good for the separation of sputum draining massage:

  • the child lies on his back, and you stroking the palms of the hands from bottom to top, from sides to chest to neck;
  • let the baby move to the tummy, and you make several spiral movements of the fingers along the spine, in the direction from the waist to the neck;
  • place a cushion or pillow under your mother's tummy so that your head and shoulders are below the waist level, from the bottom up, do some intense but enjoyable pats on the baby.

Fast recovery to you!