How to properly wash the nose with salt water?

Coryza is not that rare in human life. This scourge can be subjected to both children and adults, and it is not known which of them is more likely. Get rid of the common cold is now easy, because in every pharmacy there are appropriate medications that can ease breathing and remove the stuffiness of the nose. It is easy to use such medications - even a child can do it. However, a significant disadvantage of such drugs is that a person quickly becomes accustomed to them and needs them even if they have no cold.

That's why to treat a runny nose should be cautious, becauseotherwise, you can break the nasal mucosa. Therefore, it is necessary to treat medicinal industrial preparations with great care. But as for the folk remedies that allow getting rid of the common cold, they are often no worse than, and sometimes even better than, medicines.

To one of these "grandmother's" recipes is the washing of the nose with salt. In principle, this method is known to many people, but most of them consider it obsolete and inefficient. Some people even consider this procedure "brutal", although in reality it is not. Rinsing the nose with salt water usually cures the cold after the first procedures.

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But in general, what can the nose wash? With the help of this method, you can easily get rid of sinusitis, ARVI, bronchitis. It helps with polyps and adenoids and even in the fight against insomnia.

So, washing the nose with salt water, what is needed for this? The first thing to do is to have a small kettle, like a teapot. In this kettle you have to pour salty solution. By the way, for the preparation of the solution you should take a glass of boiled warm water and dissolve in it a teaspoon of the kitchen salt. In those cases, if a person's nose is quite sensitive, then in this case the nose should be washed with a salt approximately twice as much, i.e.taking not a spoonful of salt, but 1/2 spoonful.

Basically, that's the whole medication recipe. If possible, it is advisable to wash the nose with salt water with a solution of sea salt. For it is much better than a cook. When using sea salt, the recipe is the same, but it is desirable to strain sea salt through gauze to prevent clots.

In order to start this procedure, it is recommended to sit on a chair and straighten your back. First of all, head to the left, and put the kettle with water on the palm of your right hand and start pouring water from the nose into the right nostril. To fill it is necessary so that the water, having passed the right nostril, itself began to pour out through the left. Then, take the kettle in your left hand and start pouring the same water in the left nostril.

I must say that it is very important to choose the right inclination of the head. Ie, if the head is strongly reclined back, water can easily penetrate the throat, causing a cough. It is very important to rinse the nose with all the contents of the kettle. Breathing in this case is not necessary, because you can perfectly breathe a few minutes and mouth.

It is very important that the nose wash with salt water is carried out in cleaned nostrils. Therefore, if the runny nose is strong, then before starting this procedure, it is recommended to drip a few drops of the remedy from the cold in the nose.

After the washing process has been completed, it is necessary to stand up straight, bend the trunk at a right angle and, with the hands behind your back, begin to tilt your head in different directions so that the water remains completely out of the nose.

After the first washing, it is necessary to do the second. But only spend it better every other day. The general course of such procedures is 4-5 times. Then take a break about 7 days and then repeat the course. As a rule, a positive effect is observed after the 4th course.