Removal of papillomas in Moscow: methods of removal, addresses of clinics and reviews

Women are very picky about their appearance, so do not disregard every new birthmark or speck that has arisen on the skin. Such care can be very useful when it comes to papillomas. These neoplasms often do not cause any painful sensations, but they can cause cancer cells to grow in the human body. Therefore, today we will tell you about these hidden enemies of our health, as well as provide information on where to carry out the removal of papillomas in Moscow.

removal of papillomas in Moscow

Papillomas: a characteristic of the disease

Many different neoplasms can appear on the skin of a person. The most common of these are birthmarks. Usually they come in different shades of brown and arise from over-saturation of the cells with pigment. By themselves, moles are not dangerous, so doctors remove their removal only in case of noticeable changes or being on the body in the zone of increased traumatism.

But the papillomas differ significantly from moles even in appearance. They have a slightly convex shape, soft structure and color range from pink to flesh. Often papillomas occur in places of constant friction with the skin, these can be axillary cavities, inguinal region and mucous membranes.

If the neoplasm does not cause discomfort, it can not be removed, but nevertheless doctors strongly advise to get rid of papillomas. After all, they are characterized by an increase in the concentration of the virus, which they cause, which leads to the growth of the affected tissue right up to oncology.

Causes of papillomas

Skin formations, which we are talking about today, arise as a result of infection with the human papillomavirus( HPV).He has different forms and is often in the body for many years, without giving out his presence.

Infection can occur in several ways:

  • sexual( including from mother to child born to her);
  • household( through cuts and other minor injuries);
  • transfer of a virus from one site of one's body to another independently.

Doctors say that often the disease is completely asymptomatic and only in certain cases begins to manifest itself.

laser removal of papillomas in Moscow

Awakening of the virus in the body

HPV can be in the body in a dormant state, but some situations can provoke it to transition into an active stage:

  • frequent stress;
  • increased physical activity;
  • weakened immunity( often this occurs during pregnancy);
  • various chronic diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • excess weight;
  • the presence of bad habits.

All these reasons can lead to the appearance of numerous tumors on the body, which will have to be removed.

Stages of development of the disease

If you have found HPV, then keep in mind that the disease goes through four stages of development:

  • latent( asymptomatic finding of the virus in the body);
  • clinical( accompanied by the first appearance of papillomas);
  • dysplasia( increase in virus concentration in cells and change in their structure);
  • carcinoma( transformation of the neoplasm into a malignant tumor).

It is interesting that from the first stage to the second it can take more than ten years, but after the appearance of the first papillomas the development of the disease of the part proceeds rapidly and for a couple of years a person can become the owner of a malignant neoplasm. Therefore, doctors often advise exactly the removal of papillomas. In Moscow, for example, it can be done in numerous clinics specializing in cosmetology procedures.

clinics for the removal of papillomas in Moscow

Diagnosis of the

virus To be sure that you have HPV, you need to pass the simplest analysis. To do this, patients turn to the dermatovenerologist who will quickly give you test results with the help of modern laboratory tests. Most often to determine the presence of HPV, a swab of genital organs is taken.

If the analysis has come positive, it is worth immediately starting to treat the disease. Otherwise your health will only worsen.

Treatment of the


Dermatovenerologists say that it is possible to cope with HPV only with the use of complex measures. They include medical therapy, which suppresses the activity of the virus, and rapid removal of papillomas. In Moscow, to date, you will be offered several methods to get rid of tumors without scars and other traces on the skin:

  • moxibustion;
  • laser removal;
  • destruction by papillomas with liquid nitrogen;
  • radio wave effect;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • surgical intervention.

Each method has its pros and cons, as well as contraindications that must be taken into account when choosing the appropriate procedure.

Laser removal of papillomas

In Moscow, this method is offered to patients more often. And this is not surprising, because it is very effective, does not cause pain, and the recovery period lasts no more than three weeks.

The procedure itself is performed by a directed laser beam, which literally evaporates the neoplasm and seals all the vessels. This does not affect healthy tissue.

After laser removal of papillomas( in Moscow, more than 200 clinics do this), a minor wound remains, completely healing in about a month. In some patients, healing occurs within two weeks. removal of moles and papillomas in Moscow

This method is suitable for removing single and multiple neoplasms in any, even the most delicate areas. Thus, patients can get rid of papillomas on the face, in the groin and in the region of the axillary hollows.

Keep in mind that laser removal has a whole list of contraindications:

  • pregnancy;
  • herpes;
  • common viral infections;
  • local inflammation;
  • various wounds on the skin.

In the case when your physical condition does not allow you to get rid of papillomas, you should take care of your health and only then contact dermatovenereologists.

International Center "ON CLINIC"

Clinics for the removal of papillomas in Moscow are quite numerous, but the medical center "ON CLINIC" has the best reviews. It provides a wide range of services, which includes effective removal of neoplasms.

Most of the procedures are carried out with the help of a laser. The cost of removal depends on the size of the affected area of ​​the skin and the number of tumors. For example, if you need to get rid of two or three papillomas, then it will cost you three thousand rubles. But the removal of numerous neoplasms( up to twenty pieces) will cost six thousand rubles.

