"BaltGas"( clinic): description, services, patient reviews

The network of medical centers "BaltGas" is a multidisciplinary medical institution that provides assistance to the adult population. Until recently, the clinics were called "Eco", where the main activity was to help in the restoration of reproductive functions and the procedure of artificial insemination. Today, they provide assistance for most of the most sought-after areas of diagnosis and treatment.


"BaltGas" is a clinic of beauty and health where visitors can go through the whole complex of necessary medical services: diagnostics, consultations of specialized specialists, therapy. Also in the center offer a wide range of cosmetic services, including aesthetic surgery. A professional team of doctors has the necessary training, qualification certificates and extensive work experience.

BaltGas is a modern medicine clinic where patients are offered the following types of care:

  • In-depth diagnostics of the organism's state on modern high-precision equipment, clinical and laboratory studies.
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  • Maintain beauty and health in preventive and rejuvenating purposes.
  • Complex treatment of a wide range of diseases.
  • Reproductive diagnostics and treatment.

All clinic services are provided according to VHI policies or commercial costs. Assistance is open to individuals and corporate clients."BaltGas"( clinic) is constantly updating the list of special offers, thanks to which many medical services can save a lot.

Reception in the clinic BaltGas on the street.budapest

General impressions of

The clinic "BaltGas" in Budapest reviews with praiseworthy stories received for the cleanliness in all rooms, fresh repairs, courtesy and courtesy of staff at all levels. Patients wrote that they had never encountered queues in the corridors of the center with queues, on the eve of the visit, each customer was called from the registry with a reminder of the time of reception indicating the name of the doctor to which the visitor was recorded.

Often, doctors offer alternative treatment to patients in exchange for what was prescribed to a visitor in another clinic. This happens if the client comes to receive any procedures, and the closest medical facility is the clinic "BaltGaz" in Budapest. Reviews of such cases are negative and often simply confuse the patient, because for the patient a new stage of diagnosis and prescription begins.

cosmetology in BaltGas clinic

Almost all visitors, regardless of the success of the treatment, wrote that the services in the center are expensive, but no doctor gives guarantees for the cure. It is noted that specialists try to assign as many analyzes as possible, but not the fact that they will rely on the data obtained in the planning of the treatment strategy.

Regular clients of a medical institution have discounts for services, but the administration often changes the conditions for using benefits, and also changes the discount amount at its own discretion. Many admitted that such facts are not frequent, but very annoying.

Some patients have financial claims to the centers of BaltGaz( clinic).Reviews of real people tell us that before the visit they learned the cost of taking and all the necessary procedures, but at the final calculation the amount always changed towards a significant increase, no one could clearly explain the reasons for this phenomenon, even the clinic administration.

Treatment and counseling at BaltGas clinic in Budapest


In the center of "BaltGas" doctors when diagnosed are based on evidence-based methods and prescribe a spectrum of tests designed to confirm or disprove the initial diagnosis. The clinic performs the following types of diagnostics and tests:

  • Laboratory tests( clinical blood tests, feces, urine, as well as serotovic, bacteriological, hematological and other types of studies).
  • Ultrasound examinations( abdominal organs, kidneys and genitourinary system in general, thyroid gland, gynecological examinations, etc.).
  • Electrocardiography( including daily monitoring by the Holter method).
  • Endoscopy( gastroscopy, colonoscopy, colposcopy, sigmoidoscopy).
  • A comprehensive study of the liver.
  • Doppler( carotid, transcranial duplex scanning, transorbital scanning).
  • Thermography( definition of the localization of the disease).
  • Oncoscreening( early diagnosis of neoplasms, predisposition to occurrence, etc.).

Diagnostic Reviews

The BaltGas clinic in Budapest Street has provided many patients with quality care, the doctors received thanks from the cured patients, some of the patients became regular visitors to the clinic. In the reviews it is written that the center has a fairly good diagnostic base, most of the necessary studies are being performed.

clinic baltgas reviews

Negative assessments describe cases of incorrect reading of diagnostic results, but patients emphasize the comfort of all procedures. If you can get results, then in this case many visitors consider it necessary to contact them with other doctors to get an alternative opinion. This situation is caused by the fact that the clinic "BaltGaz" on Budapest Street attracted young doctors who do not have enough experience for a full interpretation of the research.

Assistance directions

Medical center BaltGaz( clinic) offers its clients services in such areas:

  • Therapy, pediatrics, reproductology.
  • Gynecology, urology, mammology.
  • Phlebology, psychology, cardiology.
  • Physiotherapy, otolaryngology.
  • Neurology, gastroenterology.
  • Allergology, dietology, endocrinology.
  • Dermatovenereology, treatment of alcoholism.

In the clinic they pay attention to clients and offer additional services - reflexotherapy, hirudotherapy, massages, ozone therapy, accept individual orders for the manufacture of orthopedic insoles. For the comfort of patients, the inpatient service is based and works.

BaltGas Health and Beauty Clinic, St. Petersburg

Departments of

Several clinics of BaltGas have their own departments, where they render highly professional assistance:

  • Surgery( general, diagnostic, purulent, urological, consultative and diagnostic reception of patients).The clinic performs operations for sclerosing the vessels of the legs.
  • Plastic surgery( facelift, blepharoplasty, mammoplasty, liposuction, intimate plastic, lipofilling, rhinoplasty, etc.).
  • Cosmetology( mezoniti, laser cosmetology, pressotherapy, massage, pyelotherapy, injection procedures, weight loss programs, complexes of measures for rejuvenation, permanent make-up, etc.).
Department of Surgery at BaltGas Clinic St. Petersburg

Find out all

The BaltGas centers offer comprehensive preventive programs for examining such types:

  • Cardiologic checkup( diagnosis of the cardiovascular system).
  • "He + She"( study of the genitourinary system, reproductive organs and functions of men and women).
  • Diagnosis of the thyroid gland.
  • Gynecological program for women( identification of the general condition, diagnosis of diseases in the early stages, reproductive functions and their condition, etc.).
  • Complete examination of the liver( ultrasound, clinical blood tests, consultations of a specialized specialist, etc.).
  • Spine examination( neurology, MRI, CT, electroneurography and other methods of diagnosing the condition, consultations of narrow specialists).
Injection cosmetology in the clinic BaltGas on the street. Budapest

Feedback on the treatment of

"BaltGas"( medical center) received reviews of treatment and specialists with positive reviews for the opportunity to quickly and in a timely manner receive the necessary advice, attentiveness of doctors to complaints from visitors and detailed answers to all questions of interest. Many patients after going to several other medical centers could get a correct diagnosis and treatment only in this institution. Regular clients believe that nowhere else will they be able to get professional diagnostics and doctors' consultations.

Clinic "BaltGas" reviews with negative reviews received from patients who came with serious chronic diseases. This category of visitors repeatedly indicated that doctors are incompetent in their specialties, because they do not notice obvious symptoms and do not read the patient's medical record. Negative assessment of the work of the registry, where employees do not understand the price list and can not give reliable information about the cost of taking, individual diagnostic positions or therapeutic procedures.

Part of the visitors wrote recommendations to potential patients of the center "BaltGas"( clinic).Clients' reviews with neutral reviews indicate that it is only necessary to visit a health facility for preventive examination, classical cosmetology procedures and diagnostic procedures.