Severe pain in the ear. Relieve pain at home?

Why does earache occur? It is quite easy to remove the pain in this organ, but before that, one must identify the cause of its development. Treatment of such an unpleasant phenomenon should be directed not at eliminating the symptoms, but at completely eliminating the existing disease. pain in the ear to relieve pain

The main causes of

Before you remove the pain in your ear, you should determine why this condition has arisen.

According to experts, the pain in the hearing aid is a fairly common symptom, which worries not only children but also adults. Such a pathological condition may arise due to:

  • of inflammatory diseases of the ears( eg, otitis) or adjacent organs;
  • lesions of the auditory nerve and nervous system;
  • pathologies of neighboring organs( ENT organs, neck, brain, vessels, etc.);
  • of tumor processes.

The nature of pain

What is the pain in the ear? The pain in this organ can only be removed by a doctor, relying on symptoms. With various diseases such unpleasant sensations can have different character. They can be stabbing, shooting, pressing and pulsing. Also, the pain in the ear is often accompanied by other signs. The patient should tell the patient about it in order to facilitate the doctor's process of setting the right diagnosis, which will allow him to prescribe an effective treatment.

Causes of unpleasant sensations in healthy people

Why do healthy people have earache? To remove the pain in this condition is possible for the patient himself, since such feelings do not always indicate the presence of a particular disease. how to relieve pain in the ear

Sometimes a similar phenomenon occurs in a healthy person:

  • After long walks in cool or windy weather. According to reports of specialists, if the auditory organs are affected by strong wind gusts, including cold winds, then a painful bruise develops in the person. It can be seen on the skin of the ear in the area of ​​the lesion. Such a bruise has a cyanotic shade and eventually becomes painful. As a rule, such a condition passes independently without the use of any medical procedures.
  • Quite common cause of pain in the ears is often bathing in ponds or pool without special gags. This phenomenon is called "swimmer's ear."It occurs when water enters the external auditory canal, which contributes to the softening of the skin and the formation of puffiness. If this condition is frequent, it can provoke external otitis media.
  • Why can there be pain in the ear? You can remove pain in the hearing aid by means of its banal cleansing. After all, this state is often the result of excessive production of earwax. By the way, people who neglect personal hygiene, except pain, can very often feel noise and stuffiness in the ears. What is the reason for this? The fact is that, accumulating in large quantities, sulfur clogs the auditory canals, thereby causing pain and other unpleasant sensations. to remove ear pain at home

One can not help saying that pain, as well as dryness in the ears, often indicate a lack of earwax. As a rule, such feelings arise for people who are too clean, who clean the auditory canals several times a day.

Diseases that cause pain in the ears

If none of the above causes your pain in the ears are not related, then most likely, this is due to a disease.

Most often, the ear hurts( how to relieve the pain we will tell you a little lower) in those people who suffer from external, middle or internal otitis. Only an experienced otolaryngologist can make such a diagnosis, on the basis of the analyzes and personal examination of the patient.

It can not be said that such feelings can be associated with the development of perichondritis, that is, inflammation of the skin covering the cartilage of the auricle, as well as the furuncle in the ear.

Pain after injury

Ear injuries very often cause pain. They can arise because of: sore ear how to relieve pain

  • of ear wounds;
  • barotrauma, that is, a sudden increase in pressure inside the tympanic membrane( for example, with sharp or loud sounds);
  • presence of a foreign body in the ear canal;
  • frostbite or burns of the auricle, as well as skin in the ear area;
  • ruptures of the tympanic membrane( for example, after falling into the ears of a foreign body).

How to relieve pain in the ear?

Only an experienced otolaryngologist can answer this question. As a rule, the treatment of such pain depends on the reasons for its development. Therefore, many experts do not recommend getting rid of unpleasant feelings on their own. It is better to go to the hospital, where experienced doctors can not only diagnose, but also pick up the necessary treatment regimen.

So how to remove the pain in the ears of a child and an adult? If unpleasant sensations in the ears are associated with inflammatory diseases, then you should immediately contact an otolaryngologist. Before visiting the doctor to ease their condition, patients are advised to take the following measures:

  • to drip into the nasal cavity of the drop, facilitating breathing;
  • to drip into the diseased ear three drops of a 1% solution of "Dioxydin";
  • once take the antipyretic.

Such measures will make it possible to shine with pain and calmly wait for your turn to a specialist. how to remove the pain in the child

Therapy for injuries

If the pain in the ears arose due to a bruise, then the first day of injury can be applied locally cold. Then on the second or third day should be carried out thermal procedures( for example, use iodine nets, warming the compress and stuff).

In case of severe injuries, immediately contact a trauma center.

In case of ear burns, the first help to the injured person depends on the extent of the lesion:

  • If there is only redness, you should lubricate the skin with a solution of alcohol.
  • If a second degree burn was obtained, as a result of which bubbles appeared on the skin, it is necessary to rinse the place with cold water, and then apply a clean bandage and immediately consult a doctor.
  • In case of severe burn, visit the emergency department as soon as possible.

If the eardrum ruptures, cover the ear with a cotton swab and then contact the hospital.

If a foreign body has entered the auditory canal, then in no case can it be removed independently. This should be done by an experienced ENT doctor.

Standard treatment

What if the ear hurts the child? To remove the pain that has arisen for no apparent reason, it is possible in the following way:

  • Make an alcohol compress on the ear. For this, a piece of gauze is impregnated with alcohol and applied to the diseased area. Then it is covered with cellophane, then warmed with a woolen or cotton shawl.
  • If the pain in the ear is too strong, then you can take painkillers.
  • Also, with strong ear pains, special drops are often used( for example, "Otipax").hurts baby

How to relieve ear pain at home?

For pain in the ears, such folk remedies can be very helpful, such as:

  • Instilling in the ear of warm almond or nut oil.
  • Compression of beets welded in honey.
  • Washing your ears with a strong infusion of chamomile.
  • Putting a tampon in the ear canal with onion or garlic juice.
  • Injection of a weak infusion of melissa.
  • Use of drops made from alcohol tincture of propolis and honey in a ratio of 1: 1( 3 drops a day, at bedtime).