Cough with breastfeeding than to cure? Effective methods, recommendations

The period of gestation and breastfeeding is the most joyful, but also the most responsible in the life of a woman. Her health and excellent health is no longer a personal matter, it directly affects the health and well-being of the baby. During lactation, the mother's body is especially prone to infections. Cold, infectious, chronic diseases can easily develop against a weakened immunity.

Further in the article we will tell you what to do if there was a cough during breastfeeding. Than to treat this misfortune if the majority of medicines under an interdiction?

Treat or not treat?

Than to treat a cough during breastfeeding, depends, first of all, on the cause of its occurrence. And can not treat it at all? Let him go and the child will not hurt. It is necessary to treat, as an easy malaise threatens to turn into a serious illness - this, firstly.

The second reason: a sudden attack during feeding can seriously frighten the baby, who can burst into tears and stop eating. Just before you run to the pharmacy or sit down at the computer, trying to find out how and what to cough during breastfeeding, do not forget to consult a doctor. Each organism is individual, like the reaction of each child to various ingredients of medicines.

than you can treat dry cough with breastfeeding

Is feeding stopping or not?

The simplest decision of a sick mother: to stop feeding and not to think about anything else than coughing during breastfeeding. Those who choose this path are very wrong. Wise nature has created its laws perfectly, without errors. Mother's milk for a child is the strongest means of strengthening immunity. It is when it is used during a maternal illness, the baby's organism intensively produces antibodies and receives the most persistent immunity.

Isolation from the child

Mom started to cough, she puts on a gauze dressing, tries not to breathe, as little as possible to approach the child. This is the habitual behavior of a caring mother, but completely useless. The fact is that infectious bacteria in the body of any person undergo an incubation period of up to three days. If the baby gets infected from the mother, it will get sick much earlier. Throughout this period, he receives milk from his mother, the carrier of the virus, and struggles with the disease. So bandages and other isolation is a completely useless thing. It is better not to waste time, but to find for yourself, than to cough cough during breastfeeding. The only thing for which you need to temporarily remove mother from the baby, is to give her time for rest and treatment.

cough with breastfeeding, than cure

Causes of cough

The choice of drugs and drugs depends on the factors that provoked a cough during breastfeeding. Than to treat the doctor will advise after inspection and depending on the diagnosis. Causes, most often causing a dry cough, may be several. These include:

  • cold;
  • viral infection;
  • is a bacterial infection;
  • allergic reaction;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases( asthma, bronchitis and others).


Diseases called common colds are called acute respiratory disease or acute respiratory viral infection. It usually begins with a runny nose, a slight chill, a throat swelling, which causes a dry cough. In that case, what is the cure for breastfeeding?

Komarovsky, the children's doctor, the author of popular books about children, advises at first signs of the disease not to grab at once for medicines, but also not to hesitate. According to him, you should immediately wash your nose with a saline solution. For prevention of saline, you can drip into the nose and the child. A slight fever and a beginning cough - not a reason for panic. In this case, warming up, compresses, inhalations are useful.

Unlike respiratory diseases, the flu causes a higher temperature and is also dangerous for its complications. To reduce the temperature of your mother, you can take medications that the doctor will recommend. Cough is usually prescribed syrups, tablets of plant origin, breast ointments.

than to cough with breastfeeding

Bacterial infections

Unfortunately, Mummy can also get a bacterial infection. Angina, bronchitis, pneumonia cause a severe cough. When breastfeeding than to treat it, because in this case, without an antibiotic, a woman's condition can worsen?

In especially difficult situations, nursing mothers use new generation antibiotics, which are sometimes prescribed even to infants, but only under the supervision of a doctor. In parallel, the patient needs the whole complex of procedures.

Cough allergic

A suffocating attack of a cough may be the result of an allergic reaction. What is the cure for dry cough during breastfeeding, if it is caused by intolerance to any component? First of all, it is necessary to eliminate, if possible, the source of allergy, excluding products that cause a negative reaction from the mother's nutrition.

Such a cough will pass after cleansing the body. Absolutely harmless way of cleaning with activated charcoal. If the allergy is severe, you can take "Loratadine", "Loridin", "Alcedin".And popular antihistamines "Diazolin", "Suprastin", "Theophilin" during pregnancy and lactation are prohibited.

than to treat dry cough with breastfeeding

Chronic asthma

Cough that causes breathing difficulties and suffocation, asthma patients have learned to monitor and stop using modern medications. Asthma is a chronic disease, but you can learn to live with it. The problem of pregnant and nursing moms is that most medications that relieve seizures are prohibited in their case.

If there is such a cough during breastfeeding, than to treat? Most likely, a woman suffering from asthma, even before pregnancy was observed at the doctor. He will tell you what can be done in her case, and what is strictly forbidden. Usually, nursing mothers are recommended to use topical preparations in inhalation form.

than you can treat dry cough with breastfeeding

General recommendations for taking medication

Than you can treat a cough with breastfeeding, it is better to ask a pediatrician. Do not have to do self-medication, this affects the health of the baby. In addition, you should follow certain rules:

  • Do not stop breastfeeding, even if the baby is sick, mother's milk for him will be the best medicine.
  • It is forbidden to take medicines with bromhexine, analgesics, "Aspirin".
  • When buying any drug, you need to read the instructions, paying special attention to the possibility of taking it during the period of feeding and dosage.
  • Do not exceed the dose indicated by your doctor.
  • Treatment of cough should be started in the initial stage, in order to be able to do with folk remedies and procedures.

than coughing during breastfeeding

Traditional medicine

Than it is possible to treat a dry cough with breastfeeding without harmful drugs for the child? Gifts of nature, which have long been used in practice, are no less effective when properly applied. But nevertheless it is necessary to remember, choosing herbs and other components for natural treatment, that they can also cause allergic reactions in the mother or child.

Common methods of cough relief have long been inhalation. The most simple and familiar procedure: to breathe over boiled potatoes. Strengthens the separation of phlegm and a pinch of baking soda added to the pan.

Inhalation can also be with the use of essential oils. A good way to breathe the ferry from the dissolved in boiling water pinch ointment "Doctor Mom", Chinese balsam "Star."The same "Doctor Mom" ​​is effective in the compress.

Excellent such a proven compress works: mix in equal proportions( usually one tablespoon) powder of dry mustard, honey and sunflower oil. Add flour - so much to get a soft "pancake".This pancake is put on the body, covered with compress paper, and wrapped in a handkerchief or scarf. After a night with such a compress, sputum begins to separate.

The same effect has a compress made of cabbage leaf, oiled with honey. Before use, the sheet needs to be slightly softened.

Stop the attack of dry cough help the foot bath with the addition of mustard or sea salt.

how and what to treat cough during breastfeeding

Herbal teas from cough

Dry cough is treated with infusions and decoctions of plantain, mother-and-stepmother, oregano, mint, St. John's wort, ledum, thyme, nine-licorice, licorice root.

Onion broth. In a liter of water with a glass of sugar, two medium uncleaned bulbs are cooked for an hour. Take this drug 4-5 times a day.

Milk( half liter) is added cream( 1 tablespoon), honey( one teaspoon) and one egg yolk. This mixture must be mixed and brought to a boil, but do not cook! Take half a glass 5-6 times a day.

But the next drink you can replace the usual coffee, while getting rid of a cough. Mix on a tablespoon ground rye, chicory, oats and barley, add 2 g of bitter almonds - a useful "coffee" is ready.