Obesity of the second degree: causes, signs, diet, treatment and prevention

Overweight is a headache for many modern women and men. He is dangerous not only because it harms the beautiful appearance and the ideal figure. Extra pounds are capable of provoking severe cardiovascular ailments, as well as diseases of the liver and kidneys. Obesity of the second degree is a serious and dangerous pathology, which for some reason is not always associated with real obesity and therefore is often not taken seriously. However, if you find yourself showing signs of this disease, it is worth starting to lose weight as soon as possible.

obesity of the second degree

What are the causes and symptoms of obesity of the second degree? How to diagnose and treat it? Are there effective and quick ways to fight overweight? Let's find out. But first we will discuss what is the overweight body weight, and how many degrees of obesity there are.

Calculation of the disease

There are several stages of the disease. To define and systemize them, there is a special table provided by WHO, from which it is possible to reveal the degree of the disease. However, for this it is necessary to calculate the index of body weight. How to do it? This value is calculated using simple arithmetic: the body weight given in kilograms must be divided by the number equal to the human height in square( the growth is recorded in meters).

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How do these calculations look in practice? For example, if your height is one meter seventy centimeters and your weight is seventy kilograms, your body mass index is calculated as follows: 70: 2.89 = 24.22.This indicator is considered normal. So you are not obese.


Below is a table that helps determine the extent of obesity. So, the second degree of obesity. This is how many kilograms?

Stage of the disease Body mass index Risk of complications
overweight 25,0-29,9 increased
obesity of the first degree 30,0-34,9 high
obesity of the second degree 35,0-39,9 very high
obesity of the third degree 40 and more extremely high

According to the coefficients given in the table, this disease is characterized by a BMI of thirty-five to forty. Suppose that the patient's height is one meter seventy centimeters. It turns out that with the second stage of obesity, his weight will fluctuate from one hundred and two to one hundred and fifteen kilograms.

Varieties of the disease

There are several types of obesity of the second degree. First of all, this is alimentary obesity, characterized by a huge fat fold in the abdomen, as well as shortness of breath with minimal stress. This type of disease affects people age fifty and more, leading a sedentary lifestyle.

fat women

Exogenous-constitutional obesity is diagnosed in those who have a lot of sweet and fatty. It is easier to cure, since it is not associated with hormonal and other disorders in the body.

Visceral obesity is a very dangerous kind of excess weight, because it is caused by fat deposits on the internal organs( heart, kidneys, liver).Such a pathology can provoke the development of diabetes and other serious chronic diseases.

Symptoms of the disease

Are there any other visible manifestations of the disease besides excessive body weight? The signs of obesity of the second degree are considered to be fat deposits on all parts of the body( especially the waist and hips), as well as palpitation, shortness of breath with minimal load, rapid pulse, excessive sweating. As we see, these manifestations are closely related to cardiovascular pathologies and negatively affect the entire body. They prevent a person from working fruitfully and vigorously, lead an active life, successfully cope with everyday affairs.

obesity in women

Moreover, such changes in the body adversely affect the mental and emotional well-being of a person. What are the objective causes of obesity of the second degree?

Culprits of the disease

To the secondary factors provoking obesity, it is possible to attribute:

  • Hormonal disruptions, which have a negative impact on food processing by the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Endocrine diseases that contribute to metabolic disorders.
  • Brain cortex lesion caused by head injury or various kinds of infections. As a consequence, there is an increased appetite provoking excess weight( obesity).
  • Stress and nerve stress, causing a feeling of constant hunger.
  • Non-observance of wakefulness mode( the duration of a night's sleep is more or less than the norm in eight to ten hours).
  • Hereditary location.

The above reasons have a huge impact on the appearance of obesity in women and men. However, the most important culprit of excess weight is malnutrition, aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle.

diet for obesity

Often, fat women, like men, deceive themselves, hiding behind a genetic predisposition, hormonal failures and other diseases. But most often the true root of obesity is the failure to comply with the rules of healthy eating. Here are some of them:

  • abundant use of fatty, roast, smoked, sweet and floury;
  • frequent snacks;
  • use as a drink of soda and sweet drinks;
  • sedentary work.

Gender differences

Is obesity diagnosed more often in a weak half of humanity than in a strong one? Why are thick women a phenomenon more common than fat men? Several factors can influence this:

  • pregnancy and childbirth;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • "seizing" of stress;
  • predisposition to fatty deposits.

obesity second degree how to lose weight

Most likely, you will agree that the above applies more to women than to men. Therefore, it is recommended that the fairer sex be more careful about excess weight. If it is not controlled, it can cause severe emotional and mental disorders, mental traumas, provoke the emergence of depression and various kinds of complexes, as well as cause infertility or miscarriages. And what about men?

Obesity and the army

Is the army obese? If to say shortly, then yes. However, here there are several nuances. For example, if a draftee is diagnosed with a first or second degree of obesity, he may be considered fit for military service either completely or with restrictions. If a third or fourth stage of obesity is found in a person who is in military service, then he is given temporary unfitness, with the deferment of the commission for six months. If in six months the situation has not changed( and so several times), then the recruit is assigned a category of absolute unfitness to the army service.

