Effective Folk Remedies for Weight Loss

In our time, most people are faced with the problem of excess weight. It is not only aesthetic. The presence of excess weight in the body is often a stimulating factor and the cause of many serious human diseases, such as heart disease and varicose veins. From the presence of excess weight a person acquires complexes, he is dissatisfied with his appearance, becomes aggressive and irritable, he starts psychological problems. This leads to an overload of the nervous system and exacerbation of existing chronic diseases.

In this case, it will be most appropriate to use folk remedies for weight loss. This is explained by the fact that folk diets and weight loss methods are time-tested and have become the most comfortable for a person. Of course, one day or a week with their help is unlikely to manage to lose weight, but this will be just the case when your weight loss will be right, without prejudice to health. Lose weight folk remedies means to remove fat and slag, restore the correct metabolism, and not to expel water from the body with the help of unknown tablets. With a competent approach to this weight loss, you do not face a return to excess weight.

If you consider the reviews of folk remedies for weight loss, then one can single out the following.

Sea kale ( kelp).In this alga, a large content of trace elements and minerals. This is iodine, chromium, calcium, selenium, zinc, bromine, nickel, vanadium, iron compounds. Laminaria is rich in vitamins A, C, D and Group B, salts of alginic acid and proteins. It is also used in the treatment of salt deposition, atherosclerosis and radiation damage. It is very helpful in the treatment of obesity, since it has the ability to absorb a large amount of liquid and when it enters the stomach fills it, causing a feeling of satiety. The mineral substances that enter into it contribute to the purification of the body from slags. Knowingly it is included in the composition of many biological supplements, which are then presented as folk remedies for weight loss. But it should be borne in mind that the sea kale preserved with the use of vinegar loses some of its medicinal properties.

Corn. Corn stigmas in large quantities contain vitamins E, C, K, R and PP, vitamins B, inositol, saponins, glycoside-like substances, alkaloids, oils, plant sterols. Corn stigmas are widely used as folk remedies for weight loss, as they reduce appetite without causing harm to health. Often they are used to treat the liver and biliary tract, bladder and kidneys. To get the effect, it is enough to take one tablespoon of broth from the corn stigmas before each meal for 20-30 minutes.

Highland bird. It contains tar and tannins, caffeic acid, wax, carotene, reduced sugars. Preparations from it are used not only for obesity, but also for diabetes mellitus, violation of salt balance, polyarthritis, gout, etc. However, taking an infusion of a bird's highlander is precautionary, having first consulted a doctor.

Cabbage for garden. The most effective folk remedies for losing weight is the usual white cabbage. The value of cabbage is determined by its biological and chemical composition. It contains proteins, B vitamins, vitamins C, H and E, carotene, organic acids, folic and nicotinic acids, amino acids( lysine, tryptophan, tyrosine), magnesium, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, sodium, nickel, calcium, other microelementsand fiber. It is the fiber that affects the microflora and motor function of the intestine. Cabbage contains tartronic acid, which does not allow sugar to turn into fat and protects the body from the development of obesity. Tarton acid is destroyed only by heat treatment, when cabbage is sour, it remains. In addition to eating the most white cabbage, it is recommended to take freshly squeezed juice before eating.