Children's health camp "Dawn"

With the onset of the summer season, many parents begin to wonder about where to send their children to rest and recover from the cold and slushy winter. Someone prefers a gentle seashore with golden beaches, some wild green of the relic forests of our boundless homeland, and somebody the purest mountain air. Children's health institutions in Russia can meet any of these requirements, and not only. This article is a review of sanatoriums and camps for the younger generation, which bear the name "Zarya", which is familiar from Soviet times. camp dawn

Camp "Dawn"( Dmitrovsky district, Moscow region)

This children's camp near Moscow is located in a picturesque forest area near the lakes Dolgoe, Nerskoe, Lesnoye and Krugloye. The complex occupies more than seven hectares, it is well-maintained, fenced around the perimeter and has 24-hour security. There are two outdoor pools, a stadium, a basketball and volleyball court, football fields, a campfire square, a club, a summer stage, a costume room, a games room, a study room, a library, gazebos and even a children's bar. The camp "Dawn" is open all year round. Its capacity is five hundred seats, children from 7 to 16 years old are admitted.

camp dawn Dmitrov district


Children are housed in brick two-story buildings in four- and five-bed rooms. Each room has comfortable modern furniture, beds with orthopedic mattresses. On each floor there is a hall, two toilets, a suitcase, a dryer, a shower room, eight children's living rooms and two rooms of counselors. In the lobby of the first floor is table tennis, and on the second - a TV.Cold and hot water are fed continuously. Bed linen is changed once a week. Rooms and housings are cleaned daily by service personnel. Meals five times: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and a second dinner.


"Dawn"( children's camp) functions, as already said, year-round. During the school year he works in the mode of boarding school. There are training classes, as well as qualified teachers. The school can accommodate up to two hundred people. The training is conducted according to the state general education program. In addition, classes are organized in sports sections and thematic circles: "Nitty graphics", "Aerobics", "Football", "Beadwork", "Young shooter", "Tourism", etc. With children, every day there are interesting events: competitions, relay races, quizzes, games and concerts. dawn children

Treatment of

"Dawn"( children's camp) has a medical building, which is equipped with all necessary modern equipment. There are 24 physiotherapeutic devices( physiotherapy with ultrasound, AC and direct current equipment, magnetotherapy), electro-aerosol, heat and ultrasonic inhalations. As well as massage rooms, a gym and a department of therapeutic physical education. In the camp, there are hydrotherapy, hydromassage, phytotherapy. Such doctors work: pediatrician, neurologist, therapist and ophthalmologist. health camp dawn

Children's country health-improving center "Zarya"( Asbest, Sverdlovsk region)

This health camp "Dawn" was founded in 1939.It was located in a very picturesque place - in a forest on the bank of the river Pyshma. The total area of ​​the complex is 13 hectares, the landscaping of the territory is a special pride of this institution. Here children from the cities of the Sverdlovsk region and other regions of Russia have a rest. The Zarya Health Camp is open all year round. There are five well-equipped buildings - 120 cozy beds in each. The dining room is designed to accommodate 350 people in the winter and 700 in the summer. The two-storeyed medical building is equipped with all necessary equipment for the prevention and treatment of diseases. There is a treatment room, a gym, an inhalation room, a fizkabinet. On the territory of the complex there is a large concert hall for 350 people, an art studio, a library, a choreography studio, a campus, a football field, a campfire site, basketball and volleyball courts, table tennis, billiards, mugs "Beadwork", "Karaoke", "Origami"," Molding from salted dough ".Children from 6 to 18 years are admitted to the camp.

Fitness program

Health work in this complex is aimed at inculcating a healthy lifestyle for the younger generation. With the children are engaged professional coaches to enhance sportsmanship. It regularly hosts sports events, football matches, pioneerball competitions, checkers and chess tournaments, table tennis, "Merry Starts" and relay races. camp dawn reviews


Most events are held at the club. This is a favorite place for children, there is a large stage and a wide screen, which shows movies, modern audio equipment and lighting equipment. Children are given developmental lessons in various circles. This is the kind of Sverdlovsk camp Zarya. Reviews of children about him boil down to the fact that this is a wonderful place for spending time. How slowly time is waiting for the trip, and how fast the days in the camp are flying! Especially popular among the children enjoys a daily disco, held in the evenings at the club.

Health-improving complex "Zarya"( Udmurt Republic)

camp dawn

This "Zarya" camp is located on the 31 km of the Yakshur-Bodhin tract in the Udmurt Republic, on the banks of the Selychka River, far from industrial facilities and city noise. The total area of ​​the complex is 19 hectares. There are three sleeping buildings with double, five-bed rooms, including special rooms with speleo-screen, providing a therapeutic effect. There is also a mini-hotel capable of accommodating 28 people, an administrative medical building, training classes, a boiler room for providing hot water and heat, a recreation center and leisure facilities( includes a dining room, dance and concert halls, rooms for interest and circle studies), volleyball and basketball courts, a stadium, a tennis court, a summer swimming pool, as well as a comfortable embankment with a fireplace and barbecue.


Children at the age of 7 to 15 years who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, ENT organs, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous systems, skin, urinary tract, as well as disorders of the musculoskeletal system,motor apparatus. Contraindications are all ailments in the acute period, malignant neoplasms, exacerbations of chronic processes, cerebral palsy, tuberculosis, as well as convulsive seizures.

Children's Day is very rich: procedures, lessons, interesting events, discos. Thanks to a well-timetable schedule, they all manage. For each child an individual schedule of procedures is drawn up. Once a week there is a sauna.

Children's Health Camp "Zori Anapa"( Anapa)

This complex is located on the second coastline at the beginning of Pionersky Avenue in Anapa. The territory of the camp covers an area of ​​4 hectares. It differs in comfort and cleanliness. Camp "Zori Anapa" around the perimeter is surrounded by a fence and is guarded around the clock. There is a well developed infrastructure for sports and leisure, on the territory of the complex there are a football field, sports grounds, playrooms, gazebos, a summer stage. The beach is a ten minute walk. Children live in two-story buildings and in summer houses. Rooms are designed for 5-8 people. Cold and hot water is supplied without interruption. The room has modern furniture. The premises are cleaned daily by the camp's maintenance staff. Meals five times.

Zorya Anapa camp

Children of 7-15 years are accepted to the camp "Zori Anapy".With the children every day there are various contests, games, quizzes, themed evenings, show programs, concerts, Birthday parties, relay races, fairs, discos, Olympic games, as well as competitions in a variety of sports. In the state of the sanatorium, there are medical personnel who are responsible for carrying out a variety of health-improving procedures, such as inhalations and massages. The camp has its own beach, the length of which is 150 meters. Its bottom is even, characterized by a smooth slide. Shadow canopies, rescue and medical blocks, a lifeboat are installed here. Bathing takes place under the supervision of a swimming pool, an administrator, a medical worker, rescuers and counselors.

zori camp anapa anapa

In the breaks between water procedures for children competitions are organized, camp events, games, etc. "Zori Anapa" is a wonderful place for summer vacations!