BA "Urisan": instructions for use

Supplements have always been very popular among patients. Such natural herbal preparations not only enrich the patient's body with vitamins and minerals, but also remove the existing inflammation, and also contribute to the speedy recovery of a person. urisan user manual

In diseases of articular parts of the body, the "Urisan" remedy is often used. Instructions for use, price, analogs and properties of the drug are provided below.

Form of release of the drug and its composition

The drug "Urisan", the instruction for which is contained in a cardboard pack, is available in the form of 550 mg of capsules. They contain such components as rhizomes of medicinal alpinia, leaves of staminate orthosiphon, rhizomes of long turmeric, grass of horsetail, extracts of rhizomes of medicinal and fragrant ginger.

In addition, the drug in question includes magnesium stearate, aerosil, lactose and starch. In the sale of this product comes in vials of 60 capsules, which are packaged on cardboard packs.

Features of the biological additive

What are Urisan capsules? Instructions for use asserts that this remedy is a natural phytocomplex preparation consisting of medicinal herbs. They contribute to the elimination of inflammation of the joints with gout, arthrosis and arthritis, and also remove urinary salts from the body and prevent their crystallization in the joints.

Properties of dietary supplements

What determines the effectiveness of the drug "Urisan"?Instruction for use reports that the effect of this medication is related to the properties of the ingredients that make up its composition.

Alpinia and ginger have a pronounced antispasmodic effect. They improve digestion, and also have a general tonic effect. urisan user manual

Staminate orthosiphon has diuretic properties. Its diuretic effect is explained by the ability to increase glomerular filtration, which ultimately leads to increased isolation from the body of chlorides, urea and uric acid.

Thus, the use of the capsules in question causes alkalinization of the urine.

One can not help saying that orthosiphon has an antispastic effect on the smooth muscles of the internal organs. This component is useful in kidney diseases( both acute and chronic), which are accompanied by edema, albuminuria, azotemia and the formation of stones.

Features of

What other characteristics are characteristic for a plant such as "Urisan"?Instructions for use, reviews suggest that this supplement to food is good for cystitis, diabetes, urethritis, gout, cholecystitis and gallstone disease. In addition, it is used for diseases of the heart muscle, which are accompanied by excessive edema.

Turmeric is long, contained in this drug, it helps to lower cholesterol in the blood, improve fat metabolism, activate metabolism, normalize digestion processes, stimulate bile formation and antitoxic liver work. In addition, this component has an antispasmodic, diuretic, antioxidant and choleretic effect. Also, turmeric is effective for inflammation( acute or chronic).It should be taken with the aim of improving the functioning of the immune system and for the prevention of cardiac and vascular diseases, infectious and metabolic diseases. urisan user

It can not be said that the field horsetail, which is part of the dietary supplements, is a diuretic. It is used for diseases of the urinary tract, edema and inflammation of the bladder.

Indications for the intake of dietary supplements

When should I use the phytocapsules "Urisan"?Instructions for use asserts that this drug is indicated to the patient as a dietary supplements to normalize the purine metabolism, as well as adjusting the diet in people who monitor the level of uric acid.

Contraindications to the use of dietary supplements

When should I not assign Urisan capsules? Instructions for use( the price of dietary supplements is indicated below) states that this remedy is contraindicated during lactation and hypersensitivity to its substances. Also, the drug in question is not used during pregnancy.

Method of applying dietary supplements

According to the instruction, the capsules "Urisan" should be taken inside during the meal. For adults, this drug is prescribed two capsules twice a day.

As a rule, the course of treatment with this drug is three weeks.

Side effects of

The patient may develop allergic reactions against the background of taking the plant remedy "Urisan".Other side effects this drug does not cause. urisan instructions for use price analogues

Special recommendations

The agent should be taken only as directed by the doctor.

When using dietary supplements, it is necessary to limit the consumption of fatty foods, as well as drink plenty of water.

Price and similar preparations

The cost of "Urisan" is quite high. You can buy 60 capsules for 550-575 rubles.

If this drug is contraindicated to you, then it can be replaced by analogues. They include such drugs as "Fullflex", "Zilorik", "Purinol", "Antisol", "Alopron", etc.

Patients' reviews

Now you know the properties of BA "Urisan".Instructions for use, price, reviews are also presented in this article. urisan application instructions price reviews

Consumers argue that this is a very effective anti-inflammatory drug that favorably affects the joints of the body. However, he has a single minus. Such a drug is very expensive.