Massage for men

There are several types of massages that make both men and women. The most common of them - therapeutic, relaxing and intimate massage. There are no people who would deny themselves the pleasure of relaxing after workdays. Each man chooses for himself certain relaxation methods: alcohol, rest in the company of friends, sit comfortably in front of the TV, sleep, and the most useful way for health - massage.

Preparatory stage

Depending on the type of massage, it is necessary to prepare a "workplace".For example, therapeutic massage should be done on a hard couch or table. Access to the patient should be on all sides of the table. Its width should be medium. On the surface of the couch or table is best to put a thick blanket to the man was comfortable lying.

An intimate or relaxing massage for a man can be done in bed, but it is best to use the floor, with a blanket laid on it. Make a soft muffled light in the room, light wax and aromatic candles, for relaxation, include pleasant music. With any massage, use a small amount of special massage or baby oil so that your hands slide more easily over the body, without causing discomfort to the patient.

Your uniform will also make the necessary entourage: for a normal and relaxing massage, a home-made clothing set is suitable, and for an intimate - a beautiful sexy openwork underwear. Good preparation will help to adjust the man to the correct perception of the sensations of massage.

Massage Therapy for Men

Therapeutic massage should not be done to a person who does not have certain knowledge and skills, as it is possible to harm the patient. In order to treat your man with a massage, you need to take courses that teach the necessary basics and techniques.

Here are some tips on how to massage a man:

  1. Massage starts with stroking, then gradually begin grinding, kneading, squeezing, pressing, and, if necessary, percussion techniques. Each kind of technique, you should try to pat your skin.
  2. Begin massage from the back, then massage the neck, the inside of the arm, then the shoulder, elbow, forearm and hand. Pull your arm up and repeat in the same sequence the technique of massage. Then the opposite hand is also massaged.
  3. After the hands, pay attention to the pelvic area of ​​the man: the lower back, the sacrum, buttocks, thighs. After moving to the knee joint, caviar muscle and heel tendon. Do the same manipulations with the other leg. For hygiene purposes, the sole, fingers and heels are massaged last.
  4. Turn the patient over on the stomach, massage the far half of the chest and arm, and then the near side of the chest with the other hand. Again a light massage of the hips, knee joints, shins, feet.
  5. Complete the massage for men by massaging the abdomen and lightly stroking the entire body.

After such a session your man will relax, gain strength and will feel wonderful.

Relaxing massage for men

Before you begin relaxing procedures, you need to warm up your body with a slight stroking, tingling, rubbing the skin of the body. So, a relaxing massage for men is performed on the back, neck, abdomen, arms, legs and fingertips. And you need to start it from the fingertips, slowly moving to the center of the body. The limbs are massaged evenly, clasping each hand and foot with the fingers.

Buttocks are prone to more determined actions: moderate tingling and slapping. To a man completely relaxed, do not miss a single millimeter of the body, do not forget to stroke the inside of the hands, focus on the strong male neck.

Intimate massage for men

Having created an intimate atmosphere in the room and dressed in sexy underwear, offer your man a relaxing massage that can inadvertently turn into an intimate one. After all, with relaxing massage, the external tension is removed, but at the same time another sexual tension is created. In intimate massage for men, you can use any improvised materials, for example: feather, silk fabric, hair, etc. And also use all parts of your own body: tongue, nipples, chest, fingertips, lips and other.

The most erogenous zones in men are the feet, nipples, groin, and, of course, the penis and testicles. Pay maximum attention to massage these parts of the body. Show your imagination, because it depends on your skill: how spectacular the outcome of the intimate massage will be.