Fundamentals of proper nutrition for weight loss: the menu, dietician's recommendations and reviews

It's easy to get better, but getting back the desired weight is much more difficult. Cheerful holidays with plentiful feasts, alcoholic and carbonated drinks, endless snacks on the run and dry, unwillingness to have breakfast, as it "will badly affect the figure", and many other similar situations cause the scales to show at 5-10, or elseand 20-30 kilograms more than necessary.

Today, for sure, even a child will answer that for weight loss you just need to adhere to proper nutrition, exclude certain foods - and then life will literally become easier. But what does this phrase imply? And what are the basics of proper nutrition for losing weight? It's time to find out the answers to the questions of many women and men!

The Basics of Proper Nutrition for Weight Loss

Proper nutrition - how is it?

In short, this is the basis of a healthy lifestyle, on which not only weight, but also physical and even psycho-emotional state directly depends. Nutrition is a physiological need, occupying the first stage, and all the other desires of man( the peculiar "pyramid of needs" of the American psychologist Abraham Maslow) "repels" of it. Food is a cure for all diseases. But recently, unfortunately, it has become a cult.

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Healthy eating involves the intake and absorption of substances necessary to replenish the energy expended, regulate the operation of all systems of the human body, restore and build tissues.

The basics of proper nutrition for losing weight: the menu

Main principles of proper nutrition

Before entering a new, healthy life, it is necessary to study this issue in more detail. If you catch all the nuances, it will not be difficult to understand how to handle food in everyday life. So, the basics of proper diet for weight loss:

  1. A varied, balanced, fractional menu. First, such a diet will not get bored, and secondly, it is a guarantee that the body receives all the necessary substances on a daily basis. To eat it is necessary in small portions, having kept the basic receptions of food and having added 2-3 additional( snacks).
  2. Fresh products. With long-term storage, almost all of them lose useful properties, so it is better to buy food every day.
  3. The list of basic rules for proper nutrition for weight loss can not exist without fresh vegetables and fruits. Thanks to the fiber content, they improve metabolic processes and positively affect the gastrointestinal system. And vitamins and elements are necessary for assimilating food and strengthening the body's defenses.
  4. Monitor the compatibility of products. Some of them can not be consumed together, as this leads to the formation of a large number of toxins and toxins in the body.
  5. Change food by season. In summer, most of the diet should consist of food of vegetable origin, and in winter it is necessary to include products of fat and protein containing.
  6. Learn how to calculate the right daily calorie intake. Imbalance in this matter is most often the cause of the appearance of extra centimeters on the hips.

The basics of proper nutrition for weight loss in schemes

Place of fluid in proper nutrition

Water plays a major role in the human diet. The basics of proper diet for weight loss include the consumption of a sufficient amount of liquid, namely - 1.5 liters per day. It is advisable to consider only simple water.

In general, the opinions about whether tea and coffee are considered the same fluid that is necessary for a person, significantly diverge. Some say that this marketing move was thought out back in the 1990s, when bottled water appeared, and it had to be advertised somehow. On the other hand, such drinks as coffee and tea( and the first of them should not be included in the "healthy" diet) accelerate the process of removing fluid from the body, in connection with which none of the systems receives the water it needs for proper operation. Nevertheless, it is best to adhere to the position that tea is an additional drink, and a simple liquid is the main one.

You can drink water anytime you want. The first glass is recommended to drink immediately after sleep, on an empty stomach.

Basics of proper nutrition for losing weight women

The basics of proper nutrition for weight loss in the schemes

To date, many systems have been developed, there are a huge number of recommendations from specialists, and it remains for the person to choose the option that best suits his lifestyle. Consider several schemes of proper nutrition, so it was easier to understand how to act.

Scheme No. 1.




  1. Oatmeal porridge.
  2. Mug of green tea.
  3. Apple.


  1. Mug of low-fat drinking yogurt.
  2. Peach( 2 pcs.).


  1. Boiled rice with baked fish.
  2. Salad of tomatoes and cucumbers with the addition of flax seeds and one tablespoon of olive oil.

Freshly grated carrot with honey.


  1. Boiled chicken fillet baked in marinade of oranges and honey.
  2. Cooked broccoli.
  3. A glass of green tea.

Scheme No. 2.

Day of the week





Cottage cheese casserole with raisins. Rice soup with green peas and squid.

Vegetable stew.


