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Childbirth is a natural process. Only with the development of medicine around the world began to appear specialized institutions that help to give birth. They are called maternity hospitals. To date, these are advanced medical organizations, equipped with everything necessary for obstetric care and monitoring of women and children in the postpartum period. There are such institutions in every city. Before giving birth, almost all pregnant women think about where to give birth. Today we will help to find out to Moscow residents what 11 hospitals are. Is it worth to go here for obstetrics? What does this institution think of women? Where is it located and what services does it offer? Answering these questions, one can judge the integrity of the organization. 11 maternity hospital


11 maternity hospital in Moscow is a state budget institution. It is intended for delivery in women. The organization does not conduct any indirect or incomprehensible activity.

Maternity hospital number 11 is the most common maternity hospital at the hospital named after Yeramishantsev. To date, this organization is called the second maternity ward of the hospital.


What services does 11 hospitals offer? Their list does not differ in any way from the possibilities of a normal maternity hospital. All services are provided free of charge and on a commercial basis at the request of patients.

In 11 maternity hospitals offer:

  • management of births for trimester of pregnancy;
  • specialist consultations( one time);
  • dopplerography;
  • ultrasound diagnosis;
  • cardiography;
  • anesthesia in labor( epidural and spinal);
  • retention of pregnancy;
  • analyzes and studies for newly mums and newborns;
  • partner birth;
  • common wards in the hospital;
  • individual rooms of superior comfort;
  • possibility of choosing a doctor and obstetrician for childbirth;
  • gynecological operations.

Many are interested in paid services of the institution. In order to provide birth in the hospital number 11 on the highest level, it is necessary to conclude a contract. Sign the exchange card and sign the contract can be from 36 weeks of pregnancy. hospital 11 moscow

The cost of the contract includes:

  • individual generic box;
  • the possibility of the presence of the spouse on childbirth( partner birth);
  • stay in a 2-bed room with a child;
  • possibility of visiting the ward by relatives;
  • consultation of a doctor with ultrasound for a month after delivery.

You can additionally buy an individual room. Then in her, the woman will be alone, without neighbors, but with her baby. Also in the paid chambers are allowed to spend the night with relatives.


And where is the hospital 11?As already mentioned, this is the maternity home of the capital of Russia. Accordingly, he is located in Moscow.

This institution today is called the 2nd maternity ward of the city hospital named after Yeramishantsev. Where is it located? Address 11 of the maternity hospital is proposed as follows: Russia, Moscow, Kostromskaya street, house 3. bibirevo maternity hospital 11

It is at this address that everyone who wants to give birth in the 11 maternity home of the capital should come. The first maternity department of the hospital. Yeramshantseva is on the street. Lenska, in the house 15.

It is interesting that there is 11 maternity hospital in Bibirevo. Or rather, about this subway. Get to the establishment is not difficult. And it can not but rejoice.

Structure of

What departments does the institution consist of? It's not a secret that in some maternity hospitals they can not provide this or that kind of assistance precisely because of the lack of specialists, departments and qualifications of doctors.

Fortunately, 11 maternity homes are a universal place for childbirth. Here there are the following departments:

  • postpartum;
  • generic;
  • Observation;
  • pathology of pregnancy;
  • of newborns;
  • anesthesiology and resuscitation;
  • gynecological;
  • resuscitation and intensive care for newborns.

All this inspires confidence that even unopened women will be able to give birth in this institution. And if during childbirth something happens to the mother or child, the doctors will be able to help. 11 Maternity hospitals

About doctors

A huge role for any medical institution is played by doctors. Often, the course of labor and feedback from patients depend on the behavior of the clinic's specialists.

Doctors 11 maternity hospitals in Moscow are educated and professional people. They are constantly taking refresher courses, improving and gaining experience in gynecology and obstetrics. If you believe the administration of the institution, the doctors of this maternity hospital are also very kind, friendly and polite people. They are not afraid to entrust the health of the mother and the newborn.

However, not always people are of the same opinion. Sometimes reviews about the 11 maternity hospitals in Moscow indicate that the doctors of the institution leave much to be desired. Someone is rude to patients, someone simply leaves a woman in childbirth alone. Some doctors are inexperienced and take birth so that the second time you do not want to give birth.

Fortunately, such a negative is a rarity. Usually specialists of 11 maternity hospitals respond positively. They are really polite, attentive and friendly people. They always empathize with women in labor, support them and do not do unnecessary medical manipulations, considering all the wishes of women regarding delivery.

Sometimes girls can really face some rude doctors who can not 100% cope with their work. From medical errors, too, no one is protected. But basically in 11 maternity homes there are good specialists. Some because of the doctors agree to childbirth here.

Household conditions

Conditions of stay in the maternity home are described in different ways. Some women say that maternity hospital 11 in Moscow is the ideal place for childbirth. There is everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Especially in the paid chambers. In free offices with household conditions worse, but they still provide basic needs for newly-minted mothers. maternity hospital 11 reviews

Simultaneously, part of the parturient women stresses the lack of repair in the hospital for a long time. In particular, in the general chambers. There are cosmetic repairs here, but not the newest one. Chambers are constantly cleaned, they have everything you need for your mother and baby.

Someone was less fortunate - part of the women in childbirth complains about the conditions of the maternity hospital. It is noted that common showers and toilets are few. Sometimes there is no hot water. Constant queues in the bathrooms leave a negative precipitate.

What to believe? In 11 maternity homes there is really everything necessary for the normal stay of women in the institution in the postpartum period. In common chambers, comfort is reduced, but in paid offices it is at a height.


Reviews about the Moscow maternity hospital 11 are left different. Someone is happy with them, some do not. But almost all women talk about good nutrition in the institution. Some dishes are not very suitable for nursing mothers, but they can always be abandoned.

Part of the proposed food may not like. But in the hospital can bring home food. The list of permitted products must be specified directly in the institution. To store their food, women are offered to use the installed refrigerators - common in the free department and individual in the paid. 11 maternity hospital

About genera

What do they say about birth in the maternity hospital? About this process, too, respond differently. Basically, everything depends on how the pregnancy went, and on the expectations of the woman. Only then - from specialists who are taking delivery.

The bulk of women are satisfied with the service. Cesarean section is done neatly, the seams are treated well. Natural births often take place without breaks and incisions. Doctors and junior medical personnel do not leave women in childbirth for a minute, support and render any kind of assistance all the time.

Sometimes about childbirth respond not in the best way. Some claim that after the puncture of the bladder, it took several hours to wait for the service - the nurses still care for the requests of future mothers. Someone complains about bad anesthesia and sloppy stitches in "caesarean", someone made natural stitches and stitched them up inappropriately, someone did not put the baby to the chest / stomach and did not put ice after the birth. Similar reviews, although rare, but they have a place to be.


Now it is clear that on the whole it represents 11 maternity hospitals in Moscow. This is a medical institution focused on helping pregnant women and giving birth. With its pluses and minuses.

Fortunately, the bulk of patients are satisfied with the service in the hospital. Here, mainly cultural and professional doctors work. You can rely on them. maternity leave

It should also pay attention to the fact that with partner births her husband needs to pass some tests. Otherwise, he may not be allowed into the family unit. At the accompanying woman in childbirth should have with herself the following tests:

  • fluorography;
  • tests for HIV, hepatitis, syphilis.

Do I have to give birth in the 11th Moscow hospital? Yes, if you want to get quality service in childbirth. Especially if you plan to sign a contract for childbirth.