Candles "Bioprost": instructions for use, composition and reviews

Candles "Bioprost" instruction for use describes as a medicine that has a positive effect on the course of pathological processes in benign prostatic gland formations. In this article, we will review the description of the drug, its composition, reviews and method of application.


Currently, the "Bioprost" suppositories, the instructions for use of which are described below, are available in the form of suppositories reminiscent of wax. Each candle is colored green and has a specific smell. The main components of this remedy are pumpkin oil and thymol.

bioprost candle instructions

Each candle "Bioprost" contains 100 mg of thymol, as well as 500 mg of pumpkin oil. The weight of each suppository is three grams. In addition to medical components, the composition of the remedy also includes auxiliary substances. First and foremost, it is necessary to include the Witepsol. It forms the basis of the drug, which is very strong at room temperature.

This medication is designed in such a way that it begins to melt only at the moment when the candle enters the affected area. It is this effect that allows the drug to cope with its work qualitatively.

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Candles "Bioprost", the instructions for use of which are described in this article, have a very interesting and unusual shape. They look like a cylinder with a slightly pointed tip. If you look closely, each tablet looks like a torpedo. This form of medicine is not accidental. This helps to inject the candle into the human body as quickly and easily as possible.

bioprost candles

Candles "Bioprost", instructions to which are enclosed in each cardboard box, are placed in a contour package. In one such plastic packaging, there are usually five suppositories. Preserve the drug in the refrigerator. The period of its suitability for use is two years from the date of production. Please note that under incorrect storage conditions, the life of the substance is minimized as much as possible.

Pharmacological effects of

The main property of this medication is the normalization of metabolism in the area where the prostate gland is located. However, in addition to this there are other effects that produce candles Bioprost. The instruction for their application lists:

- prevention of the development of various inflammatory processes;

- effective control of skin itch and eczema;

- very quickly and effectively removes painful sensations;

- has a bactericidal effect, destroying harmful microorganisms;

- greatly facilitates the process of urination;

- has a good effect on the general condition of the prostate.

bioprost candles

Indications for use of the

tool Bioprost Candles( instructions, price described in this article) are most often prescribed to men in such cases:

- a disease of prostatitis that has passed into a chronic form;

- the presence of benign formations in the prostate gland, which are accompanied by severe pain.

According to the instructions for use, this drug copes well with bacterial prostatitis. It reduces painful sensations at its chronic stage, and also normalizes the process of urination. Due to the correctly selected components included in the composition, these candles can very quickly enter the prostate without passing through the liver.

bioprost candles

Thus, the active ingredients make a very rapid therapeutic effect. In addition, the drug is not delayed in the digestive system, as well as in the liver. The effect of this effect allows the active substances to penetrate very quickly into the bloodstream of the prostate and to begin the therapeutic effect.

Are there any contraindications to

Candles "Bioprost"( instruction, reviews described below) can not be accepted in all cases. Read the instructions carefully before starting treatment. So, it says that this remedy can not be used if you have a hypersensitivity to at least one of the components that make up the drug. Take all seriousness to your health and do not self-medicate. Consult a doctor who will refer you to an allergist. And he, in turn, will determine whether you can use this drug.

bioprost candles

In fact, when there is no way to use Bioprost, there were not so many, but it's better not to take risks and go through the survey.

Please note that this medication can not be combined with alcohol, as it will reduce the effectiveness of treatment. If you were accompanied by unpleasant sensations during the medication, it is better to contact the doctor right away.

Candles "Bioprost": instruction for use

The price of this medicine ranges from 400-500 rubles per package. The cost will depend on the network of pharmacies and the region where you will make a purchase. By the way, you will be sold it without a prescription from your doctor.

candles bioprost instructions price

The drug is used rectally, that is, it is injected into the rectum. Every day you need to enter one tablet once or twice a day. Please note, the course of treatment should not last more than two weeks. However, in some cases, therapy may be slightly extended, but only an experienced specialist can make this decision.

In order for the drug to act as quickly as possible and have a better effect, before using it, it is necessary to clean the intestines of stool. This can be done naturally or with the use of microclysters. Each candle should be injected into the rectum deeply.

After the procedure the patient needs to lie down about half an hour. If there is a need to introduce several suppositories, then the interval between their use should be at least two hours.

Side effects of

In fact, the "Bioprost" suppositories( instructions for use, price, reviews are indicated in this article) is a fairly harmless drug, therefore the only noticed earlier side effect are various manifestations of allergic reactions. Most often they are expressed in the form of burning and itching in the anus. In some cases, swelling and redness of the area were observed.

Reviews of patients and doctors

Bioprost candles are very much in demand, as they are really very effective solution for the treatment of chronic prostatitis. This drug copes even with the most severe manifestations of diseases, but in this case complex therapy is required.

Patients are very satisfied with the effect, as already a couple of days after the start of treatment pains pass, and the general condition improves. However, the medicine will only be effective if used correctly and regularly. Patients are also pleased with the price of the drug. For one packing it is necessary to pay about 400-500 rubles. For a full course of treatment, two or three packs are usually enough. You can safely be assured that you will not throw this money away for nothing. The results will tell you about yourself, and very quickly you will forget about what a painful manifestation of prostatitis.

A very small percentage of patients who are dissatisfied with the use of this drug, which indicates its high effectiveness.

Keep track of your health, exercise, eat right and get treatment on time, and then you will not know about any diseases.