"Strombalt": reviews on the application, description, side effects

Today, a beautiful figure is the standard to which everyone aspires. In this diet and exercise in the gym - this is not the only ways that you can use. Such drugs as anabolics and steroids will help you in a short time to create the body of your dreams, get rid of subcutaneous fat and gain muscle mass. Today we want to tell you about the drug Strombofort. Feedback from athletes and fitness trainers distinguish it from the rest, which is why we decided to stay on it.

Short description

Before making a final decision whether to take this medication or not, you should definitely consult with your doctor. It's not even whether Strombaut is safe or not. The reviews speak of good tolerability and excellent results, but this does not negate the individual characteristics of your body, which must be taken into account. This drug is an oral steroid with high anabolic activity and a low androgenic index. The active substance is well known in the circles of professional athletes - it is stenozolol. Anabolic is produced by the pharmaceutical company Balkan( Moldova).Among the professional athletes, the drug "Strombafort" proved very well. Reviews say that he is very good at the combined courses. Anabolic gives a qualitative increase in muscle tissue, and also helps to reduce fat deposits.

Composition of

The active ingredient is stanozolol. At once we will make a reservation, that in the big sports there is only an injection form of the given preparation. Tablets - this is an option for beginners, even today they have become popular among girls. This is the only steroid that can interact with androgen receptors at the microsomal level. That is, it has a direct effect on adipose tissue. This is the only drug in its class( not counting danazol), which has similar properties. strombofort


This is a modern drug that can be purchased freely in almost all cities of Belarus. Against the background of a huge number of similar means, professional athletes choose "Strombafort".Reviews contain information about the effects for which this drug is valued. Among them - increased hardness and relief of muscles, fat burning effect and increased endurance. That is, this is an actual tool not only for weightlifters and bodybuilders, but for any person engaged in manual labor, of course, if he has a desire to correct his appearance and make more muscular muscles. So if you firmly decided that the loads in the gym are not enough for you, and you want to speed up the effect, then choose the product "Strombafort"."Sportsmen" - a well-known section of sports Wikipedia - also did not ignore this drug. To date, this is the best that can be offered to athletes who monitor their health. However, do not wait for rapid results, this is not the drug that creates volume by accumulating fluid. Each centimeter will have to work hard, the drug only gives energy and strength for it.

Weight reduction

This is another direction in which there is no equal to the drug "Strombaut"."Sportsmen" does this on a special emphasis, because the reduction in fat is primarily interested in the weaker sex. The reason, again, is that the drug is not able to hold water in the body. On the contrary, it contributes to its effective elimination. In turn, this blocks the accumulation of fatty deposits. Due to proper training and balanced nutrition, as well as taking this medication, you will be able to smoothly reduce weight by consuming adipose tissue, rather than muscles. This requires physical exercise, without it the drug is useless, since the released energy, remaining unclaimed, will again settle in as a fat on problematic areas. strombofort reviews solo

Beginning of the course

As already mentioned, the first thing you need to consult with your doctor and dietician. If the main problem is overweight, you need to find out the reason for its appearance. This is not necessarily overeating, hormonal disorders and other health problems are possible. Only having received the approval of doctors, you can order yourself a drug "Strombafort."Solo reviews do not recommend it, but this is more relevant to professional athletes. If it is a newcomer in the world of steroids and anabolic drugs, then a month course is just what you need. Here it is important to note a comparatively low price. In the package, only 100 tablets, that is, this will be enough for a month of full-fledged reception. You do not have to buy a second pack to last up to 6 weeks. Thus, the dosage of the preparation "Strombafort" pleases. Reviews solo it is recommended to accept it because, without including other anabolic drugs, you get a safe dose, which is enough to solve certain problems. That is, if the results do not suit you, and you want a career in big sports, then you can increase the dosage, otherwise it will be quite enough.

Admission course by day

The easiest option for beginners is here. However, each person is individual, so to write a course that is right for you, contact the professionals.

