Mistletoe. Application in magic and medicine

With mistletoe, many countries and nationalities are associated with many mythical beliefs, various perceptions, beliefs. In America, wreaths from her decorate the house. It is believed that the couple, stopped under such a wreath, should kiss.

Not being a shrub, nor grass, nor a tree, the plant symbolizes freedom from any restrictions, it serves as an emblem of eternity, divine essence, immortality.

In the West Slavic folklore, mistletoe( oak berries, bird glue, shulga, vihore nest) is a recognized remedy for vampires. This belief was probably due to the fact that the shulga is a parasitic shrub that grows on the crowns of trees. Penetrating its roots, suckers under the bark of the host tree, it feeds on its juices. Sometimes this leads to drying of the breadwinner.

It was believed that since oak berries grow on a tree and do not fall to the ground, they can save a person from any poison or epilepsy, without letting him fall to the ground, die. Therefore, infusion from the leaves of the vichoreva nests was given to sick people, and a branch of this plant was attached to their stomachs.

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Modern medicine also recognizes these useful properties of the plant, which is called mistletoe white. Its use as an anticonvulsant has passed the test of time.

There are several recipes recognized as official medicine to relieve epileptic seizures.

15 grams of leaves, fruits and branches of shulga is recommended to brew with one glass of steep boiling water, let it brew, then drink three times under Art.spoon.

Another recipe, in which the mistletoe plant is also present, suggests insisting that 25 grams of dried plant per 100 mg of alcohol, and then drank 30 drops three times a day.

If you make a tincture, which includes mistletoe white and Japanese soap, you can significantly improve cerebral circulation, clean the vessels. To prepare such a tincture, 100 g of vichorev nests are mixed with sophora berries, filled with a liter of vodka. The received structure three weeks maintain in the dark, and then drink on ч. A spoon while all tincture does not end. It is established that this drug helps to treat hypertension, increases the plasticity of capillaries, removes salts of heavy metals.

In order to relieve the condition of cancer patients, especially after the operation, the mistletoe is also useful. Its use instead of tea relieves pain, suppresses the growth of malignant neoplasms. To make tea, first mix the bird's glue, shepherd's bag, hawthorn evenly, then pour 2 tablespoons of the mixture with cold water, allow to stand overnight. Before use, tincture is heated to 30 °, drinking instead of tea on an empty stomach, two glasses each.

It is irreplaceable mistletoe white, the use of which is permitted by doctors, for the treatment of x-ray and ordinary burns, long-healing ulcers, other skin lesions. To accelerate their healing helps the composition made from this plant, yarrow, oak bark, nettles( deaf and burning), pepper mountaineer. These herbs are mixed for 10 grams, brewed with a liter of water. Wet a clean cloth, apply to the wounds.

Gynecologists believe that a decoction, which is prepared from a plant known under the name of mistletoe white, will help cure hemorrhoids to reduce the abundant periods of the month. The use of such a decoction( 40g mistletoe per liter of water), normalizes the monthly cycle, helps to get pregnant.

Fresh juice of a plant, if taken internally, helps with diarrhea. And if you lubricate pimples or boils, then their healing will be much faster. In addition, juice is an excellent tool for alleviating the condition with gout, rheumatism. They should rub joints to relieve pain.

In certain circles, the plant is known as a potent amulet, protecting from evil eye, witchcraft, fires. A twig, secretly sewn into the clothes of a man you like, will make him eternally dry with passionate love.