Treatment of a disease

What to do if you have obesity of the second degree. How to lose weight? If you want to do medical treatment of the disease, you should contact the endocrinologist, and not independently designate yourself miraculous tablets and pills. The doctor will prescribe medications that improve metabolism and reduce appetite, and also contribute to the breakdown of fats. Moreover, you will definitely be recommended an individual diet and exercise regime with a detailed description of the exercises. But what if you can not visit a specialist? Then you can follow the general rules and tips given below. Still, following these recommendations does not exclude consultations with a medical expert.

Dietary food

To effectively lose weight, you should use a strict diet. With obesity, it is recommended to completely abandon fats and sugar. Use only low-calorie foods, such as vegetables and unsweetened fruits. It is not recommended to give up all fats and carbohydrates in one day, as this can negatively affect the body and the mental well-being of the patient.

obesity weight

It's best to start by cutting away the usual portions. If previously consumed by obesity at dinner consumed a liter of borscht, now it can reduce the volume of the first dish to seven hundred grams, or even half. Chew food should be slow and thorough. So, satiety will come faster, and the organs of the digestive tract will not suffer. To eat is recommended only when there is a strong feeling of hunger. It is also important to drink up to one and a half liters of purified water every day. And now let's discuss the approximate diet menu for obesity.

The correct selection of dishes

In order to start eating for weight loss, you should buy a small kitchen scale to constantly weigh the food and ingredients. This will help you not to overeat and accurately calculate the calorie content of dishes. So, consider the menu for the first seven days.

Day food Receptions Recommended dishes
first Breakfast Ninety grams of oatmeal, fifty grams of fruit
first snack Seventy-five grams of low fat cottage cheese
Lunch Two hundred and ten grams of vegetable soup on a low-fat broth
second snack One banana
Dinner Two hundred grams of seafood, one egg, fifty grams of cucumbers and tomatoes
Second Breakfast Buckwheat porridge( one hundred and twenty-five grams), one tomato
First snack Oneanan
Lunch Vegetable broth( one hundred grams), chicken( ninety grams)
Second snack Vegetable salad( one hundred and fifty grams)
Dinner Semolina porridge( one hundred grams), vegetable casserole( one hundred and fifty grams)
Third Breakfast One hundred and fifty grams of curd casserole with banana, twenty grams of dried apricots
First snack One hundred grams of yogurt
Lunch Two hundred grams of soup with meatballs, fifty grams of boiled fish
Second snack A glass of yogurt, one apple, one loaf
Dinner Two hundred and twenty-five grams of baked fish, two tomatoes
Fourth Breakfast Cottage cheese( one hundred and ten grams), two bananas
First snack Apple and kiwi( two pieces)
Lunch Ear( two hundred grams), two cucumbers
Second snack Curd( one hundred grams), walnuts( fifty grams)
Dinner Baked chicken( two hundred grams) with vegetables
Fifth Breakfast One hundred and twenty grams of rice porridge, twenty grams of solid cheese
First snack A cup of yogurt, one apple
Lunch Two hundred grams of borsch, one hundred grams of vegetable salad
A second snack One hundred grams of cottage cheese and one banana
Dinner One hundred and fifty grams of boiled potatoes and two cucumbers
Sixth Breakfast Curd( fifty grams) with a teaspoon of honey
First snack Sponge cake(fifty grams), one apple
Lunch Soup of buckwheat( two hundred grams), stewed beef( fifty grams)
Second snack Glass of ryazhenka
Dinner Boiled chicken( one hundred and fifty grams), vegetables
Seventh cancer Two hundred grams of buckwheat porridge, one egg
First snack Apple and orange( one at a time)
Lunch Mushroom soup( two hundred grams), baked chicken breast( one hundred grams)
Second snack Cottage cheese( one gram), two bananas
Dinner Vinaigrette( one hundred and fifty grams), stewed turkey( one hundred grams)

As you can see, the above menu is quite varied and appetizing, besides it's easy to cook. Therefore, if you are focused on the result, dare, and you will achieve the desired result!

However, as mentioned above, to get rid of excess fat, you need not only to monitor the food system. It is important to regularly and purposefully engage in special gymnastics. What exercises can help in the fight against obesity?

Complex of exercises

Before proceeding to gymnastics, you should remember: you should start small, gradually increasing the load and the duration of sessions. The recommended exercises, above all, include swimming, fast walking or slow jogging, cycling. An important factor will be visiting the gym. At home, you can( and need to) swing the press. This should be done as shown below.

obesity diet menu

Also very effective will be raising legs in the lying position, such exercises as "scissors", "bicycle" and others. Standing you can try the slopes forward-backward and left-right, as well as squats and running in place.

Folk remedies

Is it possible to cure obesity of the second degree with the help of a folk medicine kit? Yes, if you use its recipes in combination with other drugs and recommendations. For example, you can brew your own tea. To do this, connect in equal proportions the leaves of burdock, birch and walnut, as well as hop cones. A tablespoon of the mixture should be brewed in a glass of boiling water, insist for half an hour and take one hundred milligrams for thirty minutes before eating. You can also drink a glass of briars brewed in this way once a day.

As you can see, there are many useful and effective tools for fighting obesity and obesity. This and medical products, and dietary nutrition, and exercise, and traditional medicine. To achieve the desired result, it is important to use all this in a complex, following all the recommendations of the attending physician, scrupulously weighing the consumed products and actively doing gymnastics for weight loss. Then you will definitely win in a hard and serious fight against obesity, and extra pounds will never return to you and remind you of yourself.