Blood for female hormones: when to take and how

Today we have to find out how the patient takes the blood for female hormones. When should I take it? What recommendations should be followed before going to a particular analysis? What will help to achieve the maximum result? Remembering the rules is not as difficult as it seems. A more important issue is the understanding of which hormone the blood will give up at one time or another. After all, women must adhere to a certain schedule in this matter. It all depends on the monthly cycle. In men with this it is easier - they can on any day pass tests for any hormones. What should women know about such studies? What are the key points to pay attention to in the first place? blood on female hormones when taking

The monthly cycle is. ..

When to donate blood to hormones( female)?The answer to this question depends on several factors. The first is what kind of substance is involved. The second is how much the girl's monthly cycle is. The third is the reason for going to the laboratory for research.

What is called the monthly cycle? This is a period of cyclical changes in the body of a woman. It can also be characterized by a unit of time in which the maturation and preparation of the follicle for fertilization takes place. If conception does not occur, the cell dies and the cycle begins from the very beginning.

Simply put, the monthly cycle is the period from the first day of the month to the next critical day. Ideally lasts 28 days. In some cases, it may be irregular or increase / decrease in duration. Depending on this, the answer to the question of when to donate blood to hormones will change. Female or common - not so important.

List of hormones

An important nuance is the understanding of what research will have to be done in this or that case. As practice shows, for a comprehensive analysis of the state of health, you usually have to donate blood to all possible hormones. But which ones?

At the moment, women are advised to check the concentration of the following ingredients in the body for any problems:

  • progesterone;
  • estrogens;
  • follicle-stimulating hormone( FSH);
  • Prolactin;
  • luteinizing hormone( LH);
  • testosterone;
  • estradiol;
  • DEA-S;
  • TTG;
  • T3-free;
  • 17-hydroxyprogesterone;
  • T4.

This is the main list of studies that have to pass a woman. It has already been said that depending on this or that analysis, the answer to the question of how to donate blood to the hormones of women will change. In reality, everything is not as difficult as it seems. when donating blood to the hormones of women


Luteinizing hormone is an important component of the female body. It is directly involved in the maturation of the follicle and conception. Due to this substance, the egg is finally prepared for fertilization. LH promotes ovulation and development of the yellow body. Accordingly, a small concentration of the substance leads to anovulation and infertility.

To donate blood to female sex hormones of this type is easy. It is necessary to do this on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning. And at what point in time does the blood surrender for LH maintenance? It is best to go to the laboratory near the end of the monthly cycle, about 19-21 days. It is during this period that the maximum result will be achieved. It is also often asked to conduct a study in the first week of the cycle. This is quite normal phenomenon. It is best to donate blood when the critical days are over.

Do not be surprised if the blood on the LH is asked to take several times during the monthly cycle. Quite often, this hormone is monitored in dynamics. Therefore, it is possible that the clinic will need to be accessed several times - at the beginning of the cycle, in the middle and at the end.


But this is only one analysis. There are a lot of them. The next most important hormone is FSH.Promotes the production of so-called estrogen. Serves as a stimulator of growth of follicles in the ovaries. As with LH, low levels of FSH in the blood indicate infertility. As soon as the level of this hormone reaches its maximum, ovulation occurs. how to donate blood to hormones

But blood on female hormones when to take? FSH, as already mentioned, is at its peak at the time of ovulation. This is approximately the 14th day of the monthly cycle. Despite this, the study is conducted in the morning, as in the situation with LH - in the first week of the cycle, as well as from 19 to 21 days of the same.


For feeding women and girls who want to become pregnant, a substance such as prolactin is extremely important. This hormone is responsible for the production of milk and controls the production of FSH in the blood. If the concentration of prolactin in the body is too small or too large, the follicle can not develop fully. Accordingly, there will be no ovulation. And pregnancy will not come.

When should I donate blood to hormones( female)?Here the exact moment will be called only by the doctor. But only one thing is clear: it is necessary to conduct research in the first two phases of the monthly cycle. That is, until about 15-19 days. It is best to give blood for analysis after the end of menstruation.


