How does the gall bladder - symptoms. Treatment of the gallbladder

Can a gallbladder be ill and how does it manifest? The answer to this question will be given in the article presented. In addition, you will learn about the reasons for the inflammation in the gallbladder and how to treat such a pathological condition.

sore gallbladder treatment

General information

Fortunately, not everyone knows how the gallbladder is hurting. After all, this deviation is characterized by rather unpleasant symptoms, which can be eliminated only by drinking an anesthetic antispasmodic drug.

Before you tell us why the gallbladder is hurting, you should find out what the body is.

It is known that the gallbladder enters the digestive system. It is located directly under the liver and connects with it with bile ducts. This body is small( about the size of a man's thumb) and a shape resembling a small hollow pear. The main role that the gallbladder performs is accumulation, as well as the excretion of a special fluid that is produced by the liver. It should be specially noted that it is extremely necessary for the assimilation of fats and the movement of food through the intestines. Within 2 full days, approximately 2 liters of bile can be produced in the liver of an adult.

How does the gallbladder hurt? Symptoms of the deviation( general)

The main symptom of the disease of such a digestive organ is the palpation of its enlarged dimensions. In addition, people who have such a deviation often complain of constant and rather severe pain in the area of ​​the right hypochondrium. By the way, often such unpleasant sensations extend to a back, a loin, the right scapula and a shoulder.

How does the gallbladder hurt?

It should also be noted that where the gallbladder hurts, a person can have a special tension of the muscle tissue( in the upper abdomen).

At an early stage of development of this deviation, discomfort usually has a paroxysmal character. When coughing, exacerbated and deep breathing, as well as changing the position of the trunk, they can significantly increase.

Now you know how the gallbladder is hurting. Symptoms of such a deviation may be both long-lasting and last only for several hours. In addition, patients often experience nausea followed by vomiting, which does not bring any relief. If the patient has disrupted the work of the body, then it can raise body temperature, dry mouth, and palpitation.

If the gallbladder hurts( the symptoms were presented above), then immediately consult a doctor. The latter is obliged to conduct a survey and prescribe a treatment that will ease the patient's condition and eliminate the inflammatory process.

Why does the gallbladder hurt?

if the gallbladder has symptoms

There are a lot of reasons why this body is very sore. The main ones are the following:

  • inflammatory processes( the so-called cholecystitis);
  • metabolic diseases( cholelithiasis);
  • functional causes without inflammatory processes, but with a violation of the motility of the digestive organ( i.e., dyskinesia).

Consider all the presented deviations in more detail.

Chronic and acute cholecystitis

This disease is characterized by inflammation of the gallbladder( chronic or acute), which is accompanied by disorders of bile excreting functions. How does the gallbladder hurt in this case? For the presented deviation, the following symptoms are characteristic: aching pain and unpleasant sensations in the region of the right hypochondrium. As a rule, such discomfort continues for a long time and brings a lot of inconvenience to the patient. Most often, pain intensification occurs after consuming fatty and fried foods, as well as eggs, hot snacks, carbonated and alcoholic beverages. This meal causes the patient to feel nauseous, belching bitterness or air, bitter taste and dry mouth.

Gallstone disease

If the patient has an exchange disease, how does the gallbladder hurt? Symptoms of such a deviation may extend to the entire abdominal cavity, and then concentrate in the right hypochondrium. As a rule, the patient at the same time feels a strong feeling of nausea, which leads to vomiting. Moreover, with cholelithiasis, patients often have constipation.

As is known, for such a deviation is characteristic of the formation of stones. Most often this occurs as a result of metabolic disorders. Currently, several groups of stones are distinguished, which differ in chemical composition: pigmented, pure cholesterol, purely calcareous and mixed( i.e., isoelectric-cholesterol-pigment).To diagnose this disease, it is necessary to undergo ultrasound examination of the organ presented. where the gallbladder hurts

Dyskinesia of the bile duct

"I have a gallbladder. What to do? "- this question is often asked by gastroenterologists. After all, to tolerate the symptoms that accompany this deviation, not only it is impossible, but also dangerous for health.