The first week is an adaptation. Take 2 tablets a day. Starting from the eighth day, go to three. From the third week( that is, from 15 to 21 days) you will need to take 4 tablets, now you can divide the dosage into two divided doses. The fourth week - we go to reduce the dosage, we return to 3 tablets a day. Finally, the fifth and sixth weeks - 2 tablets a day. By this time the body is already working on burning fat to the maximum, therefore, you will have a lot of strength for training in the gym. Proper nutrition during this period will ensure the growth of dry muscle mass. This course does not provoke the development of side effects and gives an excellent result. strombofort reviews

Optimum dosage of

Let's clarify this point, because in the sports shop you can be offered different "Strombafort".Reviews of women say that if you do not have the desire to build a serious muscle mass, then the oral form is perfect. Tablets will effectively reduce body fat mass, and with the start of the course you will feel that the energy for home affairs and visiting the gym has become much more. As a rule, men drink about 25-50 mg per day, but professionals say that less than 50 mg take no sense, it's a waste of money and time. At the same time, a course for a woman will be much cheaper, as for a perfect day, 5-10 mg is sufficient for a beautiful sex. The effect of the drug lasts up to eight hours, that is, "Strombofort" has a very short-term effect, therefore, breaks are not recommended.

Opinion of Doctors

How is this anabolic is safe for use? Probably, no one will be able to answer this question better than an experienced doctor who, in the duty of working with athletes. What do they think about the product "Strombafort"?The doctors' comments about him are very good. First of all, specialists in the field of medicine, along with leading coaches of sports teams, note that this drug does not cause structural changes within organs and systems. With the reception of this anabolic, the processes of the genetic background of the cell are significantly accelerated, that is, in simple terms, this gives an impulse to active protein synthesis, as well as respiration, oxygen saturation. As a result, the processes of catabolism decrease and anabolic processes are stimulated. Thus, the drug is only a catalyst, it does not violate the natural course of physiological reactions within the body.

This is fully confirmed by those who have already tried "Strombaut".Feedback on the use of this tool confirms that the mass of muscles begins to grow right before your eyes. At the same time, the active substance of the drug - stanozolol - has a beneficial effect on the bone condition, they are saturated with calcium. The product slows down the processes of catabolism, and vice versa, significantly accelerates the strengthening of bones, promotes nutrition of their calcium, slows the process of excretion of nitrogen, sulfur and potassium from the body. strombofort reviews of women

However, doctors know and on the other hand the drug "Strombafort"( "Balkan").The reviews of therapists and surgeons say that the drug is successfully used in the treatment of injuries, burns, with the correction of muscle dystrophy. It is this experience of the use of the drug that tells us about its benefits and easy perception by the body, of course, if the normal dosage is observed.

Pure muscle tissue

Those who have practical training experience in the gym know how difficult it is to get fit. Especially often women face the problem when the muscles grow under a layer of fat. That is, the figure only acquires heaviness, but it does not become more slender or more bold. Here is very useful just the drug "Strombafort."The reviews of the girls confirm that this steroid does not cause puffiness and other unpleasant side effects. By the way, this is very important for a strong half of humanity. The gain in weight against the background of taking this product is not too rapid, because it gives an increase in "pure muscles".When using other drugs that cause water retention, the visual effect is more impressive, but it is much better to spend more time, but to gain quality muscle mass than its watery analogue.

Both women and men are pleased with the ability of the drug to maintain energy even when there is a lack of calories. For example, during a diet before an important event or before a competition. You do not lose strength, but you continue to be active and vigorous, giving your best in the gym, which is very beneficial for reducing weight. Thus, the course "Strombafort" "Sportivki" calls the best modern fat burning program. strombofort reviews side effects

Side effects of

We already said so much about this drug that many people probably had a desire to urgently buy a package of the same. But you need to weigh the pros and cons. At first glance, it is completely safe, but athletes use it in courses and in rather large quantities. But you need to consider that he is hepatotoxic. If you have problems with the liver, reconsider your decision, think carefully about whether you should take Strombofort. Reviews, side effects in which are not mentioned, usually leave young people involved in sports, who have no health problems. A healthy liver will withstand such a load, especially if it does not exceed the dosage.

However, that's not all. Like all steroids, it can have a negative effect on the prostate. Against the background of taking the drug, hair loss can increase and acne develop. In some cases, the product can help increase blood pressure. In women, the use of this drug can lead to suppression of ovarian function and menstrual cycle disorders. Of course, to get such a "bouquet", you need to take long enough and in large quantities to take "Strombaut".Reviews( pobochka not found more often than in one of the 20 cases of admission, judging by the words of athletes), however, they say that the drug is transferred very easily. At the same time, medical research confirms that undesirable developments are possible, but for this, the recommended dosages must be seriously exceeded. strombofort application reviews

Combined courses

In fact, solo steroids professional athletes almost never accept. Let's look at the classic combination - Turinover / Strombaut. Athletes' reviews often lead, for example, this brilliant duo. But before going to such a heavy artillery, be sure to consult a doctor.

