Sanatorium "Revital Park": feedback from employees and patients

The rhythm of a modern metropolis rarely gives a chance to relax. Missed leaves exacerbate the shaky state of health and nervous system, and the short-term recovery at southern resorts gives a short-term result. Restoring the tone of the body and supporting it in a worthy form is helped by the SPA procedures. To immerse themselves in the atmosphere of relaxation and recovery without detaching from the realities of life, urban complexes, one of them - "Revital Park" in Balashikha, help.


Eleven kilometers from MKAD, on the bank of the Pekhorka River in 2007, the Revital Park Clinic was opened. In the health resort is provided more than fifty types of health services. The staff consists of 250 professionals. The medical staff has the highest qualification, and some specialists have defended candidate and doctoral dissertations, conduct active scientific work.

The complex consists of a four-storey building, in which there is a medical unit for 50 offices, residential buildings. The general territory of the sanatorium occupies an area of ​​about 8 hectares, where there are infrastructure facilities and cottages for living.

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The sanatorium "Revital Park" is equipped with modern equipment, the reception is conducted by specialists of ten profile areas. In the park zone of the health resort there are two routes of the terrinkura, laid along the picturesque corners with places for rest. For the guests working Wellness Club, which can be used by all comers.

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Services and procedures

The main activity in the sanatorium "Revital Park" is the provision of a set of health-improving procedures that help to restore tone, cleanse the body, maintain vital signs at a healthy level and preserve beauty.

In the health resort services are provided:

  • Diagnostics( ultrasound, determination of biological age, composition of body tissues).
  • SPA studios( Russian steam room, Japanese, Hammam, Thai).
  • Massage( author's Bagua, stone therapy, holistic, modeling, Balinese).
  • Water procedures.
  • Thalassotherapy( wraps - "Detoxication", "Weight Loss", "Seaweed", with cosmetic means of famous brands, anti-cellulite program, peeling).
  • A speleocamera( made from natural mineral - sylvinite).
  • Beauty salon( hairdresser, manicure, pedicure, solarium).
  • Hypoxi Studio( vacuum simulator for increasing tone, accelerating metabolism).
  • Dry floatation( dry bath, simulating the effect of weightlessness, helps relieve stress, depression, pain relief, reduces joint load, relaxes, lowers blood pressure).
  • Ultrasound cavitation( lymph drainage, reduces fat layer, cures cellulite)
  • EMS training( impulse sports simulator).
  • PRP-therapy( facial skin rejuvenation, non-surgical face contour lifting).

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Recovery programs

In the sanatorium "Revital Park" target programs have been developed and implemented:

  • Author's program for purification and rejuvenation of the body. Helps to get rid of excess body fat, adjust weight. It removes stress and prophylaxis of post-stress conditions, accelerates metabolic processes, promotes internal energy, stabilizes the nervous system.
  • The program "Revital", includes detox procedures, diet therapy, figure correction, cleansing of the intestine and liver. Before the appointment of a set of measures, the doctor is examined, the condition of the organism is diagnosed. The program is designed for a different number of days of stay from 1 to 19 days. For all comers, there is a culinary school with master classes in the preparation of dietary meals, theoretical training in the course of developing the principles of healthy eating.
  • "SPA-Antistress" , is designed for a stay of 2 to 5 days. Includes exercise in the Wellness Club, relaxation sessions, bath procedures, life drinks, diet therapy and much more.

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Accommodation and meals

The cost of living has two options: with a full board( 3 meals a day, a set of procedures, accommodation), with half board( meals - breakfast + lunch, a set of procedures, accommodation).Residential fund of the sanatorium "Revital Park" is represented by 95 rooms of the following categories:

  • Standard with accommodation of one or two guests.
  • Junior suite. In this category there are double and single rooms with the option to choose one or two rooms.
  • Studio with double occupancy.

The modern interior of the rooms is complemented by home appliances, comfortable single or double beds, comfortable furniture, air conditioning, safe, wireless Internet. The sanitary unit is equipped with a shower box, a hairdryer, towels, bathrobes, hygiene products. The cost of living - from 6500 rubles to 17600 rubles.

  • Suite. In this category there are rooms for single and double accommodation, with a choice of single and double rooms. Comfort and homely atmosphere provides furniture, a large double bed, home appliances, audio and video system, air conditioning, safe, wireless Internet. In the bathroom there is a bath / shower, hairdryer, a set of towels, bathrobes. The cost of living is from 15,700 to 22,600 rubles.
  • Two-storey cottage. It is designed for simultaneous living of six people. The cottage has all the necessary furniture, appliances, air conditioning, three bathrooms. On the adjacent site is equipped with a barbecue area with all necessary equipment. The cost on weekdays - from 17 000 rubles, on weekends and holidays - from 20 000 rubles. When buying a voucher to the sanatorium "Revital Park" for a period of 30 days or more, the cost of daily living in a cottage will be 4,000 rubles.

The prices are presented according to the price list of 2016.

The power system in the sanatorium is three meals a day, the menu consists of dietary dishes. For each patient, a separate diet program is developed, in which there may be unloading days, meals with reduced caloric content, and days of curative starvation are possible. The table is served only freshly prepared food in which all nutrients are balanced. The chefs of the restaurant are highly qualified and love their work.

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Reviews of holidaymakers

For the whole history of work, a lot of people took advantage of the health programs in the sanatorium "Revital Park".Testimonials with positive stories were devoted to the passed health improvement systems, friendly staff and attentive doctors. Many liked the pool, massages, SPA procedures, put high scores for rooms for the atmosphere and comfort. I liked not so big, but well-groomed territory of the health resort.

Nutrition caused controversy - some patients were ready for strict dietary intake and to significantly cut portions, remembering the need to lose weight. Another part of the visitors considered that the menu was not made professionally, the food was improperly cooked and had a very insipid taste.

Stories with negative assessments are devoted to carelessness of medical personnel, accusations are found in appointing unnecessary, in the patient's view, procedures that the "Revital Park"( sanatorium) has. Reviews with negative stories also relate to dilapidated housing stock, the lack of any entertainment program and the high cost of permits. Vacationers who used the pool, mention that it was dangerous to swim in it, as it is poorly cleaned, and, as it turned out, none of the guests do not require a certificate from a dermatologist.

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Reviews of employees of

There are also about such a place as "Revital Park", employee feedback. Most of them are pleased that they can receive all the health procedures at a discount.

Most of the negative feedback is addressed to the system of payment and fines with unclear rules of application, bad relationships within the team. It is also indicated that staff turnover does not contribute to the qualitative performance of duties by both medical and service staff.