Millet porridge with cottage cheese. Baked vegetables with meat.

Chicken breast in Chinese with boiled rice.


Omelette with vegetables.

Casserole with buckwheat and fish.

Fish cutlets. Oat porridge with nuts and fruits. Vegetable soup with chicken.

Stuffed zucchini.



Fish pudding. Pink salmon steak.

The table number 2 does not describe snacks, the menu does not include even teas. This does not mean that they should not be. For snacks are excellent light foods: fruits, vegetables and salads from them, sour-milk drinks, dietary cookies. About tea and plain water is also important not to forget.

The third scheme is not a menu, but only a system in which the basics of proper nutrition for weight loss are concluded.

Food intake







It is recommended to consume 150 g of carbohydrate products. This can be buckwheat, rice, semolina, corn or pearl barley. You can complement the breakfast with a boiled egg and some vegetables / fruits.


9: 00-9: 30

You must drink tea, coffee or juice in an amount not exceeding 500 ml. Boiled egg and porridge( 150 g)


12: 00-12: 30

Water, coffee, juice or tea( up to 500 ml).






Water or tea( 500 ml).

Mushrooms, vegetables or salad from them( 200 g), lean meat or fish / seafood( 100 g).



Tea or juice( 0.5 liters).

As well as at 2 pm: carbohydrate( 200 g) and protein( 100 g) food.



200 ml of kefir, milk or ryazhenka.

100 g of cottage cheese or other protein food.

Caloric content of this diet is about 1300 kcal.

Basics of proper diet for weight loss - dietician

What do dieticians recommend for weight loss with proper nutrition?

Many people refuse breakfast for the reason that because of it, in their opinion, it is possible to grow fat. This theory needs to be thrown out of your head, since it is the most important meal during the day, and without it you can not consider the basis of proper nutrition for losing weight. Nutritionist recommends:

  1. Be sure to have breakfast with carbohydrate food.
  2. Do not strictly limit the consumption of products, even from the sweet forever do not need to give up.
  3. Maximize the menu to make it balanced, nutritious and not annoying.
  4. Do not starve - it's stress for the body.
  5. Include in the menu more fruits and vegetables.
  6. Use citrus and pineapple, as they have the ability to burn fats.
  7. Abandon too fried, salty, fatty and smoked food.
  8. Do not forget to drink plain water.

List of basic rules for proper nutrition for weight loss

Basics of proper nutrition for losing weight: menu

This table shows what meals can be during the day.


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5


Flakes filled with yoghurt, fruit and coffee / tea. Rice porridge with dried fruits and green tea. Buckwheat porridge with vegetable salad and tea. Oatmeal porridge with baked apple and tea / coffee.

Cottage cheese casserole and toast with butter, juice or green tea. Yogurt and walnuts.


Banana and yogurt.

Broth of dogrose and cottage cheese.

Apple and yogurt.

Banana and yogurt. Soup

Fish soup, steamed vegetables, boiled chicken breast, compote.

Vegetable soup, goulash, mashed potatoes, juice, vegetable salad.

Dark rice, cereal soup, baked fish, vinaigrette.

Borsch, buckwheat porridge, chicken cutlet, compote. Cabbage soup, fish cutlet, potato puree, juice.


Yogurt or cottage cheese.

Toast with cocoa, cottage cheese. Yoghurt with figs or dried apricots.

Fruit salad, crackers. Dried fruits with nuts and yoghurt.


Vegetable salad with fish, grilled, yogurt. Vegetable stew with fish and bran bread, tea.

Chicken fillet with vinaigrette, green tea. Vegetable stew and ham, tea. Steak with vegetable salad and green tea.

Food preparation method and its role in proper nutrition

The main dietary rules for diet, the menu of which has been described above, also include special methods of cooking. So, it's better to stop using frying pans altogether, because overcooked food has a bad effect on the stomach and liver. The ideal assistant in the preparation will be a multivarker, a double boiler, an air-grill and a simple saucepan. You can bake the products in the oven.

The main rules of diet for weight loss: the menu


Remember the basics of proper nutrition for losing weight of women is easy, but the result after the transition to a healthy menu will be felt very soon, and it can be noticed not only in the figure, but also in general health.

The work of the gastrointestinal system plays an important role for the whole organism, although many people do not know about it. Primarily, the strength of immunity depends on it, because protective cells originate in this organ. To eat correctly is to be healthy inside and out!