Mastodinone tablets.

In the modern world, women's health is given a lot of attention, new and new drugs are being prepared for the treatment of gynecological diseases. If you look at the incidence rate, then women can take the pathology of the mammary glands first. And such a spread of these diseases have recently. The thing is that the mammary glands are very sensitive to the influence of pathological agents, such as: hormonal failure, hypothermia, inflammatory reactions in the body.

One of the drugs that are directed directly at the mammary glands are Mastodinone tablets. This drug can be used in women of any age, from the age of 12 years. The misconception is that the drugs of this group can be used in girls only after reaching puberty. If the clinical symptoms indicate the presence of the disease, then they must be eliminated.

Mastodinone tablets are made up of several active ingredients, which makes this drug universal for breast diseases, and not only.

The preparation contains the following substances:

- Vitex agnus castus

- Caulophyllum thalictroides

- Cyclamen

- Ignatia

- Iris

- Lilium lancifolium

In addition to these medicinal substances, Mastodinone contains starch, magnesium and lactose. About these auxiliary substances can not be forgotten, because sometimes women are intolerant of one of the components.

Mastodinone in tablets belongs to the group of homeopathic remedies, the main indications for which are:

- mastopathy of any form

- pronounced clinical symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

- disruption of the cyclicity of menarchies

- complex therapy of female infertility, with predominant deficiency of the yellow body

after abortions on late terms, in order to prevent mastitis

- an addition to the treatment of climacteric syndrome.

This drug as a monotherapy is used very rarely, most often it is prescribed in conjunction with other hormonal drugs.

Mastodinone tablets have a number of contraindications to the appointment, which must be taken into account both by the doctor and the patient himself. The most frequent contraindication to the appointment of all drugs is individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to one of the components. Not always it can be the basic active substance, allergic reaction to auxiliary substances is possible. Pregnancy and lactation are also contraindications for taking Mastodinone.

It should be remembered that the drug is not intended for the treatment of malignant neoplasms, therefore its use in this situation is inexpedient. Age contraindication - children under 12 years. The rest of the population can be given this medication, provided there are no contraindications and evidence.

Mastodinone tablets are applied twice a day for one piece for at least three months. Disappearance of the symptoms of the disease after regular intake of the drug occurs after 5-6 weeks, however, if after this the symptoms resume, it is necessary to consult specialists.

In chronic inflammatory processes of the mammary glands, the drug is applied for three months, then the break is 5-6 months. In this case, it is necessary to carry out a breast examination and a mammogram.

Mastodinone and alcohol( or cigarettes) are an unsuccessful combination. After all, it is proved that nicotine and alcohol suppress the action of homeopathic remedies, so their joint intake is unacceptable.

The combined use of Mastodinone and any other medicines should be discussed with the attending physician.