Detralex: side effects and contraindications for use

Chronic venous diseases are common today, unfortunately, very widely. They are connected in most cases with circulatory disorders. Preparations for the treatment of such diseases can be used different. Often when problems with veins doctors prescribe to patients, for example, the drug "Detraleks".This remedy helps many diseases of this group. But, of course, can cause the patient to use the drug "Detralex" and side effects. The reviews confirm this. He also has some contraindications.

Composition of the drug

The active substances of the drug "Detralex" are hesperidin and diosmin. This drug is also produced in the form of coated tablets. The active components of the preparation are micronized. Therefore, they penetrate into the blood very quickly. These tablets start to work within half an hour after taking. After 11 hours, the drug is excreted from the body with urine and feces.

detralex side effects

The active substance of the drug Detralex diosmin has a beneficial effect on vascular tissue, reducing their permeability and strengthening. Hesperidinom same doctors called normal vitamin R. Its main purpose is to reduce the sensitivity of problem areas. Also this substance removes inflammation.

As auxiliary components in the drug "Detrolex" there are magnesium stearate, gelatin, talc, cellulose, macrogol 6000, sodium laurisulfate. These pills are delivered to pharmacies and clinics in blisters. The latter are packed in cardboard boxes in two or one. Each tablet of Detralex contains 450 mg of diosmine and 50 mg of hesperidin.

Indications for use

Assign this medication to patients with such problems they have:

  • venous dilatation;

  • chronic lymphovenous insufficiency;

  • acute or chronic hemorrhoids.

In addition, quite often physicians use this medicine during the preparation for surgery for the treatment of veins. This drug is prescribed in postoperative periods.

detralex reviews side effects

Drug "Detralex": side effects of

This drug is transferred by patients even with prolonged reception is usually good. However, if used improperly or because of the individual characteristics of the organism in patients drinking Detralex, side effects can sometimes manifest themselves. Most often it's nausea and vomiting. The patient can also feel pain in the epigastric region. Sometimes patients who take this medicine develop diarrhea.

In some cases, Detralex gives side effects from the nervous system. It manifests itself usually in the form of dizziness. In addition, the patient may worsen overall health.

The most common side effects of Detralex are not too obvious. Doctors in case of nausea or, for example, headache, even usually do not recommend stopping the course of treatment started with the use of this medication. After a while all the uncomfortable symptoms usually pass. The Detralex remedy is canceled only if an allergy occurs to any of its components.

Side effects on the heart of "Detralex" during the course does not give. He can exert negative influence mainly only on the digestive tract and nervous system. The rest of the organs this drug does not affect.

detralex side effects and contraindications

Contraindications to the use of

Both doctors and their patients consider the Detralex remedy to be a mild medication. Side effects in patients, as already mentioned, it causes rarely. However, of course, like any other medicine, this drug has various kinds of contraindications. To such concerns first of all children's age. Patients under 18 years of age are not prescribed this medicine. Perhaps, this medicine does not cause any special harm to the growing organism and does not cause. However, his action on children, unfortunately, was not studied.

Also, of course, you can not take this drug to people who are allergic to any substances in its composition.

Another contraindication to the use of "Detralex" tablets, the side effects from the use of which in this case can really appear, is the lactation period. Whether the substance penetrates into breast milk and is able to harm the child - unfortunately, it is not known about this medicine. Studies in this regard have also not been conducted.

Contraindications: how an allergy can manifest

Reviews about "Detralex", side effects giving a little, the network is not bad. It helps this patient well. However, it is certainly impossible to take it when hypersensitivity to the components. The allergy to the components of this drug in humans can be manifested in different ways.

Magnesium stearate, for example, usually causes an itch in a patient with increased sensitivity. Very strong in some people can be a reaction to gelatin. This type of allergy manifests itself first of all in a strong deterioration of health. Also, a person can have symptoms such as:

  • swelling of the face, larynx and mouth;

  • abdominal pain;

  • redness of the skin and itching.

detrimental side effects

Often, people develop an allergic reaction to sodium lauryl sulfate. It can manifest itself in this case, even, for example, the occurrence of ulcers in the mouth. With allergies to "Macrogol 6000" a person usually has swelling, urticaria, and even bronchospasm. Sometimes people develop hypersensitivity to talcum powder. Symptoms of intolerance to this component of are also swelling.

The main substances of Detralex in patients with an allergic reaction are rare. In general, diosmin and hesperidin have only positive effect on the body. Vitamin R, on the contrary, is sometimes used to treat allergies.

What can happen with an overdose of

These are the side effects and contraindications of Detralex medication. Unfortunately, studies of the effect of this drug on the body in case of an overdose have not been carried out. In this regard, the remedy is considered relatively safe. However, if you suspect an overdose, the patient should still rinse the stomach just in case.

Are there contraindications for pregnancy

Side effects of Detralex are rare. However, in the , the period of feeding the baby, this drug, as already mentioned, can not be drunk. As for pregnancy, in this case there are no special restrictions on taking Detralex. Appointed to women waiting for the child, this medicine can either with varicose veins, or with thrombosis, hemorrhoids, or even simply with heaviness in the legs.