If you are planning to remove papillomas in Moscow, patients' comments about the "HE CLINIC" center will help you make a choice in his favor. After all, all patients are very happy with the attitude of doctors, the low cost of the procedure and the absence of side effects. Especially highly appreciated laser removal of papillomas in the clinic is a woman who after pregnancy found on their skin numerous tumors. Employees of the medical center for a few procedures saved them from the problem. Moreover, in the future, there was not even a trace of cosmetic surgery left on the skin.

Please note that here you can perform a procedure such as laser removal of papillomas in the mouth. Not all medical centers are involved in such a complicated operation in Moscow. But the specialists of "ON CLINIC" are ready to help patients even in the presence of numerous tumors in the oral cavity.

Those who plan to remove papillomas in Moscow, you can advise you to contact any of the eight branches of this medical center. More often patients respond positively to the branches of "HE CLINIC" located at the following addresses:

  • Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 30, Apt.2.
  • Vorontsovskaya street, 8, p. 6.
  • Zubovsky Boulevard, 35, building 1.

There are also similar clinics in St. Petersburg and Ryazan.

papillomavirus removal in Moscow


Removing papillomas with liquid nitrogen in Moscow is also very common. This procedure can be prescribed even for children, it has a very small list of contraindications.

The destruction of the neoplasm occurs under the influence of low temperatures. The papilloma loses its sensitivity and acquires a whitish hue. After about two weeks, it disappears, and the wound is delayed after another five weeks. As a result of the use of liquid nitrogen there is no scarring, and no additional anesthesia with medical preparations is required.

Keep in mind that with the help of nitrogen, papillomas are removed in several ways. Most likely, you will need three or four procedures. A significant disadvantage of this method is the fact that it is very difficult for doctors to determine the depth of penetration of the papilloma into the human skin. Therefore, there are cases when it again arises in the same place after a while.

The network of clinics "MedTsentrServis"

It is possible to remove nitrogen in Moscow by one of the network clinics "MedCenterService".This organization has been operating for more than twenty years and successfully helps people to cope with different problems. Especially effective specialists of the clinic in the field of cosmetology. Therefore, patients' feedback on the removal of papillomas is always positive.

On average, getting rid of a neoplasm will cost you two thousand rubles for the procedure. Here you can do laboratory tests, which are necessary for the formulation of the correct diagnosis.

The largest branch of the clinic is located on Aviamotornaya street in the house 41 B. It is convenient that MedCenterService works 24 hours a day, so you can apply here when it is convenient for you.

removal of papillomas in Moscow reviews

Radio wave removal of

In recent years, removal of moles and papillomas in Moscow is performed with the help of a special device that acts on the formation by radio waves. Doctors select the thickness of the electrode for the patient, at the end of which radio wave energy accumulates. Under its influence, the papilloma heats up from the inside and seems to be "cut off".Vessels are instantly sealed, so patients are not exposed to the risk of blood loss. The procedure is not accompanied by painful sensations, and the wound is tightened very quickly, leaving no traces on the skin.

The entire process takes no more than a few seconds, after which the patient can immediately go home or do business.

Clinic of Plastic Surgery "Medial"

The removal of papillomas by the radio-wave method in Moscow is effectively carried out by the specialists of the Medial Clinic. Doctors work on one of the best devices - "Surgitron."It allows you to cope with neoplasms on any part of the body in just a few seconds.

Patients highly appreciate the work of cosmetologists at the clinic, they are called professionals in their field who can find an approach absolutely to any client. Despite the fact that children are rarely prescribed the removal of papillomas by the radio wave method, specialists of this medical center quite effectively help to get rid of small patients from their problems with neoplasms on the skin.

There is a clinic on Leninsky Prospekt, 60.

removal of papillomas in the mouth of Moscow


This method is very effective. The papilloma is affected by a special device that produces high-frequency current. As a result, the neoplasm heats up and collapses, but healthy tissues often suffer. Therefore, the wound is prolonged for a long time, which increases the chances of scarring. But on the other hand, electrocoagulation allows you to fully control the process and remove the papilloma at any depth.

If you plan to use this method, then contact the clinic "Grandsons of Hippocrates".It is located on Zemlyan Val, 20, p. 3. The medical center works from nine in the morning until nine in the evening, you can get here by appointment. On average, the removal of one neoplasm by electrocoagulation will cost the patient six hundred and fifty rubles. Reviews about the work of this clinic are mostly positive. Clients note the goodwill of the staff, the professionalism of doctors and a wide range of services.

Moxibustion and surgical removal of papillomas

Both these methods are now used very rarely. Moxibustion is performed by special means of natural origin. After application of the drugs, the tumor does not disappear with time, but the healing process may take several months.

Surgical intervention is indicated to patients only in two cases:

  • large size of papilloma;
  • presence of malignant neoplasm.

After the procedure, the patient is sealed, which are removed only after a week. Usually, small scars remain on the skin.

Not every clinic will take up surgical excision of the papilloma, but in Moscow you can contact the medical center "ON KLINIC" already mentioned by us. Here, together with the preliminary consultation of the surgeon, the procedure will cost you about four thousand rubles.

removal of papillomas with nitrogen in Moscow

Be attentive to your health and do not be afraid to contact specialized clinics with problems. Modern medicine has a whole arsenal of techniques that will help solve almost any troubles and save you from various neoplasms on the body. Let your skin be beautiful and smooth, because life without papillomas is possible!