"Samprost": reviews of doctors and patients about the drug

The health of the genitourinary system is the most delicate topic. Regardless of gender, health in this area is responsible for the reproductive function and quality of sexual life. Diseases of the prostate gland in men can lead to impotence.

There are many drugs on the pharmaceutical market for the treatment of such diseases, for example, "Samprost".His reviews are mostly positive. This drug is narrowly directed, it is used to treat prostatitis, bladder and other diseases of the prostate gland in the male half of society.

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An animal biomaterial is used for the preparation. These are extracts from animal tissues, in particular genital organs( prostate) of bulls. The preparation is based on proteins( peptides).

Pharmacological purpose

A drug of a narrow spectrum of action, which has a beneficial effect on the work of the genitourinary system and prostate in men. Due to active animal proteins has an antithrombotic effect. Improves blood circulation in these organs, eliminates dysfunction. Helps eliminate stasis secreted secretion, removes swelling. All this is able to make the drug "Samprost".

The injections( reviews confirm this) are prescribed for prolonged chronic or acute leaking prostatitis in the patient, bladder disorders, inflammatory processes in the area of ​​these organs. Also, the drug is used in the postoperative period. In this case, we are talking about operations in the genitourinary system in men.

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Composition of the preparation

On the pharmaceutical market, customers are offered a single version of the medicinal substance "Samprost".The reviews confirm that it is a packaged powder, which is subsequently diluted for injection. Injections are given intramuscularly.

The paper package contains 5-10 glass tubes with a powdery substance and an equal number of ampoules with a liquid injection agent.

The drug is diluted in a ratio of 1 unit of dry to two liquid substances. Initially, the ampoules are already in the correct dosage. But for medical institutions there is more increased packing of powdered "Samprost".

When an age of sexual activity is reached, the male extract from the prostate gland extracts an animal extract. Further, it undergoes a special treatment similar to drying. The main substance in the medicinal composition of "Samprost" is this animal dry extract. There are no other elements of the drug anymore.

Compatible with alcohol. But there is a possibility that the effect of the drug will be weakened by the influence of alcoholic beverages.

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Influence of "Samprost" on the human body

Due to its animal origin and uniqueness, "Samprost"( reviews note the effectiveness of the drug) has a high therapeutic effectiveness.

As a result of therapy, the following occurs:

  • Improved prostatic function.
  • Increase the level of potency or recovery of lost, better sexual life due to prolonged sexual intercourse.
  • Removing puffiness, reducing the symptoms of the inflammatory process, eliminating pain during urination and intercourse.
  • Regeneration of prostate cells.
  • Improvement of blood circulation in the prostate gland and normalization of the blood vessels.
  • Elimination of blood clots, blood stasis and secreted secretion in the prostate gland.
  • Improving the quality of sperm produced.
  • Destruction of bacteria in the tissues of the prostate itself.
  • An obstacle to an increase in the number of harmful microorganisms in the prostate.
  • Increased activity of spermatozoa.
  • Elimination of premature ejaculation.
  • Improving the function of the bladder.
  • Reduces pain in the bladder and urethra.

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Treatment with "Samprost"

Each package contains the instruction "Samprost" for the preparation.

The reviews confirm that in most cases the treatment is prescribed in a day or a 24-hour hospital. The treatment plan is appointed by a urologist.

The duration of the course of treatment with the drug depends on how much the disease is started.

In the acute course of the disease or after the surgery, prescribe the drug for 7-14 days in the form of intramuscular injections.

With prolonged chronic prostatitis or as a preventive measure, 10 intramuscular injections are prescribed daily. Each patient is given a dosage and the duration of treatment individually. Assign the drug to adults.

Storage conditions

The basic shelf life of the drug from production is 36 months. It is recommended to store at a temperature not exceeding 8 degrees. In a cold and dark place.

After opening the powder or saline solution, long-term storage in the open is not recommended.

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Manufacturers and analogues

A medicinal preparation called "Samprost" in Russia is produced. The main producer is the private pharmaceutical company Samson-Med.

There are many analogues of this drug, which also is based on the dry extract of the prostate gland of male cattle. For example, candles for rectal administration of "Vitaprost", which are produced by the same company. Reviews of doctors and patients about the drug "Samprost" are good.

Analogs of the drug are the following:

  • Drug for injection and suppositories Prostatilen.
  • Candles "Uroprost."
  • Powder for intramuscular injection "Raveron".
  • In the form of tablets, the drug "Afala".
  • Candles for rectal administration of "Vitaprost Plus".
  • The drug for absorption "Gentos".
  • Liquid solution for oral administration "Red root".
  • Capsulated drug "Palprostes".
  • "Permixon" in tablets and capsules.
  • Drip solution for oral administration "Populus compositum".
  • Tablets in a hard shell "Prostagerb".
  • Capsulated preparation "Prostagut forte".
  • Capsulated preparation "Prostamol Uno".
  • Tablets in a hard shell, solution and powdered substance for injection "Prostanorm".
  • Capsulated preparation "Prostaplant".
  • Candles for rectal administration "Prostopinum".
  • Tablets in a hard shell "Spemann" and "Spemann forte".
  • Encapsulated drug "Tadenan".The drug in tablets "Tenteks forte."
  • Liquid for injection "Testis".
  • Encapsulated "Trianol" preparation.
  • Cream for surface application "Khimkolin".
  • In the tablets "Cernilton".
  • Capsulated preparation "Cernilton forte".

Price policy

The product is dispensed without a prescription, on a free sale in all regions of the country. Due to the fact that the drug is produced in Russia, it is quite inexpensive. On average, on the shelves of Russian pharmacies, the selling price starts at 280 rubles. The highest price for a medicine reaches about 380 rubles.

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"Samprost" - responses of doctors

At clinical researches of allergic reactions to a preparation it is not revealed. Side effects, except for individual intolerance of animal protein there. There are no contraindications, except individual protein intolerance.

No negative effects were observed after interaction with other drugs."Samprost" does not affect the reduction or intensification of the effects of other drugs. In connection with this, the drug is prescribed both independently and as an additional element of complex medication. Doctors speak very positively about the efficacy of the drug.

"Samprost" - patients' reviews

Patients who experienced the effect of the drug, note that this is quite affordable and natural drug. The positive effect comes quickly, it lasts a long time. At a price available to everyone, you can buy it at any pharmacy. Many are pleased with the absence of side effects, the good tolerability of the drug "Samprost".