Solution for Lens "Maxim" - cheap and angry

When you first purchase lenses, it is important to think not only about the correctness of the choice, but also about accessories for care. After all, you need to store such a thin and sensitive material in a special container, and as a treatment you need a special solution for lenses."Maxim" - is a domestic manufacturer of eye care products, whose products are available to everyone.

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Why do I need a solution?

Any contact lenses consist mostly of water. That is why it is important that they are stored in a special salt solution when not in demand. If you use an unsuitable liquid, that is, the risk of infection of the lens with microorganisms, and as a consequence - the appearance of problems with the eyes like conjunctivitis, etc. This is because a warm moist environment is an excellent place for growth of fungus, bacteria, etc. Secure yourself easily, if you use a quality solution for lenses."Maxim" offers just such a tool that is capable of:

  • Clear the lenses from accumulated for a day of pollution.
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  • Rid of protein deposits that inevitably occur during wearing.
  • Keep the lens in usable condition even for a long time.

The main thing - to choose the right product that suits your type of lenses. However, today most manufacturers of lenses use hydrogel, so companies that produce solutions have adjusted to this criterion.

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Which solution should I choose?

The choice of a variety of means today is so great that it can be difficult to determine immediately which is better to buy. If you are looking for a budget option, it is better to pay attention to the solution for lenses "Maxim", the price of which varies around 160 rubles for the average bottle. Among the range of this manufacturer there are also special moisturizers for dry eyes and accessories for care.

When choosing a solution, it is important to know what kind of contact lenses are yours, because it depends not only on their safety, but also on the health of your eyes. There are several methods of disinfection:

  • chemical;
  • is peroxide;
  • thermal.

There are also multifunctional tools, such as "Maxim Elite".A solution for lenses, which is suitable both for cleaning, disinfection, and storage. Agree, it is much more convenient than the daily processing of several solutions and funds, as well as storage on the shelf of several bottles of liquids?

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To whom is the "Maxim" lens solution suitable?

The question that everyone is interested in when choosing a lens purchase: what solution is suitable? So, the solution for lenses "Maxim" is suitable for almost everyone! It contains almost no components that can cause irritation and allergic reactions. The solution for lenses "Maxim" reviews in most positive, both from the "experienced", and from those who tried it for the first time. So if you choose the best option for yourself, then this is "Maxim".


In order not to be disappointed in the chosen means, it is better to think over the purchase in advance. Do not rely on only positive reviews, sometimes negative information is also useful. Remember that the quality of saline solution for lenses depends on the health of your eyes.

  • Buy any contact lens care products in specialized stores or departments to avoid fakes.
  • Be sure to check the integrity of the packaging and the presence of a protective film.
  • If sold in a box, pay attention to it. It should be flat, well-glued, and the name - clearly legible.
  • Most manufacturers complete the solution with a removable lens container. Check with the seller for this information.
  • Do not forget about the cost. A quality lens solution can not be too cheap.
  • Look carefully at the composition. The names of the components must be written completely and without errors.
  • If discomfort, redness or irritation develops during use, immediately remove the lens, rinse eyes and consult a doctor if possible. He will assess the condition and make a verdict. It is possible that you just have an allergic reaction to one of the components.

solution for lenses maximum reviews

In summary, we can say that the optimal choice can be a solution for the lenses "Maxim".The price is low, the quality meets all the established standards, and in terms of functionality it is not inferior to foreign analogues.