Whitening teeth at home

The image of a successful person can not be imagined without a dazzling even snow-white smile. Having yellow teeth today is considered bad form, but despite this numerous clinics offering teeth whitening are not overcrowded with customers. This is due to the fact that teeth whitening at home, which provides a good result with a minimum of costs, is becoming increasingly popular. Another advantage of such measures is that the impact on the enamel and, consequently, its destruction is reduced to almost zero than can not boast of dental clinics.

There are several ways to whiten teeth with home remedies, among which the most popular method is using hydrogen peroxide. To do this, you need to dilute 20 drops of the drug in a quarter cup of boiled water, and then with the resulting solution brush your teeth or moisten a cotton swab in it and apply to the surface of the enamel, leaving it for a few minutes. After this, it will be necessary to thoroughly rinse the mouth.

It should be noted that this method is not very pleasant, but it is more than compensated by its efficiency. So teeth whitening at home is quite realistic, and the result will be noticeable not only to the owner of a smile.

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Another popular method involves the use of activated carbon. It is based on the tradition of courting the oral cavity with the help of ash or embers, which for a long time used all the nationalities. Following this method, the activated charcoal must be crushed and then cleaned by the teeth within a few minutes. This method should be used for some time. Here the basic rule is the systematic application.

The favorite means of housewives in this matter was baking soda, which is a universal tool for almost any kind of cleansing. She just needs to brush her teeth for a few minutes. Such teeth whitening at home is as effective as it is harmful to the health of gums. The fact is that soda has a crystalline structure, and its particles scratch the tooth enamel and gums. This can lead to an increase in their sensitivity, as well as to irritation and pain. Apply soda should not more often than once every 10 days.

Among fans of home procedures there are also those who use home tooth whitening systems, sold in pharmacies or specialized stores. They are usually presented in the form of strips, kappas or gels. The effectiveness of such aids depends on their composition and method of application. There are several small secrets about how to improve the result from their use. To do this, you need to brush your teeth with a paste containing active oxygen. This will help reduce the negative impact of bleaching agents. After the teeth have been sustained for some time, the oral cavity should be rinsed with a rinse aid with active oxygen. Do not use a product containing alcohol, since it will draw liquid from the teeth, which can lead to spoilage.

When choosing teeth whitening at home, do not expect immediate results. Such methods do not make the smile perfectly white, but will help restore the natural whiteness peculiar to a particular person. These methods can also be dangerous, as well as those used in the hospital of the dental clinic, so it is worth taking with all caution and responsibility for their use. The most important thing is that you can transform your smile for a very little money within a month. Most home methods of teeth whitening are time-tested, and their effectiveness and relative safety can not be doubted.