The main symptoms of lung cancer and ways to treat them

Among a variety of types of tumors, a disease such as lung cancer, is most common. And at the same time, it is considered quite dangerous, in comparison with others. Although, any cancer is dangerous, and often it leads to worse consequences. Moreover, this disease is more prevalent in developed countries. For the first time the case of the disease was registered in 1930.According to statistics obtained in 2000, only in the UK, cancer was detected in 38,400 people, and the death of 33,600 residents of the city ended in a lethal outcome. If we consider the statistics for Russia, then there are annually 6300 cases of detection of cancer. There is information that it was from lung cancer that actor Alexander Abdulov died.

It is a well-known fact that the main cause leading to cancer is tobacco smoking. Therefore, if we talk about who is most susceptible to this disease, then you should know that most often at risk are the men-smokers. Compared with non-smokers, they have a 20-30 chance of getting sick with this ailment.

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So how do you determine this disease? Depending on the place of origin of the primary tumor, there are various symptoms of lung cancer. So, if the tumor has arisen in the bronchus, then it is a central cancer. It can be detected earlier. If in the lung tissue - then this is a peripheral cancer. This type of cancer is more difficult to detect, since it occurs almost without symptoms. Only radiography can come to the rescue.

Central cancer is accompanied by the following symptoms:

In some patients, symptoms of lung cancer, also called peripheral lung cancer, can be seen in chest pain and, at times, shortness of breath. In later stages, a cough also appears, starting as light and gradually flowing into a cough with hemoptysis.

Intoxication of the body, accompanied by weakness, pallor of the skin, rapid fatigue, decreased appetite, a significant decrease in body weight, all these are symptoms of lung cancer.

This disease occurs in 5 stages:

Stage number 0 - detection of tumor cells;

At stage 1, the tumor size is about 30 mm, the lymph nodes are already affected. Metastases are not yet observed

Stage 2 can go in two ways: the tumor reaches about 3 cm, without involvement of regional lymph nodes. Otherwise, the tumor size is more than 3 cm.

In 3 stages, the tumor begins to germinate into the pleura, and into nearby organs such as vessels, heart, spine, and esophagus. Metastases are observed in the regional lymph nodes.

Lung cancer Stage 4 - any tumor size, distant metastases are mandatory.

It is difficult to defeat this disease, but it is still possible. The most important thing is to detect the presence of a tumor at an early stage. So, the treatment of lung cancer with folk remedies assumes the following daily course:

  1. Reception of air baths, per day about once 8 or 10;
  2. Reception of contrast baths;
  3. Take tea( about two liters) for brewing which the leaves of the date plum were used. An alternative option - infusion of onion husk. The next calculation - 1 liter of boiling water will require 3 tablespoons of onion husks in a crushed form. You need to insist during the night, drink it all the next day.

In one of the options for treating lung cancer, burdock is also used. Dried and cut burdock should be insisted on vodka( for 50 grams of roots - 500 grams of vodka) for 10-12 days. Take it will be necessary before meals, about 20 or 30 minutes, in the amount of 1 teaspoon. Do this procedure 3 times, of course, a day, not all.

However, in order not to detect the symptoms of lung cancer, not to become a patient of an oncologist, and not to look for folk remedies, it is better to give up such a disastrous habit as smoking.