"Panthenol" from burns - spray, ointment, gel. Instructions for use

Does Panthenol help burn? You will learn about this from the materials of the article. Also you will find information about the forms in which this product is sold, what is included in its composition, whether it has contraindications and side effects. panthenol for burns

Form, package, drug description and composition

The preparation in question can be purchased in the following forms:

  • 5% Panthenol( cream) external agent. Experts say that this is a homogeneous white medicament and with a specific flavor. Its main substance is dexpanthenol. Also in the composition of the cream are additional ingredients in the form of cetearyl octanoate, ketomacrogol, dimethicone, propyl parahydroxybenzoate, cetanol, propylene glycol, glyceryl monostearate, methylparahydroxybenzoate, purified water and Seaside 2026. The cream / gel is sold in tubes of aluminum( 50, 25 grams), which are placed in packs of cardboard.
  • Ointment "Panthenol".The cream, the reviews of which are positive, is not the only form of this remedy.5% ointment for external use has a uniform structure, as well as a light yellow color and a characteristic smell of lanolin. The active component of this form is also dexpanthenol. Phenolic, beeswax, lanolin, dimethicone, white soft paraffin, butylhydroxytoluene, LANETTE SX emulsifier, magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, propylene glycol, proteine, decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, butylhydroxyanisole and purified water are used as auxiliary elements. On sale the ointment comes in tubes of aluminum( 50, 25 grams), which are placed in packs of cardboard.
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  • Panthenol aerosol( spray).Instruction for use informs that this form of medicament also contains an active substance such as dexpanthenol. As for additional ingredients, they include: lanolin alcohol, potassium sorbate, citric acid, distilled water, triglycerides and sodium citrate. In sale, the spray "Pantenol"( aerosol) comes in aluminum balloons( 130, 58 grams), which are placed in packs of cardboard. panthenol spray price


How does Panthenol help with burns? According to the attached instructions, this medicine improves the regeneration of tissues, contributing to its early recovery.

An active ingredient, such as dexpanthenol, is a pantothenic acid derivative. It belongs to the water-soluble vitamin B, which is essential for fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism as an integral part of coenzyme A.

This element plays an important role in gluconeogenesis( in acetylation processes), as well as in the cleavage and synthesis of fatty acids, the release of energyfrom carbohydrates, the synthesis of acetylcholine, steroid hormones and sterols.

How is the local preparation "Panthenol" virgin? Spray( the price is indicated below), gel and ointment, which includes pantothenic acid, are used to support the normal functioning of the epithelium. A special shortage of this substance is noted in case of damage to tissues or skin. In this case, his local deficit can easily be replenished with the local preparation Pantenol.

Aerosol, cream and ointment stimulate skin regeneration, normalize cellular metabolism and increase the strength of collagen fibers. Also, these drugs have a weak anti-inflammatory effect, soften and nourish the skin.

panthenol spray instruction manual

With regard to excipients, they contribute to improving the therapeutic properties of the drug.

Pharmacokinetics of a local agent

Is the drug "Panthenol"( spray) absorbed? The instruction for use says that hydrophilicity, a small molecular weight of dexpanthenol, and also its low polarity promote the penetration of active substances into all layers of the skin.

With local use, the drug is absorbed fairly quickly into the tissue and converted to pantothenic acid. It also binds to plasma proteins.

Indications for use

What are the uses for such an external agent as Panthenol? Indications of this drug are associated with a violation of the integrity of the skin.

  • inflammation and fissures of the mammary glands in nursing mothers;
  • diaper dermatitis in children, scratches, intertrigo, irritation( minor) after exposure to X-rays, sun and ultraviolet radiation;
  • dermatitis, inflammatory processes on the skin, colostomy, furuncles, tracheostoma( the care of surrounding covers), trophic ulcers on the legs, gastrostomy;panthenol cream reviews
  • effects of adverse effects on the skin of environmental factors( eg wind, cold, humidity).

What other purposes are prescribed for Panthenol? From burns it is used very often. Also it is recommended to be used for any violations of the integrity of the skin that was caused by chemical, temperature, mechanical factors, and also after surgery.

Contraindications to use

The preparation "Panthenol" from burns is not used for patient hypersensitivity to the constituent components. It is also recommended to cancel it when the first signs of an allergic reaction appear.

How should I use Panthenol?

From burns it must be used from the first minutes of damage. Effectively all on such a wound is affected by the spray.

During use of the aerosol, the balloon must be kept in the hand strictly in an upright position. To make a foam in it, before using it, the container should be vigorously shaken.

Use an external solution of burns should be neat. It is evenly distributed to affected areas of skin for several seconds. panthenol aerosol

When a foam appears on the wound surface, a thin film forms, which has a dermatoprotective effect and prevents loss of moisture.

According to the instructions, the spray should be applied several times a day. The frequency of application of this medication depends on the severity of local changes.

You can use this medication not only with ordinary burns received from open fire, but also with lesions, the appearance of which provoked the hot sun.

As for the ointment and gel, they are also intended for external use. Their thin layer is applied to the damaged area of ​​the skin, and then lightly rubbed.

Use these drugs preferably 2-4 times a day( if necessary, you can and more often).If they are applied to an infected area, then it must be pretreated with an antiseptic solution. panthenol similar cheap

For diaper dermatitis( infants), this medication is prescribed according to the instructions. Cream or ointment is applied to the skin after each washing or changing the diaper.

The duration of treatment with this remedy depends on the features of the course of the disease and the severity of skin symptoms.

Preparation "Panthenol": analogous cheap, price

The price of this medication depends on the form of its release and volume. Ointment and cream( 50 g) can be purchased for 200-250 rubles. How much does the Panthenol( spray) aerosol cost? The price of this form of medicine is slightly more expensive. It is 410 rubles for 130 ml.

If the indicated cost of the drug seems to be too high, then you can buy cheaper analogs. They include the following: Bepanten Plus spray( 370 rubles), Dexpanthenol cream( 150 rubles), Morale plus spray( 150 rubles).

Reviews from patients

"Panthenol" - a fairly popular drug, you can buy it not only in the pharmacy, but also in large stores. According to the patients' reviews, this medication completely copes with the task. Applying it immediately after getting burns, the tissues are much more quickly regenerated and restored. panthenol testimony

Another plus of this tool is that it almost never screams for side reactions. In rare cases, patients may experience local allergies.