Estradiol is a substance that everyone has in the body. In women, the hormone is produced by a ripened follicle. It provides ovulation, regularity of the monthly cycle, and also develops ova. Generally, the production of estradiol indicates that the "day of X" is coming soon, suitable for the full success of the conception.

Blood for female hormones when to take? The findings, based on the importance of estradiol for a woman, indicate that you can go to the laboratory at any time. Blood is shed for the study of the concentration of this hormone throughout the entire monthly cycle. The exact term, as in most cases, will be indicated by the attending physician. It is best to take the test 3 times: at the beginning, middle and end of the cycle.


Progesterone is a "preparatory" substance. It serves to prepare the body to attach a fertilized egg. It serves to maintain pregnancy and form the placenta. It is produced by the yellow body.

Need to take blood for female hormones? When is it necessary to take an analysis for the content of progesterone in a woman? It is best to do this from 18 to 22 day of the monthly cycle. It is during this period that the results will be most informative. But also to be surprised, if the doctor asks several times for a month to hand over a blood for research on a progesterone, it is not necessary. when you need to donate blood to the hormones of women


A male hormone is present in the body of every person. Produced by the adrenal and ovaries in women. If there is an increased content of this substance in the blood, miscarriages and malformations of the fetus are not excluded. Also, a woman begins to appear male features. For example, the breast does not grow, extra vegetation appears on the body.

When does this blood test come up? Neither for men, nor for women, there are no restrictions in this area. The biological material is collected at any time. But there is a small recommendation from doctors for girls. The best half of society is best to refrain from taking the test during menstruation. In this period, there is no need to conduct any research. After all, menstruation can affect the final results.


DEA-S is a hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands in the body in humans. Like testosterone, it is exclusively a male hormone. But for girls, he plays an important role.

Blood on female hormones when to take? The rules indicate that the collection of biological material is carried out on an empty stomach. If it is a DEA-S hormone, you can conduct a study on any given day. And for men and women. More precise information is best known from your doctor. Research on DEA-S is often carried out several times per cycle. It is impossible to determine the best moment to the accuracy of the day. Each organism is individual. Therefore, the study is conducted on an individual schedule.

T3 and T4

What's next? The next 2 hormones are original mediators. They provide assimilation of substances in the body, protect the future fruit from a variety of vices. They are called thyroid hormones. T3 and T4 are delivered simultaneously.

But what should every girl know? When is it better to donate blood to female hormones of this type? The most favorable periods are the beginning of the cycle and its end. Often, T3 and T4 are given approximately 3-5 days and 17-21 days of the monthly cycle.


TTG - the main hormone of the thyroid gland. It is extremely important for the body. Violation of its concentration may indicate the presence of certain chronic diseases. For pregnant women is important because it protects the fetus from negative effects.

Blood on female hormones when to take? If it is a question of TTG the girl is better to pass or take place consultation at the expert. This analysis does not have any significant recommendations on the date of delivery. It is best to conduct a study on the 5th-7th day of the menstrual cycle, and also on the 14-18th day. When pregnancy TTG is given for the purpose of a specialist. Usually this happens closer to childbirth.

Time for delivery

And now it's worth a little talk about how blood is surrendered in principle for any study. Of course, women should take into account some of the characteristics of their body. For example, the menstrual cycle. But at the same time, no one abolished the general norms of behavior.

Blood on female hormones when to take? The results of the studies are, as a rule, the most accurate in periods in which no additional impurities are contained in the blood. Accordingly, it is best to take the analysis in the morning. For this reason, many clinics take biological material for further study only in the first half of the day. Although, if you adhere to some other methods of behavior, you can also donate blood to hormones of one type or another and get the most accurate result. blood on female hormones when passing the rules of delivery

On an empty stomach

The next very important point is that a person, as has been repeatedly said, should take blood tests strictly on an empty stomach. It means on an empty stomach. To eat and drink before taking the test, it is impossible. In this case, there may be some inaccuracies in the study.

