Sanatorium "Iskra"( Sochi): reviews, photos

The Iskra Sanatorium( Sochi) is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia, is located on the coast in the Khostinsky district of the city. Nearby is the park area, where you can admire the rare subtropical plants all year round. The air temperature in the resort is comfortable throughout the year, there are never negative temperatures, and the period of swimming in the sea begins in early May and ends in November.


Sanatorium Iskra( Sochi) was founded in 1932, and the first guests were welcomed in 1934.Every year in the health resort rested about 250 people a month. During the Great Patriotic War, a hospital was established in the sanatorium, which received up to 1150 wounded soldiers. The hospital was transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 1946.Its current name Iskra was received by the institution in 1956.

To date, the hotel hosts an eighteen-story building, which houses accommodation, a medical unit, a canteen and other infrastructure. Since 2005, the resort has an indoor swimming pool. On its own pebbly beach, length of 500 meters, equipped with places for relaxation, a cafe, a service for renting scooters, water skiing and other entertainment.

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Medical profile

Sanatorium "Iskra"( Sochi) has a modern medical base, treats patients for the following diseases:

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal and muscular systems.
  • Diseases of the circulatory system.
  • Nervous diseases.
  • Diseases of the skin, subcutaneous tissue.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system.

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Medical base

Sanatorium "Iskra"( Sochi) The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia is a diversified institution focused on providing first aid and rehabilitation for after-illnesses. The main attention in the appointment and provision of medical services is given to the prevention and general improvement of the patient's body. In the health resort there are two treatment units.

The medical base includes:

  • Laboratory with equipment for clinical, biochemical, immunological analyzes.
  • Diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.
  • Admission office for initial examination of patients.
  • The cabinets of ultrasound, X-ray, functional diagnostics.
  • Departments of physiotherapy, exercise therapy.
  • Several types of healing baths and showers.
  • Dental surgery.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Inhalatorium.
  • Classrooms of urology and gynecology.
  • Spa capsule SLIMLINE.
  • Massage.
  • Psychotherapy.
  • Pharmacy.

For therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, by appointment of specialists, additional opportunities for recovery are used. In the indoor swimming pool with fresh water, the area of ​​which is 1130 m2, therapeutic swimming classes are conducted, in the gym the sessions of physiotherapy and rehabilitation are held under the close supervision of experienced instructors. In the health resort there is a health center, where three medium-load routes are laid and two for dosed walking.

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The Iskra Sanatorium( Sochi) has a housing fund designed for simultaneous reception of 480 people. Rooms and room categories:

  • Standard, one-room single room. There is a bed, equipped with a bed. Refrigerator, TV.In the bathroom there is a shower. The rooms have a balcony.
  • Standard, one-room double room. Sleeping places are equipped with beds, in the bathroom there is a shower cubicle. The room has a balcony. For a comfortable stay a refrigerator, TV.
  • Suite. Two-room suite with a separate bathroom, a bed is a double bed. The room has a refrigerator, TV, telephone, air conditioning. On the floor carpeting, own balcony.
  • Apartment. The room has three rooms, separate bathroom, own balcony. It provides household appliances - TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, etc.

Most of the vouchers to the sanatorium are distributed by a departmental structure between the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees. For free implementation, a small percentage of permits is allocated. The sanatorium is included in the average price category and is accessible to most holidaymakers. The cost of the tour includes a list of procedures, full boarding, use of the entire infrastructure. The beach should be reached 10-15 minutes on foot or take advantage of the free transfer of the clinic. For those who want to get additional medical care, a commercial price applies. One of the features of the clinic is one restriction - after 23:00 it is forbidden to leave the sanatorium.

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Spa "Iskra"( Sochi) has a comfortable dining room, which provides dietary three meals a day. For vacationers, there is a service for ordering dishes, which the chefs prepare with skill. A large number of fresh vegetables and fruits are served daily. Works own baking shop, providing fresh bread rolls for breakfast and snack.

According to all the laws of dietetics, the menu presents a variety of dairy dishes, fruit juices, vitamin teas and drinks.

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The infrastructure of the complex includes:

  • Residential building in 18 floors, where there is a dining room, a medical unit.
  • Two medical buildings.
  • Swimming pool, billiards, table tennis.
  • Sports grounds for playing football, basketball and other outdoor games.
  • Banquet, cinema and concert halls.
  • Sauna, solarium, gym.
  • Bar, cafe.
  • Laundry.
  • Library, children's room.
  • Parking place.
  • Safe at reception.
  • Excursion service.

The health resort is located on a large well-groomed territory, which pleases all guests who came to the sanatorium Iskra( Sochi).Photos of seascapes, a dendrological park, the surrounding nature preserve the memory of the time spent.

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During summer holidays on the Black Sea coast it is difficult to find a place for rest, not an exception and the sanatorium Iskra( Sochi).Reviews with a positive assessment were delivered to the territory on which the health resort is located. Some of it has already been put in order, repaired, but there are still places that require intervention. It was these slightly neglected nostalgic places that got the status of romantic and were chosen by the visitors for walks. A lot of good words went to the rooms, where the repair was already done, furniture was updated.

Vacationers in the health resort made public their impressions of food, for many people the quality and quantity of dishes proved to be sufficient. It is noted that for children the food system and dishes were the most acceptable, because they included dairy products, vegetables, fruits, a large number of seafood. Most of those who came to the sanatorium liked the service of ordering the menu from the list provided. Those who remained unhappy with food indicate the tastelessness of food and its monotony.

A large number of stories are connected with the distance of the beach from the place where the sanatorium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Iskra( Sochi) is located. The reviews are filled with lamentations that it is quite easy to walk to the beach, you need to go down the picturesque road of the park. But to climb a steep hill is already difficult, the journey takes twice as long. The minibus, which carries guests, is limited by seats, the driver does not take more people from the beach, and therefore one has to choose either a long wait or a difficult climb to the sanatorium.

Positive evaluation of the treatment in the sanatorium was made by guests using baths, swimming pool, gym, places where new equipment was installed. The inhalation room reminded many of the times of the pioneer childhood. But, as many vacationers noted in the sanatorium, the situation with equipment, service, repair is changing for the better, although the process is slow.

Useful information

A standard package of documents is required for settlement. Children are accepted from the age of four for a fee, which must be paid on the spot.

Check-out time is 08:00.

0 reviews Address: city Sochi, Хостиннский район, проспект Курортный, строение 100.

Phone of the sanatorium Iskra( Sochi): +7( 862) 269 76 00, +7( 8622) 69-74-19( secretary).