Analogues of "Valdoksana", their comparison and reviews

Depression is a serious disease that requires medical treatment. Unfortunately, the prevalence of this pathology in recent years is very high, so the demand for a group of drugs, such as antidepressants, increases every year.

Why do I need antidepressants?

Depression is reactive and endogenous. In the first case, it is a reaction to severe stress, any external stimulus. The psychic of a person is sometimes able to overcome this ailment independently or with the help of psychotherapist's sessions. Endogenous depression has internal causes, namely the imbalance of biogenic amines: serotonin, noradrenaline, melatonin, or dopamine. When any of these neurotransmitters is not enough, depression gradually begins to develop. And to cope with it is possible, medicamentally eliminating the deficiency of the missing amine.

Thus, all antidepressants are divided into groups, each of which serves as a means for restoring a certain neurotransmitter. The preparation and analogues of "Valdoxan" belong to the group of serotonin antidepressants, that is, the active component of these drugs promotes the accumulation of this substance in the brain and prevents its decomposition by inhibition and re-uptake.

analogues of valdoxane

"Valdoxan" - indications for the prescription of

Analogues of "Valdoxan" are prescribed by a doctor after the detection of depression. The main symptoms are a persistent inability to experience positive emotions and all the resulting conditions: a sense of depression, depression, irritation. Sometimes a patient with depression can completely lose the ability to experience any, even negative emotions, feeling complete indifference to everything. And sometimes there are somatic forms of depression, that is, the expression of symptoms through a physical malady. For example, a patient can complain of uncaused pain, fainting, insomnia, fatigue, decreased sexual interest.

The doctor determines by symptomatology what type of antidepressant is suitable in this case. And if there is a need to increase the amount of serotonin, analogues of "Valdoxan" are prescribed. The application gives a tangible effect already in the first days of admission: a person begins to feel a surge of energy, an increase in mood. But take the remedy a few months. It is noteworthy that analogues of "Valdoxan", unlike other antidepressants, do not affect libido.

valdoxan analogues reviews

The advantage of the drug is the minimum number of side effects. The calming effect is reflected solely in the depth of sleep, in the daytime the person taking Valdoxane, analogs, substitutes, does not experience retardation.

However, there are a number of contraindications, when reception is better:

  • age to 18 years;
  • reception of other antidepressants;
  • hepatic impairment;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • lactose intolerance;
  • intolerance to agomelatine.

An approximate effect is provided by analogues of "Valdoxan" in tablets, which can be found below.


"Azafen" has another active component than "Valdoxan", but belongs to the same group of drugs and has a similar mechanism of action. But if "Valdoksan" is able to cope with a pronounced depressive disorder, then "Azafen" is indicated for depression of mild and moderate severity.

The advantage of the drug is its low price, in comparison with Valdoxan, which is partly due to Russian production. In addition, among the contraindications there is no risk of developing glaucoma, in contrast to most drugs for the treatment of depression. Also, the drug showed itself in the therapy of depressive disorders against the background of drinking alcohol.


Analogues, generics available from the German preparation "Valdoksan", must be supplemented with Neuroplant. It has a plant composition, that is, it is completely natural. The main active ingredient is St. John's wort extract, which gently removes from a depressive state. Unlike St John's wort in its natural form, the extract has a more concentrated composition, and one tablet contains a dosage that can not be obtained by taking a herbal drink from a plant or tincture.

valdoxan analogues of generics

If you consider the analogues available in the "Valdoxan" preparation, the responses about "Neuroplant" will be predominantly positive. This is due to the fact that the drug has no side effects. Contraindication to taking the remedy is increased sensitivity to St. John's wort or a previously noted allergy to herbal remedies.


The instruction for use available from the "Valdoxan" agent, analogues of which we are considering, indicates that the main active substance of the drug is called agomelatine. The same substance as the main component is available and the "Venlafaxine".

The use of venlafaxine is not recommended in cases of heart and vascular disease, as well as in cases of body weight disorders: its severe deficiency or excess. The advantage of the drug is low cost. Because of the negative effect of the drug on the vascular system, it should not be taken to people who suffer from glaucoma or who have a high risk of developing it, for example, because of a hereditary factor.