It is recommended to take any blood for analysis( not only for the concentration of certain hormones) after a hunger strike lasting 8 hours. Usually this is how long a person's sleep lasts. With the same rules are connected blood sampling only in the morning.

In any case, it is also possible to realize the idea in the daytime. But endure 8 hours without food and flu all the same have to. A strong hunger strike also has a negative impact on research results. Everyone should know about this.


Blood on female hormones when to take? The rules and conclusions from all that has been said do not point to one important fact: the collection of biological material must be made after the patient has been at rest for a while. In fact, the study will be most effective only after a short rest.

Because of this, it is recommended to come to the laboratory in advance. Resting before giving blood is best about 20-30 minutes. If possible, you are allowed to doze off. In an excited state, the body necessarily produces not the results that correspond to the real picture.

Where does the blood come from

And what kind of blood is taken for analysis? This question interests some women. There are many studies. And the blood is divided into several types - capillary and venous.

Earlier, the technique of blood sampling from the finger was common. That is, the capillary type of biological material made it possible to see the concentration of certain substances. But this method of research is outdated.

Accordingly, now mainly for any tests take mainly venous blood. A special receiver of biological material is injected into a vein located on the elbow joint. No significant pain sensations occur in the process. But this rule does not apply to the rules for the delivery of tests. This is just a small warning for those who do not know how to donate blood for further research. By the way, you can take ammonia or ask for it in the laboratory. After all, not everything is normal for the procedure of venous blood sampling for carrying out this or that diagnosis. blood on female hormones when to pass rules and conclusions

Habits of

The next rather important nuance is bad habits. Their presence negatively affects the blood tests. Especially when it comes to research on hormones. People who smoke or drink alcohol should abstain from their bad habits a few days before taking a biological analysis for the study.

It is recommended not to drink alcohol, and also do not smoke for about 3-4 days. This will minimize the effect of bad habits on the results of tests conducted. If there is a possibility, it will be better to give up alcohol and tobacco a few weeks before taking blood to check for hormones. There are many conditions to observe, remember them easily. And to prepare for the study is also not difficult. It is these rules that must be adhered to in order to fully answer how to properly donate blood to hormones. Female or any other is not so important. The main thing is that the principles remain the same.


There was one more interesting point that should be taken into account. It's not so difficult to test the blood for female hormones. When to take? The rules for the submission of biological material for any study indicate that it is required not to take any medication during the analysis period.

In fact, the same principle applies as in the case of bad habits. A few days before the delivery of blood will have to either completely abandon the excess medicines, or limit their use. If it is a question of hormonal means, they must necessarily be excluded for 5-6 days before the collection of biological material. Otherwise, the probability of extremely inaccurate tests is high.

Results of

It is clear how the blood is examined. Female hormones( which are often taken) are also no longer a secret. Using all the rules listed above, a girl can solve the task set before her without any problems, namely, with the achievement of the most accurate result in the study of the organism for the presence of certain hormones.

In brief, you can describe the process of putting it this way( without taking into account the monthly cycle):

  • rejection of bad habits a couple of days before blood sampling;
  • exclusion of medicines in approximately 7 days;
  • small rest before taking blood( about half an hour);
  • surrenders biological material after a short hunger strike, on an empty stomach;
  • The best time to surrender is in the morning.

Accordingly, all these rules will help to determine as precisely as possible the concentration of certain substances in the body. Blood on female hormones when to take? To answer this question from now on will not be difficult. blood on female hormones when drawing conclusions

Another nuance: if all previously listed rules were met, and hormones are still not in order, then this indicates the presence of any diseases. Usually they are chronic. It is recommended to consult a doctor immediately for further search and treatment of the disease.

What are the recommended times to contact the laboratory for hormone analysis? The most common situations are:

  • pregnancy and its planning;
  • infertility;
  • skin diseases;
  • acne;
  • of the female reproductive system;
  • suspected of chronic diseases.

Do you want to know about your health? It is enough to donate blood. Female sex hormones in a healthy girl will be normal. Otherwise, treatment may be required.