Biofinity - contact lenses. Description, types, instructions, reviews

If you do not want to wear glasses constantly, but in the summer squinting in the sun, then you need to buy contact lenses Biofinity. With them you can get rid of the nickname "eyeglasses", and also be able to wear sunglasses in the summer months. Today we learn what makes Biofinity polymer products so good, what are their features. Also, we will determine what people think about these substitutes for glasses. contact lenses biofinity


Contact lenses Biofinity manufactured by the famous company CooperVision. These polymers are designed for monthly wearing. You can wear these glasses substitutes both during the day and at night. Key Features:

  • Biofinity contact lenses have a high oxygen permeability rating of 160 Dk / t.
  • These polymeric products include silicone, which provides easy transmission of oxygen.
  • Such replacements are made from the kofilkona A.
  • These polymer products create an ideal comfort and convenience when wearing.
  • Design of the lens - aspherical.
  • Moisture content - 48%.
  • There is a toning.
  • No ultraviolet radiation protection.

biofinity toric lenses

Hydrogel polymers with newly developed

technology Biofinity Aquaform Comfort Science lenses are the latest development of CooperVision. These eyeglasses are polymers with a unique production technology, thanks to which the user is comfortable in them:

  • The material of such lenses has excellent parameters that generally ensure the normal wearing of corrective products. These hydrogel polymers have a high oxygen permeability. It is thanks to this characteristic that the eyes will not blush. They will always look natural.
  • The modulus of elasticity in these lenses is the smallest of all other glasses substitutes. And the smaller it is, the more flexible and softer is the polymer product itself.
  • Biofinity Aquaform Comfort Science lenses have a design suitable for all users. Rounded edges of polymers do not allow a strong contact with the conjunctiva, so that the lenses will not rub against the inner eyelid. This ensures comfortable wearing of polymers.

Contact lenses Biofinity Toric: Description

These are soft hydrogel products designed to correct astigmatism. These polymers have a wide range of refractions - from +8 to -9.Tinted Biofinity Toric lenses in light blue color. The radius of curvature in them is 8.7 mm. The diameter of the lens itself is 14.5 mm. Use of these substitutes for glasses can be 1 month when worn during the day or 2 weeks with continuous wearing. Sale of such hydrogel products for 3 pieces in a blister. biofinity lenses

Reviews of toric polymers that correct vision

Contact lenses Biofinity Toric reviews are different. Some users praise them, others criticize. Those people who like these corrective vision products, note that they will never change them for other lenses. Like, these are convenient, there is no discomfort during wearing. Some users even manage to wear Biofinity Toric lenses for 1.5-2 months. But there are dissatisfied customers who say that it is difficult to put on these glasses substitutes. Also, users write that the lens is heavily washed, when dirt gets on them, it is very difficult to remove the dirt. Still some people notice, that after a dream in these polymers eyes very much hurt. Like, lenses lose moisture, dry up.

biofinity lens reviews

Positive feedback on polymers with the Aquaform Comfort Science

feature Biofinity lens reviews are mostly flattering. So, users note such advantages in wearing these glasses substitutes:

  • Convenience. Many women and men write on the forums that these lenses are not felt at all. There is a feeling that the vision has completely recovered itself, and you do not use any vision-correcting polymers.
  • Easy to put on and remove. People note that, unlike many other types of hydrogel products, Biofinity( lenses) do not twist, do not buckle, do not lose shape. It is with these polymers that you can begin to get acquainted with the substitutes for glasses. Then the person will not lose the desire to wear lenses.
  • You can sleep all night. Users note that thanks to this property Biofinity( lenses) also gained popularity, especially among those people who often go on business trips, to meetings, etc. After all, being in transport, it is difficult to remove these hydrogel polymers, because there is no car in the trainnormal conditions, so that you can wash your hands. But with the lenses Biofinity this and do not need to do, because they can not be removed.
  • Providing a clear, clear view. People note that over time most lenses begin to grow dull. But this does not apply to the polymers mentioned in this article.

contact lenses biofinity toric

Negative feedback from people

Not always Biofinity( lenses) receive positive user ratings. There is a certain percentage of people who have remained unhappy with these polymers. Here are some negative aspects of men and women after wearing such lenses:

  • Short term of use. People do not like that they can wear no more than 1 month.
  • High cost. This is another drawback of lenses.
  • Feeling of blindness, fog, rubbing in the eyes. Some people note just such negative aspects when wearing these polymers. But the reasons for the appearance of such problems should not be blamed on the producers. Here, wine falls entirely on the buyer. After all, such negative feelings can arise only for 2 reasons:

1. Non-compliance with the rules of care for hydrogel products. If a person ignores the rules, does not wash his hands before putting on the lenses, does not change the liquid in the container, soon a polymer can form a fungus, because of which there are various unpleasant sensations in the eyes.

2. Purchase of goods that have expired. Such situations also happen, and a person who bought overdue lenses should either return them to the place where he bought them, or get rid of them. It is strictly forbidden to wear such polymers. And in order to protect yourself from buying overdue hydrogel products, you need to look at the date of production and the expiration date before purchasing. These data must be indicated on the box. lenses biofinity aquaform


The average price of one lens is about 700 rubles. For a package consisting of 3 polymers, you will have to pay about 2100 rubles. But often on many sites hold promotions, and lenses are released at a price of 500 rubles per 1 piece. By the way, on the Internet to buy these hydrogel polymers will be cheaper than in optics. Therefore, if you decide to stop your choice on the model in question, then it is better to buy these online money changers.


Biofinity is a third generation lens manufactured by the famous CooperVision company. These polymer products are characterized by high oxygen permeability, excellent design and wearability. If a person has astigmatism, then it is better to buy toric lenses. These polymer products receive various reviews. There are both satisfied and disappointed users. To lenses served faithfully for 1 month, they need to be constantly monitored, to observe all the rules of wearing. And then there will be no negative feedback.