The French antidepressant "Melitor" is indicated for patients with depressive disorders, provided that the patient does not belong to the group of elderly people, pregnant and lactating women, as well as having a history of dementia. Clinical trials of the effect of the drug have not been conducted, so there is no way to talk about the safety of Melitor for this category of people.

Reviews of patients taking the drug, suggest that its highest effectiveness is seen with depressive disorders of mild and moderate severity. In particular, the drug showed its effectiveness as a preventive agent, for example, after severe stress. Of course, such prevention should take place after the appointment of a doctor and under his supervision.

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The preparation "Valdoksan", the instruction for its use must be carefully studied before taking the drug, there are generics that have an antidepressant effect due to the anti-anxiety effect. These drugs include "Paroxetine".

The agent is indicated for use in the treatment of depression caused by severe stress or chronic anxiety. In this case, the drug has a complex effect: on the one hand, it eliminates the cause of depression, on the other, eliminates its symptoms and promotes recovery.


"Sertralin" is an antidepressant, indications for which are: depression, panic disorder, the consequences of severe stress. The drug has a high level of effectiveness. But, at the same time, has a wide list of side effects from various body systems: cardiovascular, immune, digestive, nervous, respiratory and genito-urinary.

valdoxane analogues substitutes

In the event that the drug is well tolerated by the patient, it produces an excellent therapeutic effect. If a person has a recurring course of depression, the remedy can be used as a prophylaxis in small doses.


The description of the preparation "Valdoksan" for analogues can be found from the active substance. A similar "Valdoxan" composition, and, consequently, the action, has the drug "Agomelatin".With a moderate depression, the apparent improvement effect occurs after two weeks of taking the drug.

In the course of special studies it was found that the effectiveness of "Agomelatine" is approximately the same as that of other antidepressants with the same composition and action. However, it is transferred much better. The patients participating in the study did not experience any dizziness, nausea and sexual disorders typical of antidepressants.

How to choose a drug?

When choosing a drug such as "Valdoksan"( instructions for use, reviews, analogues of which we are considering), it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of a doctor. Each described means has a different degree of effect on the body, so the doctor selects the drug based on the patient's condition. A mild depressive disorder requires a drug with one concentration of active substance, severe depression is another.

In addition, all described drugs differ in the number and severity of side effects. If the patient has somatic pathologies, then some form of release of an antidepressant similar to "Valdoxanum", he may be contraindicated.

Valdoxan analogues in tablets

To understand whether the drug is correctly selected or not, it can be approximately 2-3 weeks from the day of the beginning of the reception. The effectiveness of some drugs is evident on the 3-4 day of admission. If a person during this period felt the improvement, take the drug in accordance with the appointment of a doctor, about 6 months, gradually reducing the dose for smooth cancellation.

It is important to know that with a repeated course of taking antidepressants, the time taken to take them usually increases. Therefore it is extremely important to complete the course of administration correctly in order to avoid relapses.

When choosing analogues of "Valdoxan" it is important to consider their cost. To ensure that a long reception of the product does not hit the budget, it is necessary to choose a suitable drug for the price.

General recommendations for the admission of

After the doctor has prescribed "Valdoxan" or one of its analogs, you need to know about the advice that will reduce the severity of side effects.

Valdoxan instructions for use analogues

In the first two weeks of taking side effects may occur regardless of precautions. Usually they pass by themselves.

"Serotonin" antidepressants are characterized by increased energy, so take them better in the morning. In this case, a surge of strength will not cause nervousness. By evening, the flow of energy is gradually exhausted, and then there will be no disturbance of sleep.

In order to avoid the unpleasant consequences of taking antidepressants, it is necessary to discuss with the doctor the compatibility of the chosen drug with other medicines, even if it is painkillers, vitamins or dietary supplements.

Categorically not recommended during the course of "serotonin" antidepressants to take alcohol. It should be careful with preparations on a plant basis. For example, ordinary St. John's wort tea or tincture of ginseng can enhance the action of the antidepressant, which leads to increased side effects or even an overdose.

When buying drugs for a long-term course, it is important to pay attention to the expiration date of all packs of the drug. Take even slightly overdue antidepressant categorically prohibited.

In compliance with the above-described rules of the warranty, the instruction attached to the "Valdoxan" preparation is provided, analogues will also be received by the body without unpleasant consequences, and will allow to cope with such a disease as depression.