Tincture on pine nuts - our health

Siberian pine cedar is an unusual tree that normally develops and grows only in ecologically clean places, instantly reacting to any pollution of the environment. Indigenous people always treated with great respect and relate to this tree, considering it a breadwinner and healer. Since the development of Siberia, Russian folk medicine uses the medicinal properties of cedar.

Local people since ancient times use in the preventive and curative purposes cedar nuts, long since receive from them butter and use them in food. With the healing purpose is used not only nuts, but also cedar oil, cedar resin and nut shell. In addition, cedar groves are a source of magnificent building material and a green "pharmacy."The air in such groves is almost perfect, it is saturated with a huge amount of oxygen, phytoncides and ions.

And, naturally, in such places you can often see people suffering from lung diseases who come here to breathe the healing air.

Scientific studies have shown that nuts contain a large amount of oil and protein. Oil of cedar in its taste and nutritional properties is not inferior to olive oil. The kernel of the nutlet contains a huge amount of vitamins, micro- and macroelements, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

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And the fat obtained from pine nuts has no analogues in content of polyunsaturated acids, vegetable protein, and there is no cholesterol in this product. The substances found in pine nuts are capable of suppressing the feeling of hunger. People who are overweight use this property of nuts for weight loss. The use of nuts is also indicated by the fact that they are fed not only by people, but also by birds and animals. Today we can say with confidence that pine nuts provide invaluable help in the treatment of various diseases.

Regular use of them increases immunity, improves metabolism, normalizes blood flow and positively affects the cardiovascular system and digestion. Nuts help with diseases of the lungs and bronchi, neuroses and hepatitis, have rejuvenating properties, etc. Of the nuts are various preparations: ointments, balsams, decoctions and, of course, tincture on pine nuts. It contributes to the normalization of digestion, improves immunity, treats bruises and wounds, reduces tumors and increases potency.

In addition, tincture on pine nuts normalizes hearing and improves eyesight, can prevent the deposition of salts. The recipe for tinctures on pine nuts for the treatment of salt deposits looks like this: 30 g of peeled nuts are poured into half a liter of vodka, insist in a cool place for 40 days. Begin on the first day with 5 drops, the daily dose in the following days is increased by 5 drops. After five days, the medicine begins to take in grams: on the first day - 5 g, in the following days, increasing the daily rate by 5 g, bring up to 25 grams per day. The course of treatment lasts a month.

Tincture on pine nuts can be used for the preparation of "cherry", which has a beneficial effect on vitality. It is able to raise immunity and protect the body not only from colds, but also other, more serious, diseases. To do this, you need to know how to make cedar tincture and infusion of cherry leaves. Infusion is made as follows: chokeberry( 200 g) and 100 g of cherry leaves are poured with a liter of water and boiled for no more than 10 minutes. Within 5 hours, the liquid is infused, then lemon juice and 100 g of honey are added to it.

Tincture on pine nuts is done according to this recipe: pour whole cedar nuts with vodka and insist until the nut kernel completely dissolves. When the tincture is ready, you need to strain it and mix it with the previously prepared infusion of cherry leaves. The resulting mixture for a month is kept in a cool place. Finished "cherry" has not only fortifying properties, but also unforgettable taste.