Papilloma in the anus: causes and treatment

Papilloma is a benign neoplasm that forms on the skin. Such growths can appear only in a certain place or cover the entire body. Most often this is a tuberous formation that rises above the surface of the skin. The color of such a build-up can be from brown to dark pink.

It is worth noting that the neoplasm can reach in diameter from 1 millimeter to several centimeters. Specialists often call such growths "papillary polyps".papilloma in the anus

Classification of papillomas

In some cases, papilloma may appear in the anus. This can be caused by a number of factors. However, the main reason for the formation of the built-up edge is the penetration of the human papilloma virus into the human body. His activities are reflected in cell regulation and activity. As a result, pathological proliferation of soft tissues is observed.

At the moment there are several varieties of papillomas. They are classified by oncogeneity:

  • does not have an oncogenic nature;
  • papilloma virus, in which there is an insignificant risk of development of oncology;
  • has an oncogenic nature and can cause the development of cancer.

The most common papilloma in the anus is benign neoplasm. Often, individual growths begin to fuse. As a result, bumpy growths are formed, called "islets".papilloma in the anus

Species of anal lesions

Papilloma in the anus, the photo of which is presented in many medical reference books, may have a certain degree of carcinogenic danger. It is for this reason that doctors classify several varieties of neoplasms, based on their appearance. At the moment, distinguish papillomas:

  • Peaked. The outgrowths in this case are similar to outgrowths with thin bases. In appearance they can resemble crests.
  • Papulovirus - this is a hummocky growth of dark pink color. Outwardly, such neoplasms resemble warts. Often such papillomas are formed in the genital area.
  • Tumor-like papillomas outwardly resemble tumor swelling. This species is extremely rare.
  • Keratotic neoplasms are more similar to growths with a dry, hardening surface.

The papillomas near the anus can be located individually or form a ring around the anus, or grow gradually with tubercles. papillomas near the anus

Causes of development of

Papilloma in the anus is usually due to a virus. In the body, it penetrates as a result of the weakening of the immune system. It is worth noting that after infection a person for a long time may not even suspect about the disease. As statistics show, about 70% of the world's population are carriers of this virus. There are a lot of ways of infection. Typically, the weakening of the immune system and further disease occurs for several reasons:

  1. Sexually transmitted infection. As studies show, barrier contraception does not protect against the penetration of pathogens into the blood of pathogens.
  2. Infection during childbirth. Almost every second woman encounters this problem.
  3. Overwork and lack of sleep. The organism working on a limit, simply not in a status to resist to various viruses.
  4. Weakening of the nervous system, neuroses, stress.
  5. Infectious diseases. Even a common cold has a negative effect on the state of the immune system. In the absence of timely treatment, infection occurs much faster.
  6. Incorrect nutrition, in which there is a deficiency of trace elements and vitamins in the body.
  7. Harmful habits: smoking, drinking alcohol.
  8. Constant irritation and trauma to the skin around the anus. papilloma in the anus

Signs and manifestations of

Papilloma near the anus is an unpleasant phenomenon. However, if the neoplasms are small in size, the disease may not appear for a long time and proceed without symptoms. Most often, problems arise in those who have anal sex. In this case, papillomas can reach large sizes, causing discomfort. Among the symptoms of an ailment is the following:

  • painful sensations arising from injuries of the growths in the process of emptying the intestine;
  • blood in stool;
  • when rubbing on underwear, a small amount of blood is released due to damage to the papillomas;
  • sensation of a foreign body near the anus or in it;
  • permanent itching;
  • there is pain when walking;
  • sensation of humidity in the anus;
  • in the acute stage of condylomatosis there are damp spots on the underwear with an unpleasant odor. papilloma near the anus

Other symptoms

If the papilloma is located in the anus, the patient may feel the presence of a foreign body like an acne. In such situations, growths appear in the rectum and can be very disturbing.

Permanent damage to the neoplasm can lead to infection in the tissue. As a result, an inflammatory process may occur, and in the future - a serious suppuration. At the same time, papillomas swell, become red and are very sore. At the patient at such course of disease the body temperature can raise and state of health considerably worsen.

Diagnosis of the disease

What if there were papillomas in the anus? Treatment of such a disease should begin with a visit to the proctologist. Only a specialist of a narrow profile can make an accurate diagnosis, and also choose the most effective method of therapy. The main thing is to start treatment in time. When forming nodules in the anus or near it, the following diagnostic methods can be used:

  • Anoscopy - visual examination of the patient in the anus area for the presence of tumors.
  • Collecting detailed information on symptoms that are worrisome to the patient, lifestyle, and the presence of chronic diseases.
  • Instrumental coloproctological examination - examination with a microscope with a sufficiently high resolution. This method of diagnosis can determine if the rectum is damaged.

If you have the symptoms listed above, you should immediately seek medical advice, as such tumors can acquire an oncological form. removal of papillomas in the anus

How to get rid of papillomas in the anus

It should be noted that the method of treatment of such outgrowths is determined by several specialists: surgeon, immunologist, dermatologist, coloproctology. In this case, much depends on the stage of the disease, the individual characteristics of the patient and the clinical picture as a whole.

Most often, complete removal of papillomas by excision or destruction is required. At the moment, there are several basic methods:

  • electrocoagulation;
  • cryotherapy;
  • laser circumcision;
  • chemical method.

Description of methods for removing

Removal of papillomas in the anus is only carried out in a hospital. Do any procedures at home is not recommended. With electrocoagulation, the neoplasm is burned to form a white scab. This procedure is performed only under anesthesia. Moxibustion is performed until a third degree burn occurs. It is worth noting that this method is not acceptable if the papillomas are formed on the mucous covers of the anus.

Cold treatment is performed during cryotherapy. The papillomas in this case completely freeze. In terms of localization, this method is inaccurate. At the same time, the healing process takes a very long time, and a patch of cotton is applied to the affected area.

Laser removal of papillomas is a virtually painless procedure. Relapses after such therapy are extremely rare.

As for the chemical method, this procedure is performed with the use of the drug Podophylline. This solution operates at the cellular level. The main disadvantage of such therapy is the negative impact on healthy cells. Apply the drug to the papilloma with a spatula. After that, the treated areas are sprinkled with talc. how to get rid of papillomas in the anus

Features of papilloma removal

After removal of tumors, a biopsy is required to perform a morphological study. This procedure should be carried out regardless of the chosen method of therapy.

When removing papillomas in the anus or near it, the doctor tries to minimize injuries to healthy tissues. After all, in some cases, the treatment of nodules is complicated by heavy bleeding. Many experts insist on the mandatory conduct of electrocoagulation.