Kolit heart. What to do and how to improve the situation

Pain sensations in the chest - a sure sign that you need to see a cardiologist. There are such pains because of Colitis heart. What to do? diseases of the spine, abnormalities in the internal organs and nervous system. And also under stress, an adrenaline rush is released, which narrows the blood vessels, and spasm occurs. At the same time, blood circulation in the heart is disturbed, which is manifested by lack of oxygen, heaviness in the chest, tingling pain. As a result, the heart strongly colitis. What to do in such situations, you will be answered only by an experienced specialist.

Symptoms of cardiovascular disease

Ischemic heart disease. Collective concept, which includes more than thirty diseases. The most famous of them are myocardial infarction and angina pectoris. The reason is insufficient blood supply to the myocardium, as a result of which serious changes occur. If the painful spasm with this diagnosis lasts more than half an hour, the cells die, and a heart attack occurs.

Angina pectoris.

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With this disease, pain occurs after physical or emotional stress. Usually they are compressive, pressing, burning, giving to the left arm or shoulder. Lasts for 10 minutes and removed with nitroglycerin.

Myocardial infarction. When there is a very strong colitis, what should I do if there is an attack of angina pectoris with a prolonged at a deep inspiration colitis heart?At such a time you need to be under the supervision of doctors. Pain in angina pectoris is practically no different from pre-infarction pain. Very often this condition is carried on the legs, which leads to complications.

Myocarditis. Begins its development after some infectious diseases. At the same time, malaise is felt, constant pain in the heart, palpitations, shortness of breath.

Pericarditis. Inflammatory disease of the pericardium( cardiac sac), which keeps the heart in a normal position, prevents the penetration of infection and maintains normal pressure in the chambers of the heart. The initial stage of the disease is accompanied by dull pain in the heart, gradually there is shortness of breath and rapid heart rate.

Mitral valve prolapse. In cardiology is a fairly new diagnosis, which appeared in connection with the use of an ultrasound device - an echocardiograph. A characteristic feature of this disease is the excessive bending of the valve walls under blood pressure. If the heart is colitis, what to do with this diagnosis? Usually the pain is of an uncertain nature, it can be mild or dull. And if at inspection of serious infringements it is not revealed, special treatment is not required.

"Non-cardiac" causes of pain

Intercostal neuralgia manifests itself as a kind of symptom: with a deep inhalation of colitis the heart, the character of heart pain does not change from the change in the position of the body, pain in the heart after alcohol disturbs the rhythm of the pulse, the pressure rises or falls. At the same time, nitroglycerin works well enough - after reception the pain completely disappears. The cause of this disease is osteochondrosis in various manifestations.

Very often you can hear complaints about pain in the heart after alcohol. And it's not surprising, because alcohol is considered a cellular poison that destroys the heart muscle and increases blood pressure. Having spent several years of such a "cheerful life", you can very easily get alcoholic microcardiastrophy of the heart.

If the heart is colitis, what to do, the expert will always tell. Therefore, you should explain in detail your condition during pain in the heart of the treating doctor. It is this approach that will make it possible to correctly assign treatment and keep the heart in good condition.