It is not recommended to take Detralex to pregnant women only in the first trimester. However, during this period it is prohibited to use not only this drug, but also most others.

detralex side effects instructions for use

Compatibility with alcohol

Simultaneously with alcohol, this drug to drink, of course, in any case impossible. This is stated, among other things, directly in the instructions for the use of Detralex. Side effects of medication with such a combination can manifest themselves in fact very serious. The fact is that alcohol can greatly increase blood pressure and always dilates the walls of blood vessels. As a result, the body receives a sharp influx of blood and begins to form stagnation where it accumulates. Detralex significantly strengthens all these processes. Because of this veins can simply not withstand the load, which will lead to internal bleeding.

Is it possible to take drivers

In this regard, the drug "Detralex" has absolutely no contraindications. According to the results of the conducted studies, it does not have a negative effect on the human reaction. For the same reason, it is possible to conduct a course of treatment using Detralex, including people forced to work with complex mechanisms.

Instructions for use

Side effects of Detralex when using for the treatment of varicose or hemorrhoids , therefore, is rare. You can take it to almost all people. Exception in this case is made only by children and lactating women. However, to drink this medicine, of course, follows, exactly following the recommendations of the doctor. Otherwise, the drug to the body, unfortunately, can also do much harm.

With vein disease, this medication is usually given in the amount of two tablets per day. In this case, the actual scheme of reception depends on the specific period of treatment. In the first week, doctors usually recommend one tablet in the morning and one in the evening. Starting from the 14th day, the patients are transferred to a one-time meal of two tablets with meals.

When hemorrhoids treatment course, Detralex is also divided into two periods. The first four days the patient is usually recommended to take 6 tablets a day - 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. On the fifth day the scheme changes. The patient is prescribed to drink 4 tablets a day - 2 in the evening and the same in the morning.

detralex side effects instructions

What analogues of the drug can be used

What can be replaced with any contraindications or side effects of Detralex? There are many analogues of on the market. For example, lactating women instead of taking " Detralex" inside sometimes use a massage cream from hemorrhoids "Tentorium" externally. This natural product is made on the basis of bee products.

Varicosity in the lactation period instead of Detralex can be treated, for example, using the drug Pentylin. Also in this case "Tental" is often used. Breastfeeding women can be used to alleviate the condition of varicose veins and all sorts of useful medicinal external remedies. It can be, for example, gel "Lyoton" or heparin ointment.

In children, varicose veins are usually treated with folk remedies. You can drink a child, for example, a nettle broth or infusion of nutmeg. Preliminary, of course, should consult with your doctor. Of the drugs for the treatment of varicose veins in children can be used, for example, "Cardiomagnolo"( infants - intravenously), "Fleobia Diosmin", aspirin. Also, children often use antihistamines - Claritin, Fenistil, Loratodin.

With allergies to the main active ingredients, Detralex can be replaced, for example, with Ekkuzan. Active component of this drug is escin. This product is available in the form of tablets.

Patients' comments about Detralex

The opinion about this drug was very good even in patients. According to many people, this drug is effective in case of problems with the veins. However, as some patients have noted, the beneficial effect of its in this disease does not appear immediately. The patient who has chosen this medication for treatment will have to have patience. After passing the same course, judging by the reviews, the effect of using this drug is very long.

There are good and many patients who took Detralex from hemorrhoids, reviews. Side effects of in this case, the drug also almost does not. The first results of treatment they can be noticed already on the second day after the beginning of the reception.

Some patients consider the lack of this drug to be only that it actually affects the stomach quite negatively. This is a side effect of Detralex, reviews of the which are otherwise mostly positive, manifests itself in patients quite often. To drink this medicine to people with weak GIT, many are advised with caution.

Take these pills, according to many patients, it is convenient. The sizes they have are small and are swallowed well. Therefore, they do not need to be chewed. To the drawbacks of of this drug, many patients refer basically to its rather high cost. This drug is sold in pharmacies for about 700 rubles.(a package of 10 tablets).

Reviews of doctors

The effective means of Detralex are considered not only by patients. Well respond about this tool and doctors. According to doctors, the drug is very good, for example, relieves pain in the extremities and their puffiness. The remedy is, as many doctors believe, in a certain sense even a reference one. In any case, in more than 40 years of practice, it proved to be simply excellent.

How to store the drug

Duration of the drug "Detralex" is 4 years from the date of manufacture. However, this drug will not lose its properties for such a long time, of course, only with proper storage. A box with Detralex should be placed in a place where children can not find it. In the sun, this medicine is not allowed to be stored. The humidity in the room should not be too high. In a refrigerator to put this medicine is necessary only in the summer - in the heat. At temperatures of up to 30 ° C, it retains its properties simply superbly.

detralex side effects when used

Instead of concluding

Thus, we found out what side effects the "Detralex" can give. Instructions for using for this medication are simple enough, but it is necessary to follow it and the doctor's recommendations when passing the course. Otherwise, despite the fact that the medicine is safe enough, it will still have a negative impact on the body. Do not take this drug during lactation, together with alcohol, children under 18 years. Harm in this case, it is likely to bring still more than good.