What is the bad breath in the child?

Very often parents start to notice any smell from the mouth of a child. As a rule, it is described as offensive, sour, sometimes with a touch of acetone. This is by no means a difficult problem to solve, the main thing is to correctly establish the cause and eliminate it.

There are many causes of odor from the mouth. Often they have some additional symptoms, which allows the doctor to determine the most likely type of pathology that can develop in a baby.

As a rule, the main cause of halitosis in the child is oral diseases of various modifications: improper hygiene of the oral cavity, caries, sealing defects, as well as diseases of the mucosa - stomatitis, dry mouth, fungal infection, gingival inflammation andbone tissue, as well as tartar, plaque and teething wisdom. As a rule, stomatitis becomes a factor that causes bad breath in a child at an earlier age. When the baby grows up, there are problems with the teeth and the diseases that have arisen as a result of this.

Another important factor that contributes to the occurrence of this problem is the diseases of the digestive system. As a rule, this reason is found most often in children who are or were on artificial feeding, rather than on the breast. Often in this situation, there are dysbacteriosis and pancreatitis. As the accompanying signs of the disease in children, changes in the stool begin, with different shapes, bloating, flatulence, regurgitation, belching and constipation.

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Sometimes a baby's odor, which can be caused by the fact that the baby has not been emptied for several days, may be accompanied by a change in the smell of all secretions( for example, sweat gets the smell of rot).This occurs when children have chronic constipation. If the stool is delayed once, there will be no major changes of this kind.

There are situations where the presence of an unpleasant "fragrance" from the mouth can be a sign of inflammation in the nasopharynx, which is accompanied by puffiness under the eyes, a clear outline of nasolabial folds, as well as breathing through the mouth and snoring. As a rule, rhinitis is the main disease that causes such changes. Especially it occurs when the chronic form of the disease develops. In the older age, the child also smells from the mouth with chronic tonsillitis and adenoiditis.

Parents should remember that after finding a child such a symptom is best to first visit the dentist, so that he examined the teeth for the presence of caries and diagnosed the microflora of the oral cavity. Then you need to pay a visit to the otolaryngologist who will examine the posterior parts of the nose and the entire nasopharynx. If you feel the need to visit a gastroenterologist, then he should direct you to take a feces analysis for dysbacteriosis, as well as an ultrasound examination of the liver and pancreas to reveal their pathology.

As a rule, a fetid smell from the mouth of a child is a very serious symptom, which pediatricians constantly pay attention to. However, if all the examinations and visits to the doctors did not reveal any pathology, sometimes the cause may be an individual feature of the body. This is very rare, because, as a rule, the explanation still exists. It simply needs to be diagnosed.

It is important to remember the thorough oral hygiene and rinsing with special solutions and herbs. Of course, they will not eliminate the reason, but they will help you feel more confident and in the future will get rid of many dental problems.