This combination of drugs helps to quickly build up dry and tight muscles, while the physical endurance and strength of the athlete will be significantly increased. They take a course of 5 weeks, each day for three tablets "Turinovera" and "Strombaforta."Within five weeks, the results become noticeable, fat molecules are burned to energy, dry and relief muscle mass is added. Physical strength increases significantly, the metabolism of muscle cells is doubled. In this case, the recovery of muscles and ligaments is improving. This course, consisting of two quality steroids, is designed to increase the relief of your muscles and their additional volume. These processes occur simultaneously with the burning of the fat layer and the increase in strength in all the main exercises. That is, if you decide to build a career athlete, then first of all pay attention to the tandem "Turinover" / "Strombafort."The reviews fully confirm that this is an excellent option for a quick start and the first results. Quite soft and at the same time very effective means will quickly burn fat and reduce the percentage of fluid in the body, improve strength results and add dry muscles. At the same time, you are guaranteed to be protected from serious side effects, unless, of course, you yourself will not prescribe yourself a dosage. strombofort reviews of girls

If the effect is very fast

We have already said that "Strombaut" is not a tool that gives a quick result. This does not suit everyone. If you need an instant effect, it is recommended to use methandrostenolone, or - in the common people - methane. The most common steroid from this group is Danabol. Once the most common among beginners, today he is losing ground, as other, safer variants have appeared. There are reliable studies that tell us that we are not the best anabolic, but in the media often greatly exaggerate the harm and underestimate the benefits that this tool gives. As practice shows, a full course( 6 weeks) leads to an increase in weight by 10 kg, followed by a rollback of 3 kg.

Pros and cons of the drug "Danabol"

Very soon we will talk about what the pair "Danabol" - "Strombafort" is. The course, whose impressions are impressive, is based on two effects: fluid retention and an increase in metabolic rate in the cell. On the effects that are inherent in the drug Strombofort, we have already told, now give a little more detail about what gives the addition of an anabolic-antagonist.

So, "Danabol" gives the effect of a quick set of muscle mass. This is due to the start of the process of protein synthesis and the decomposition of muscle glycogen. Appetite greatly increases, which speeds up the process of mass gathering. But the burning of fat with the help of this drug is almost not happening. He also has side effects, because of which the drug today is not very popular. Studies have shown that the likelihood of side effects increases only if the recommended daily dose is exceeded in 30 mg, but, nevertheless, they are possible and at a normal dosage. strombofort reviews of doctors

First of all, it should be noted the high toxicity for the liver. The higher the dosage, the more noticeable. Therefore, if there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it is better to weigh all the consequences before starting the reception. And finally, the most famous effect, due to which it is included in combined courses. This is the fluid retention caused by estrogens. What is noteworthy, this is mainly in the cells of the skeletal musculature, so we are seeing an increase in its volume. This is an exceptionally visual effect, which will disappear in speed after the end of the course, as excess fluid will leave the body, losing up to 50% of the weight gained.

The most popular course of

Of all the combined courses of steroids, the most attention is paid to the pair "Danabol" - "Strombafort".Athletes' feedback confirms that the combination of such different effects gives an amazing result. At the same time begin a course with "Danabol", which take 5 weeks for 3 tablets a day. Muscles immediately become bumpy. Then they switch to Strombofort. It should also be taken within 4-5 weeks for maximum preservation of the result and the formation of the relief. A day should also take 3 tablets. This is a soft drug that does not give a lot of weight gain, but it allows you to keep the results for a long time.

Summing up

All the schemes and recommendations given in the article are exclusively cognitive. These are the minimum dosages that exclude the development of side effects, but they can be effective only for beginners. At the same time if a girl wants to take steroids in order to reduce fat mass, she needs to consult a gynecologist and carefully weigh the consequences. All steroids are primarily designed for the male body, so if possible, do without them. For men presented in the article drugs can be a great opportunity to shine with his luxurious body on the beach.