"Septolete Total": reviews, instructions for use, description and composition

Sore throat often accompanies infectious diseases. Pathogenic microorganisms( viruses and bacteria) can affect palatine arches, tonsils, larynx and even vocal cords. The disease, which has a similar symptomatology, can be called pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, leakage in chronic or acute form and so on. In all cases, comprehensive treatment involves the use of local drugs. Plus such drugs are that they act directly on the source of the disease. Medications can have different actions: antiseptic, immunomodulating, anti-inflammatory, softening and so on. Today's article will tell you about one of these tools. Its trade name is "Septotlet Total".Instructions for use, price, reviews of the drug will be presented to your attention below.

septothelet total reviews

Description of the medicament and its composition

Produced "Septolete Total" in the form of troches for resorption. The components of the medicine are: benzalkonium chloride, thymol, levomenthol, peppermint oil and eucalyptus leaves. The medication is sold in a carton pack of 16 tablets. The instructions for use are attached to each pack of "Sepotlette Total".The price of this drug is about 300 rubles. Tablets have a bright blue color.

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The drug has an antiseptic effect. It is effective against gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms. Pastilles prevent the multiplication of viruses, having a fungicidal effect."Septolete Total" softens the larynx mucosa, eliminates tension, perspiration and discomfort. Pastilles have an anesthetic effect, removing even severe pain.

septotlet total indications for use

Indications for use: what helps "Septolete Total"?

The drug "Septolete" instructions for use and reviews of doctors recommend using it for inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and laryngeal mucosa( pharyngitis, tonsillitis, stomatitis, gingivitis and so on).Physicians prescribe pastilles with the following clinical manifestations:

  • pitting in the mountain;
  • dry cough caused by irritation of the larynx;
  • redness of the tonsils, palatine arches, signaling the inflammatory process;
  • white or purulent coating on the tonsils( often a sign of sore throat);
  • sore throat, which prevents eating properly and swallowing saliva;
  • condition after tooth extraction or with inflammation of the gums and mucosa of the mouth.

Restrictions on the use recommended by the

instruction Before using the "Septolete Total" preparation, indications for use must be studied necessarily. But no less attention should be paid to contraindications. If you have at least one, these pastilles will not work. They, on the contrary, can aggravate your condition. Even if the medicine is prescribed by a doctor, do not be lazy and refuse to read the instructions.

Abstract prohibits the use of pastilles for the treatment of children. The question of clarifying the limited age remains open to this day. Initially it was not recommended to use to the age of 18 the drug "Septolete Total".Septolete Total, manufactured since 2016, is allowed to be used from the age of 12.The drug is not assigned with increased sensitivity to its components. Persons with intolerance to lactose and fructose, as well as pregnant women need to consult a doctor beforehand. During lactation, the use of medication is not contraindicated, since only a minor one is often absorbed into the bloodstream.

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How to use the medicine

About the pastilles "Septolete Total", consumers' reviews report that it is convenient to take them. The medicine should be kept in the mouth until it dissolves completely. Instructions for use recommend taking the drug every 2-3 hours. The daily dose for an adult is 8 tablets. Children are prescribed no more than 4-6 lozenges.

Do not take the pill just before eating. After resorption of the drug it is desirable to refrain from eating and drinking for at least half an hour. So the effect of the drug will be more effective. It is not recommended to combine the medication with milk.

septotlet instruction on application price reviews

Additional Terms

Tablets "Septolete Total" reviews are different. There are also not very good opinions. In most cases, such comments are left by those patients who arbitrarily took the drug or did not follow the doctor's recommendations. Thus, with an overdose or frequent use of tablets, allergies may occur. It manifests itself in each case in different ways: a rash, itchy skin, swelling of the larynx and mucous membrane of the mouth. Less often, nausea and diarrhea occur.

Instruction for use does not recommend additionally taking other antiseptic formulations. Even if it is a question of sprays. If you take often and in large quantities "Septolete Total", then the destruction of the enamel of the teeth may begin.

"Septolete Total" in the form of a spray

It is known that there is a drug produced in the form of a nebulizer. Spray "Septolete Total" is hard to find in Russian pharmacies, as it is produced abroad. Despite this, the medicine is not recognized as deficient. It can be purchased on preliminary request in those pharmacies that specialize in this. The composition of this preparation contains the same constituent components as in the pastilles.

septolete total

Spray is applied to inflamed areas up to 6 times a day. Contraindicated use of such drugs for children under 16 years. With caution, the nebulizer is prescribed for persons with bronchial asthma and a tendency to bronchospasm. Remember that you can not use the "Septolete Total" pastilles and spray at the same time. It is necessary to choose one thing.

"Septolete Total": feedback from

The opinions on the product are mostly good. If you take the medicine according to the instructions or on the individual recommendations of the doctor, it will have an exceptionally positive effect.

Consumers talk about the pleasant refreshing taste of the drug. About the pastilles "Septolete Total" reviews reported that they do not contain sugar in their composition. This distinguishes the drug from other forms of "Sepptole."This fact allows you to take the remedy even for people with diabetes. The lack of sweeteners prevents mass reproduction of microorganisms in the oral cavity - this is another important plus.

The advantage of the drug is its safety. It is known that the active substance works locally. Therefore, the medicine can be taken without fear to future mothers and lactating women. But you should first consult with your doctor.

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Instead of conclusion

From the article you were able to learn a lot of useful information about the medicine "Septotelet".The instruction on application, the price, responses about a preparation are presented to your attention. Despite all the good qualities and positive opinions, you should not self-medicate. If this tool has helped your acquaintances, this does not mean that it will cure you. Often, along with the "Septolete Total" pastes, additional medicines are prescribed: herbal preparations, antiviral drugs, antibiotics and immunomodulators. Much depends on the type of pathology. For treatment to be truly effective and safe, you should consult your doctor. All the best, do not be ill!