Tooth soft dentures: expert reviews, photos

Having lost one of the functions of the body, a person turns to the doctors for help. This also applies to the dentoalveolar system. Chewing function is very important for a person. Its impairment significantly worsens the patient's quality of life. In addition, it has long been proven that the problems of the dentoalveolar system can not be considered separately from the organism as a whole. The absence of even a few units on the jaw arches adversely affects the state of the gastrointestinal tract and other internal organs. Therefore, patients who have lost chewing function, experts recommend installing dentures. denture soft dentures

Where to start?

Before proceeding to the selection of the orthodontic design, the patient is referred to the dentist for the sanation of the cavity. If the patient has carious cavities or any gum disease, they must first be neutralized. Then the orthodontist examines the situation and advises the patient about the existing methods of solving his problem. In the choice of design, the individual characteristics of each patient are taken into account. To date, the problem of getting used to structures has been solved to some extent. Very often their hard parts are wounded and rubbed with delicate tissues of the oral cavity. Your attention can now be offered soft dentures( photo below).In this article, we will consider in detail this type of orthopedic structures.

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soft dentures photo

What is it?

A good alternative to the use of prostheses made of hard materials are the structures under consideration. The most popular products are nylon. However, their cost does not satisfy all patients. Research work in Russian laboratories made it possible to replace materials in order to make the prosthesis accessible to most of the population. Scientists have proposed to make a structure of polyurethane. This material is fully compatible with the human body, does not cause allergic reactions and is well tolerated in general. In addition, in many respects, it is superior to nylon.

The considered denture soft dentures can be partial and complete. To make up for the absence of several units on the jaw, partial designs are used. If there is not a lot of teeth, then a prosthesis is made that covers the entire lower or upper jaw. The advantage of this method of prosthetics is also the fact that there is no need to grind adjacent healthy teeth.

Principle of treatment

The meaning of prosthetics is to replace the missing units on the jawbone. As we have already said, the restoration of lost functions is performed by dentistry. Soft dentures, unfortunately, can not always replace solid structures. In some cases, there is a need to use a prosthesis made of hard materials, which has a metal frame. Not all patients know that in the event of the loss of even a few teeth in the body, various disorders can occur. The maxillary system suffers first of all. If you do not fill the void with a prosthesis, the adjacent teeth move apart, turn, take the wrong position. soft dentures

Advantages of

Consider the positive aspects of these orthopedic structures.

1. Soft dentures are installed in the oral cavity without performing the procedure of turning the neighboring units.

2. Many solid structures contain various substances that are not considered safe for the body. For example, the same acrylic can cause allergic reactions. Soft structures are considered completely safe.

3. The absence of metal parts or frame makes the prosthesis more attractive. So the aesthetics here are winning.

4. Soft dentures ensure quick addiction to them. Elasticity of materials makes it possible to forget about narytosty. Prostheses fit better to the gums. dentistry soft dentures

Negative moments

Everything in the world has its drawbacks. This also applies to the constructions under consideration.

1. Tooth soft dentures are not suitable for all patients. Some problems can be eliminated only by using a solid design.

2. Their cost is higher than for structures made of hard materials.

3. Soft material easily scratches. Therefore, it needs thorough cleaning, so that the scratches do not collect dirt.

Rules for the care of prosthesis

The soft dentures in question are worn constantly. It is necessary to remove them from the oral cavity only for hygienic treatment. After eating, rinse your mouth and prosthesis, each separately. In the morning and in the evening it is necessary to clean them as well as real teeth. Only do not use abrasive materials. To clean soft prostheses in the pharmacy you can buy special tools. In general, everything is very simple. Just do not forget that soft materials need special care. soft dentures reviews

Soft dentures: expert reviews

When a patient is sitting in a chair with a doctor, they decide together how to use the prosthesis. Usually take into account all the factors. From individual characteristics of the organism to the price availability of the product. Experts generally speak well of soft prostheses. They note one more advantage of these constructions. Tooth soft prostheses easily adapt to deformities, which can occur with the jaw or tooth row of the patient. If necessary, you can add a new dental unit to the prosthesis. You do not need to make a new design. Also, doctors note the rapid adaptation of patients. And this factor is very important advantage. soft dental prostheses

Patient Reviews

This category of people is the most disinterested in the distortion of information. As a rule, patients express an objective opinion about this or that design. Soft dentures reviews among patients deserve ambiguous. Most people say that everything suits them. People note the aesthetics of the prosthesis. Also, many patients confirm the fact that adaptation takes place quickly, without causing much discomfort. There is a category of patients in whom solid prostheses caused allergic reactions. Having installed a structure of nylon or polyurethane, people solved their problem. In general, there are a lot of satisfied patients.

Well, what are the negative reviews? Some patients show their dissatisfaction with the fact that they can not chew solid food. Experts explain such facts by the fact that it was sometimes advisable to install a prosthesis made of hard materials. It is more durable. However, for any indication, it was decided to install a soft construction after all. In such cases, the patient must take into account the limited capacity of the soft prosthesis. Also, some patients said that they do not like the cost of the prosthesis. There were also statements about the fact that the constructions require special care, and this is not liked by their owners.

So, the feedback from specialists and patients suggests that the design deserves attention. In general, the prosthesis is a good alternative to solid structures. The main thing when choosing to take into account all the factors and individual characteristics of the patient. The solution of any question requires careful attention.

In conclusion, I would like to draw your readers' attention to the fact that all articles on medical topics bear an introductory function. It is necessary to take a decision only after consulting a specialist.