Dyskinesia of bile ducts is a disease of the digestive organ, which is characterized by a violation of its motor activity. Due to such a deviation, the process of bile flow into the 12-типертную a bowel can be broken. In medical practice, two main types of presented pathology are distinguished:

  • hypotonic, that is, the motor activity of the organ is significantly lowered;
  • is hypertonic, that is, motor activity is increased.

To detect such a deviation, you should always consult a therapist and tell him about how the gallbladder is hurting. Symptoms of this disease can manifest as follows:

  • In the hypotonic type - blunt and aching pain in the region of the right hypochondrium, as well as a feeling of raspiraniya. In addition, the patient may have loss of appetite, belching, bitterness in the mouth, nausea and bloating. If the functional disease of the biliary tract is not treated in time, it can lead to the formation of stones in the bladder.
  • In the hypertensive type - acute, brief and paroxysmal pain in the region of the right hypochondrium. Quite often, such feelings are associated with excessive physical exertion, as well as the intake of excessively fatty foods. How does the gallbladder ache?

How to treat gallbladder disease?

An experienced gastroenterologist - that's who will help you if you have a very bad gallbladder. Treatment of this body is appointed only after a personal examination of the patient by a doctor. By the way, to make a more accurate diagnosis, a doctor can recommend a patient to undergo an ultrasound examination. With this method, you can easily identify the presence or absence of gallstones, its inflammation, increase in size, etc.

After the diagnosis, the doctor must prescribe an effective treatment that will not only save the patient from unpleasant symptoms, but also eliminate the inflammatory process, developing in this body.

It should be specially noted that the treatment of cholecystitis( acute or chronic) is carried out only under the supervision of a gastroenterologist. The first thing a specialist assigns is a strict diet. The patient is forbidden to eat fatty and fried foods, as well as fresh bakery and confectionery products, including chocolates, cakes, etc. In addition, the patient is not recommended to drink alcohol and carbonated drinks. Also, the patient should exclude spicy and spicy dishes from his diet, including fresh garlic, onions and peppers.

In addition to diet, people with gallbladder diseases are prescribed antiparasitic and antibacterial agents. To eliminate the pain syndrome, which brings the patient a huge discomfort, doctors prescribe antispasmodics. If it is necessary to improve the outflow of bile, then cholagogue medicines are used.

For special indications, which the attending physician is obliged to consider in each individual case, the patient can be assigned various means and enzymes that normalize the motility of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

aching gallbladder what to do

After the period of exacerbation subsides, you should go to physiotherapy and mineral water treatment.

Surgical intervention

If, as a result of the therapeutic treatment, the patient's condition has not been alleviated, then the doctors resort to surgical intervention. By the way, the operation to remove the gallbladder is carried out and in the event that there is a calculous cholecystitis( with the formation of stones).The excision of this organ can be performed in a classical manner by means of cavity intervention or by a low-traumatic method( laparoscopy).

Important to know

In case of untimely and inappropriate treatment of gallbladder diseases, the patient can develop rather serious complications in the form of disturbance of the process of bile outflow, infectious infection of internal contents, purulent inflammation of the organ walls, bile fistula and subhepatic abscesses.

Useful advice

can the gallbladder be ill

If the gallbladder gets sick suddenly and you do not have the opportunity to visit the hospital, it is recommended that you stop consuming any food and take an anesthetic drug. It will help to ease the condition of tea on the basis of such medicinal plants as calendula flowers, chamomile, stalks with stigmas of corn, sandy immortelle, ordinary tansy, peppermint leaves, dandelion roots, as well as herbs of bitter wormwood, large celandine and fruits of ordinary fennel.

If discomfort occurred at night, then to ease the condition, you can lie on the left side of the trunk and apply a gentle blow to the right side. This method will release some of the bile from the bladder, which will partially contribute to the elimination of pain.