Blueberry - good and bad: what more?

The main pain in blueberry is the place of its growth. Unfortunately, you can not grow it in the garden, you'll have to look for good forests or put on fishing boots and walk around the swamps. But if there are suitable terrain nearby, where there is a hope to collect this berry, it is worth trying and searching for it. Blueberries are recognized not only by folk medicine, but also by modern medicine, which is now considered traditional. Very much different therapeutic properties have blueberries, the benefits and harms of which are not comparable in percentage. blueberry benefits and harm

First of all - about the benefits. The main task that blueberry performs is immuno-fortifying abilities. The main way to combat cold seasonal illnesses and flu( vitamin C) is contained in it in an unimaginable quantity, and if there is this berry fresh, problems with sneezing and coughing in the midst of ARI can easily be avoided.

Under the influence of temperature, naturally, like other fruits and berries, it loses something and blueberries. The benefits and harm are lost in the same way: the beneficial components of the berries are lost, but the irritating effect on the stomach( however, which is rare) decreases.

Among the effects of blueberries that can be used, it is worth mentioning anti-inflammatory, bile and diuretic, antipyretic and normalizing blood sugar level. So for diabetics, you can say, blueberry is simply indispensable. The benefits and harms here are generally incomparable. If a diabetic patient is not allergic, blueberry for him is almost a panacea. In addition to reducing blood sugar, it also stabilizes the work of the stomach and intestines. It is especially good at low acidity. As a soft and mild diuretic, blueberry helps with many malfunctions of the urinary and reproductive systems. blueberry berry benefit and harm

This berry is also irreplaceable for beriberi. The abundance of different vitamins makes synonyms for the word "blueberry" - "good".And there is no harm in this respect. Most of all it is needed for children who, if given blueberries, will have no problems with teeth, eyes, bones or joints, or with thyroid gland - all the necessary vitamins of blueberry contain in itself sufficient concentration.

By the way, this berry is worthy of paying attention to those who have problems with vision or have a hereditary predilection for them. Carotene in blueberry is much more than carrot, and it is in it in easily digestible( and pleasantly used!) Form.

Another important application of blueberry is the removal of poisons and toxins. To combat radionuclides, the best natural remedy has not yet been found.

blueberries useful properties and contraindications

And also berries, and leaves - a powerful remedy against scurvy. And if this disease itself is now infrequent, then loosening of teeth from lack of certain vitamins is not uncommon. Instead of trying to guess which one is missing, eat "blue berries": it's delicious, and your teeth will strengthen.

These are blueberries useful properties, and contraindications do not reduce them, because they have little in the past. To them it is possible to carry overeating - at a plenty of the eaten berries weakness, vomiting, a nausea and headaches can be observed.

So there is such a berry of blueberries, the benefits and harm are known, the latter is easy to avoid, and the first is useful to anyone, even the healthiest person.