What is the treatment for the headache on January 1?Hangover symptoms and ways to eliminate it

What are the headaches for January 1st? The question, of course, is topical. Many people like to take a good look at some event, but not everyone is given the courage to cope with the hangover. But still somehow you need to get rid of it. Well, there are several effective ways, and they should be told about them.

than treat a headache on January 1

Important Information

Before I tell you about the treatment of a headache on January 1, I would like to say right away what to do. So, the first is to mix alcohol. Wine with vodka, cognac with champagne, sparkling wine port. Nothing good will end there. Not only will there be nausea and vomiting, so even without weakness, dry mouth and other "pleasant" consequences can not be avoided.

Also it is not necessary at once, since morning, to treat a hang-over with tablets. It's useless. All negative manifestations of a hangover are relevant to all systems of our body. Therefore, two or three tablets "No-shpy" will not be able to get rid of, you will have to treat everything. Only in this way will it be possible to effectively and quickly rid your organism of the products of alcohol breakdown and to remove intoxication. In general - to bring yourself in a normal shape.

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than treat a headache

The main mistake

Many people, thinking about what they are treating a headache on January 1, do not hesitate for a while and decide to ease the condition to drink something alcohol-containing. Just from the festive feast for sure left. For example, a cold beer is the most common remedy. Or some kind of alcoholic cocktail. But this is just a deception, an illusion. A person may feel better, but this method will not save him from intoxication. And what is even more sad - will only strengthen the craving for the hot. Near and to drinking alcoholism.

And one more mistake that many people admit. Some people do just murderous medicine. Activated carbon interferes with Aspirin and No-Shpa. Some believe that the headache on January 1 will leave after such a nuclear "cocktail" is easy. Invalid statement. In fact, this is not what the headache is treated for. The listed medicines simply do not combine with alcohol. The destruction of the mucosa, the intensification of inflammatory processes, the relaxing effect - anything you can achieve, but not the removal of hangover syndromes. So do not risk your health.

headache on January 1st

Simple methods of

So, now it is necessary to talk and about what they treat the headache on January 1.First of all, a person will need to cleanse his stomach. All the toxins that are not yet assimilated will come out of the body, and nausea with vomiting will subside. To do this, it is necessary to drink a lot of water in a gulp and immediately relieve the stomach. So it will be easier, plus water will wash much. As a result, the headache will also subside. Only for this purpose it will be necessary to drink two more water within a short time. Preferably mineral.

Orange or grapefruit juice - that's even more than a headache on January 1st. The vitamins contained in these drinks are excellent. Plus, you get rid of thirst. Especially since January 1, in the morning after the feast, for sure there were some juices. So the option is quite real - you do not even need to exhaust yourself by hiking around the clock.

than treat a headache on the first of January

Quickly and efficiently

Cold shower - this is what cures the headache of the first of January. In fact, this is a very effective method. Not everyone likes cold water. However, if you stand for a few minutes under cool streams, you can literally feel relief right away. That's how they treat the headache quickly and effectively. Cold water seems to relieve pain, and besides, the jets massage the scalp very carefully and gently. Pleasant sensations, plus to all - the result is obvious. By the way, a cool sweet tea with ginger, mint and lemon will help a lot. If there is also a daisy with a willow root - wonderful. All these ingredients will help relieve the headache. Still some are well helped by sour-milk products or broths - just everything should be low-fat. Honey, by the way, is also a good way to relieve the headache. You can stir a spoon in warm water and drink. And finally a few words about one good "Pervoyevar" winter variant. Walking in the fresh air is an ideal way to freshen up, recover and get rid of the itching sensation in the temples. And in general - it is better not to touch with alcohol, and then everything will be fine.