How to get rid of a headache without a pill

Very unpleasant when you are attacked by a terrible headache. She wants to get rid of it as quickly as possible, but often there is no desire to use medicine. What to do? Can I quickly get rid of a headache without taking pills? how to get rid of a headache without a pill

In fact, it is not necessary with headache to use drugs from your medicine cabinet. Try to get rid of the pain with the help of simple methods:

1. Using your index finger fingers rub whiskey. Do not press too hard, just make light circular motions. This should help.

2. How to get rid of a headache without a pill? Take a sheet of fresh cabbage large size, attach it to the forehead, at the same time covering and whiskey. It is a method people used in old times to get rid of a headache. Cabbage perfectly removes the headache. Keep the sheet should be at least thirty minutes. For convenience, you can tie the forehead with a kerchief so that the cabbage leaf does not fall off.

3. How to get rid of a headache without a pill while on the job? To do this, lightly rub the lobes of your ears. Do not press too hard. Slowly, without much effort rubbing the lobes of your ears - this will help to calm the pain. You can also ask your colleagues to massage your back. This is excellent for headaches due to improved circulation and increased blood flow from the head.

quickly get rid of headaches

4. What can I drink from a headache? For this, a cup of strong coffee is recommended. But this is only if you have low blood pressure. If it jumped, drink herbal tea with mint or melissa. These herbs effectively lower pressure and soothe.

5. How to get rid of a headache without a pill? You can put your feet in a basin of hot water for five to ten minutes.

6. Strange and very non-standard way of headache, used by our grandmothers - to eat herring. It is not known what the healing power is, but, they say, the pain does go away. And you can chew the seeds of thyme. Essential oil contained in them, helps to relieve spasms and get rid of uncomfortable sensations.

7. If you have an unbearable headache, father-in-law is another effective way to get rid of it. Lay down on a hard surface without a pillow, relax and lie down quietly for an hour. A prerequisite for this method is that the feet and arms should be a short distance from the body. It quickly relaxes, and the pain in the head recedes.

8. How to get rid of a headache without a pill? It is necessary to tie a tight bandage on the forehead. To do this, you can take an ordinary scarf or a thin scarf and tie it around as tightly as possible around your forehead. Go with such a bandage for at least half an hour. The headache should let go.

that you can drink from a headache 9. One of the most effective ways - complete relaxation. To do this, sit in the lotus position, try to achieve complete relaxation. Think about the pleasant - about rest, about the sea, about the future. Relaxation will help to get rid of a headache, and good and kind thoughts will help you tune in to a positive mood and improve your mood.