Tablets for cough "Rengalin" for children - reviews, instructions for use and composition

Reviews about the syrup "Rengalin" from cough in children on the Internet are often found. At any age a person can catch a cold. To help come different drugs effective to a greater or lesser extent. As evidenced by the reviews of the "Rengalin", with a wet cough in a child or an adult, this drug gives a quick and stable result. However, there are other opinions. For example, reviews of "Rengalin" for children( the price of which is 150-200 rubles) contain references to cases when there was no effect, it was better for the patient not to.

rengalin reviews for children

Timeliness as a security deposit

If a cold starts, you should immediately start to treat it, in order to prevent complications. If delayed with the onset of therapy, there is a risk that the disease will turn into severe. Effective drugs should be used, but there are many limitations in the treatment of young children. A number of medications have simply not been tested for the feasibility of such use.

Many doubt whether the product is suitable for children. The instruction "Rengalin" from a cough and reviews about this medicine testify that use is allowed already from the age of three. If a child is often sick, parents know well how difficult it is to find a suitable preparation for such a tender age. From this point of view, as the parents note in the reviews, the tablets "Rengalin" of children with a sore throat help really.

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Cough: what's the trouble?

This is a symptom of the common cold, but in some cases the manifestation of a cough is triggered by an allergic reaction. Distinguish wet, dry cough, during illness the symptom passes from one to another that is connected with features of development of a pathology. Without proper therapy, one can face a chronic form. The best option - the use of drugs at once, just started the disease. As can be seen from the instructions for use and reviews of "Rengalin" for children, a medicine at any age( over three years old) helps to cope with such a problem, provoked by a variety of reasons.

rengalin reviews of doctors for children

It should be noted that this medication is made from natural ingredients, so it can be used for both adults and children. The doctors' comments on the "Rengalin" contain a reference to its belonging to homeopathic remedies. The concentration of medicinal substances in the composition is minimal, so that there may be no effectiveness for serious pathology. On the other hand, it is completely safe, suitable for treating three-year-olds.

Specificity of the drug

The manufacturer encourages adults and children to take pills for coughing "Rengalin"( the reviews confirm this), when the disease has just begun. At the started stage, there will be no benefit from it, but at the first signs of a cold, the appearance of coughing attacks, you should immediately give the patient a pill, following the manufacturer's recommendations regarding dosage and reception rules.

Reviews of the "Rengalin"( from cough for children it can only be used after three years) confirm that the drug demonstrates effectiveness only at the beginning of the illness. When the form is started, it is necessary to take the help of a doctor for choosing a more serious medication. Many also note that the key advantage of tablets is the absence of an allergic reaction in patients, even if the patient is inclined to such. In addition to active substances( antibodies to bradykinin, histamine, morphine), the drug contains auxiliary: sodium cyclomate, citric acid, magnesium stearate, isomalt, sodium saccharin, silicon dioxide colloid.

Help with coughing in children

Reviews of "Rengalin" indicate that this drug can be used for all types of cough. The product is effective, including in the separation of sputum. You can buy it without a prescription in any pharmacy. The medication is sold freely, costs about 150-200 rubles, it works best for complex use in combination with other cold remedies.

rengalin tablets for coughs for children reviews

Why does this work?

You can use the drug to treat both adults and children. Reviews about "Rengalin" are positive. The manufacturer explains the efficiency by the fact that the composition of the medicine contains the best components that affect the body. These are antispasmodics, as well as substances that eliminate puffiness and an allergic reaction. The use of "Rengalin" allows to remove inflammation and eliminate pain syndrome. At the same time, reviews about the "Rengalin"( the children are given medicine as prescribed by the doctor) confirm that the medicine is almost never allergic. The manufacturer reports that this is due to low concentrations of active components. They are safe even for small children.

When the drug is administered, the cough center becomes less irritable, loses sensitivity. Will this help in the treatment of children? Reviews of the "Rengalin" indicate that the drug really works. The manufacturer draws attention to the fact that taking the medication affects the receptors, the medulla oblongata. Due to the complex effects, the cough is weakened.

What's on sale?

In what form do they produce for adults and children "Rengalin"?The reviews confirm that the tablets are easy to take, and the syrup is pleasant to the taste. Here the manufacturer took care of the customers. Tablets are ideal for adults, and syrup for babies.

rengalin reviews for children price The taste of the drug is sweet. Tablets are designed for resorption in the mouth, swallowing and chewing them can not. To treat babies it is recommended to choose a syrup, but at the age of three and older, two forms are allowed.

And what's inside?

The composition of the preparation is described in detail in the instructions for use. It is always embedded in a cardboard box with blisters of "Rengalin".If the buyer purchased packaging in the pharmacy without instructions, you urgently need to contact a pharmacist - there is a high probability that this is a counterfeit goods.

rengalin from cough отзывы для детей

Tablets "Rengalin" contain histamine, bradykinin, morphine. As additional substances that simplify the use of the drug and enhance efficacy, citric acid, saccharin and sodium cyclamate, isomalt, magnesium stearate are used. The manufacturer warns that individual intolerance is possible. If it is known that the patient has increased sensitivity to any compound, it is important to carefully study the composition of "Rengalin" for the presence of this component. If it is, the tool can not be used.

Dangerous or not?

The manufacturer assures( in the reviews, instructions "Rengalin" from a cough for children it is indicated) that the drug does not cause side effects, is relatively safe. Does not affect the quality and duration of sleep. The drug does not have any drug effects. In this respect, "Rengalin" is preferable to the majority of pharmacies on the shelves of analgesics.

The product is packed in aluminum foil and plastic film. How many tablets are inside is indicated on the package: usually these are two contour cells of ten tablets, but in some only one or five plates. Of course, the more cells, the higher the price of packaging.

Combine or split?

Manufacturer reports that "Rengalin" is perfectly combined with other medications. Confirmed this information and customer reviews. As a rule, the drug is used as an aid to complex therapy, therefore, there are no undesirable reactions with simultaneous administration with other drugs. Many explain this by the fact that the concentration of active substances is very low, and the reception is absolutely safe. At the same time, with a properly selected complex, "Rengalin" enhances the effectiveness of a number of drugs. It is necessary to consult a doctor in order to make a correct and effective treatment.

Where and how to store?

To ensure that Rengalin does not lose its therapeutic qualities, it is important to keep the drug in a dark place with a normal level of dry air. The temperature in the room should not be more than 25 degrees. It is unacceptable that the medicine should be exposed to direct sunlight. You can not freeze Rengalin, especially in the form of syrup.

rengalin instructions for use for children reviews

When to take?

The manufacturer recommends to resort to "Rengalin" with pharyngitis, laryngitis and some forms of tracheitis. The drug will have a positive effect on bronchitis, especially if the chronic form has been diagnosed. If an allergic reaction accompanied by coughing attacks develops, the use of "Rengalin" will give a quick positive result and facilitate the patient's condition. The agent can be used for various infections that have affected the upper respiratory tract.

As a preventive measure, "Rengalin" helps prevent the development of the diseases listed above. In addition, the use of the drug can block the appearance of complications.

Features of the therapeutic course

"Rengalin" is designed for oral use. Tablets should be carefully resorbed, not chewing, not swallowing whole. Do not drink the product with water, other liquids, eat with food. It is important that the product dissolves in the oral cavity.

For one day at a standard reception according to the instruction "Rengalin" take 3-6 times a day on a tablet. The optimal variant is chosen by the attending physician at the reception, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient's body. They are oriented both on the diagnosed diagnosis, and on the weight and age of the patient. The duration of the course varies from one to one and a half weeks.

In what cases is the drug contraindicated

"Rengalin" is intended to treat patients at the age of three and older. When used for young children, it is impossible to predict the consequences, so it is not recommended to take the medicine. With the resorption of tablets, the likelihood is high that the baby will choke. In addition, there may be allergic reactions, intolerance.

rengalin tablets children reviews

Rengalin is prescribed only if the patient has no adverse reactions. If there is an increased sensitivity to the composition, it is necessary to choose a replacement. It is better to do this during a consultation with your doctor. The dosage recommended by the manufacturer and the doctor "Rengalin" should be observed. You can not exceed it, because you can aggravate the condition.

Are there any dissatisfied?

As can be seen from the user reviews, there are those who remained dissatisfied with the result of taking the described drug. In most cases this is due to the severity of the disease. Many say that the taste of the syrup is too sweet, leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. However, the problem copes with the task, there is no need to persuade the children to accept it. Several cases of drug intolerance are known. At the same time there are more positive responses, so you can safely buy "Rengalin".